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    Very inclined to buy this game. Has anyone here tried it yet?

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    I'd really like to know too, especially from anyone who's played Pike and Shot. Although I didn't enjoy Pike and Shot for various reasons, the reviews on Steam for FoG II are far better and the hours played are far higher than Pike and Shot's. Graphically, it looks better, but I'd especially like to know if the combat mechanics are different or improved in any way.

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    The game looks cool but .. in few videos on youtube, I've seen Roman legionaries forced to pursue fleeing enemy units, this detail, if confirmed, makes the game unpalatable for me.
    I'm an old miniature-wargamer and to see if they will pursue or not, regular units must take a test, only irregular or elite impetuous units (as Medieval knights) must pursue.
    This idiotic choice, if confirmed, prevents any chance to fight with some historical accuracy ancient battles; imagine a Macedonian phalanx in line formation which must break the line just because