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Thread: EB2 2.3 Let's Play

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    There are unforeseen consequences of a number of diplomatic actions. For example, giving map information often encourages the AI to attack you, since they have a clearer picture of their routes to get at you.
    It began on seven hills - a historical house-ruled Romani AAR
    Heirs to Lysimachos - a semi-historical Epeiros-as-Pergamon AAR
    Philetairos' Gift - a second attempt at an Epeiros-as-Pergamon AAR

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlieh View Post
    @Yerevan: Yes, in the earlier battles, including the one you have linked, I was focusing more on the commading side of things. This has now been re-worked and I believe the ratio is a little more even now. To be provide evidence of this, I would suggest viewing my latest battle from Episode 15, 'A miserable and bloody siege at Bostra.' This is the format I shall be following in the future. Overall, I have already learnt a great deal with the play-through. I confess, its quite a difficult task to obtain balance, i.e., progression/winning and taking time to actually enjoy the details/immersion this mod brings. That being said, from my own perspective, I am making strides towards this goal and am really starting to enjoy the process.
    I did watch a bit further and I must say you really are on the right path. This is great entertainment already and a perfect way get a glimpse at the mod's evolution. Thanks.

    It really motivates me to re-install M2TW kingdom even if installing mods got more complicate now that I have the steam version.
    " Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room! "

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    @Quintus: Hmm, well I'm, generally speaking, too stingy to give away such information, but I shall remain vigilant. Let's hope I don't accrue anymore enemies!

    @Yerevan: Thank you, I appreciate the support :-)

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    Episode 17: The Royal army completes the main phase of its replenishment, at Alexandreia, and sets out to Memphis. Here, they begin preperations for the Aithiopian expedition. Concerning troop developments, by the Seleukids, near the Ptolemais-Akko border. Patroklos Patronos takes command of the northern forces and investigates a disturbance near Side.

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    Episode 18: Antipatros Philippou, leading the royal army, reaches Diaspolos-Megale and sets about planning his course towards the territory of the Aithiopians. With new reconnaissance, Patroklos Patronos finds and offers battle to the large Keltic force, raiding the area. The omens are not good.

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    Episode 19: Patroklos Patronos stands off against a Keltic horde, in the battle of the baron hill.
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    Episode 20: Construction projects at Halikanassos are considered, in order to tackle the public order problem there. Patroklos Patronos is indecisive in destroying the remnants of the Keltic horde. Subsequently, they begin to reform. A disgruntled leader from Side, Captain Democharis, defects and pursuades the Kelts to fight under him. He promises to lead them into Side, where they may plunder at will. Patroklos Patronos, decides to act, and tracks down this regrouped horde. Battle is offered.

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    Episode 21: The battle to try and destroy the Keltic horde, once and for all!

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    Episode 22: The situation to the east deteriorates, significantly.
    Antipatros Philippou, marches south with the royal army and provides defence to a Nabati army sieging Ptolemais-Theron. However, the cruel Aithiopian general, Amdam, beats the inept Nabati back. Antipatros Philippou lays siege, intent on killing the general, and, thus, avenging the family member loss there.

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    Episode 23: The Aithiopian expedition concludes. The royal army is desperately needed in the eastern provinces, due to rebel forces devestating parts of the area. The Seleukids are forced to deal with the Imazighen tribe, who have migrated west. A tactical error leads to a resounding naval defeat outside Alexandreia.

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    Episode 24: A messenger waits before the chambers of the Basileus. His cloak covered in dust, his brow furrowed and sweating profusely. He is agitated, afraid of the news he must provide to the leader of the Ptolemaioi; and for good reason....

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    Episode 25: Irony reigns as a migrating Galatian army, wanders west, into Seleukid territory, causing great destruction. This instills fear in the Seleukids. Consequently, they lift the siege of Salamis, in order to divert resources in dealing with the Galatian threat. Meanwhile, the new royal army is being built, as fast as the royal treasury allows. Our foremost dipolmat, Polyxenos Salaminios, is sent to try and broker a peace with the Qarthadisti at Kyrene; the focus of recent troubles. Hasdrubaal, rather than even hearing the embassy, threatens to sell Polyxenos into slavery. Thus, the diplomat makes his excuses and promptly flees the area. The Seleukids, obviously concerned about recent incursions into their territory and poor financial situation, offer a ceasefire. The embassy, held at Bostra, is recieved amiably and a truce is brokered; peace between the Ptolemaioi and Arche Seleukia, for now....

    Hannibal (not the famous one), marches a Qarthadisti army east to the border and threatens the capital, Alexandreia. Fortunately, Polyxenos, whilst resting in a nearby minor settlement, spots the massive cloud of dust made by a marching army and sends warning to the Basileus. The royal army, partially completed, is hastily moved to west of the capital; with the assumption that mercenaries shall fill any further required roles. Meanwhile, a rebel force builds just south east of the village, Pselkis. Further troops are recruited there in an attempt to persuade them not to assault, but they surround the settlement and the inhabitants are forced to defend their homes.

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    Episode 26: The defence of Pselkis.

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    Episode 27: After the Aphistamenoi are destroyed at Pselkis, apart from warnings of unrest in the Machimoi classes at Diospolos-Megele, the situation begins to stabalise. The Basileus orders the start of a series of construction projects, in order to improve general and agricultural infrastructure. The Royal army's presence at the border dissuades Hannibaal from entering Ptolemaioi territory and Polyxenos Salaminios secures a lucrative trade deal, with Pergamon. When the govenor of Memphis passes away, Ptolemaios Ptolemaiou, presently organising border defences, is re-called, in order to take the govenorship. He leaves his subordinate, Philotos Zephyriou Kilikiou in temporary charge of the royal army, until a suitable replacement may be found. Kilikiou marches the army to billet at a minor settlement, just east of Alexandreia. One night, drunk with wine, he and his closest confederates, devise a plan to sieze power for themselves. Subsequently, with great haste, leaders from different sections of the royal army are bribed and, thus, the entire force is turned against its own people! No sooner has this been done, when the headstrong turncoat general marches and lays siege to the captial itself. Urgent messages are sent to Memphis, pleading Ptolemaios Ptolemaiou to raise fresh troops and march to the aid of the sacred city. However, as such preparations are put into motion, a large Qarthadasti army, lead by the faction heir, Shafat, arrives just west of his position. Consequently, with great difficulty, Ptolemaios Ptolemaiou is forced to abandon his original plans and, instead, look to defend Memphis itself. A messenger is sent by the fastest ship possible, to ask for relief, from the second Ptolemaioi army, positioned at Side. Pelops Pelopos, obese from indulgences from his days as governor, is slow to muster the second army and only reaches Salamis, where, due to storms, he anchors and rests his men.
    Philotos Zephyriou Kilikiou, not willing to take any chances of a relief army reaching Alexandreia, orders a hasty assault. The Basileus must fight to survive!

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    Episode 28: The battle to save Alexandreia.

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    Episode 28: Alexandreia takes inventory after the siege. Almost every man from the defected army is cut down, whilst attempting to flee. A few escape into the desert, but face an even worse fate, at the hands of heat and exhaustion. The body of Philotos Zephyriou Kilikiou is dumped in the Nile. Ptolemaios Ptolemaiou, quickly orgainses the defences at Memphis. Shafat, arriving just a few miles west of the city walls, holds his position and takes stock. After a tense stand off, the army of Shafat, seems, to have retreated. However, the reason is nothing to celebrate. Shafat, hearing of the recent attack on Alexandreia, sees an opportunity to attack the depleted garrison and subdue the capital. Consequently, he force marches his men straight there. Soon, siege equipment is being built and the people of Alexandreia exclaim to the gods, having to face a second siege in the space of a year. Ptolemaios Ptolemaiou mobilises all the men he can muster and hires Keltic mercenaries, as well as some Libyian cavalry. Themistokrates Gazaios, takes temporary charge of the governorship, allowing the faction heir to lead the army himself. He, in turn, force marches his army to the vicinity of Alexandreia and takes position, barely a couple of miles west of Shafat. Shafat, knows he must attack one of the forces either side of his army. Consequently, he lifts the siege, turns about, and marches onto the plains, west of the capital in order to face Ptolemaios Ptolemaiou. The Basileus order's his own, replenished garrison, aswell as his son and the fierce Sosibius Sosibiou, who fought valiantly in the defence of Alexandreia, to march out of the city and aid his first born son in the destruction of the Qarthadasti threat.

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    Episode 29: The battle against Shafat

    [House-keeping note: I have taken the liberty of editing parts of this episode. This was done to promote more of a flow and reduce time having to watch maneuvering. I may do this more in future].

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    Episode 30: A small, but, vital period of stability, allows the Basileus to replenish his armies/fleet and to engage on a general construction programme in provinces that need attention. Pselkis begins to thrive, due to newly built trade routes and is, therefore, promptly targeted by brigands, looking to make coin from robbing and selling caravan goods. This is put down. Patroklos Patronos, with his son, embarks on the newly replenished fleet, to Salamis. Here, they rest their troops, after poor weather prevents progress. Once the sea has calmed, they plan to land at Ptolemaios-Akko and march to defeat the desert tribe, led by Milikertes. Meanwhile, Ploutos Salaminios, repositioned to the west of Memphis, recieves information, via his networks, that a Qarthadasti noble, by the name of Hanno, approaches rapidly. Word is sent to Memphis, where-by the new royal army, led by another son of the Basileus, Lysimachos Ptolemaiou, marches out and billets some way west of the city. Lysimachos Ptolemaiou, once loved by the people, is now widely scorned, regarded as failing in his position as delegate of public buildings in Alexandreia. Therefore, he is keen to redeem his reputation, by forging a successful military career. As soon as the desert winds abate, he gives order to march and meet Hanno, who is already making inraods past the border.

    Both armies are set to meet on the plains, far west of Memphis. More desert gails cause both armies severe logistical problems and these have only partially subsided once the two forces meet.

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    Episode 31: The battle to drive Hanno from our lands

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    wanna try an online battle? Pls add me no steam

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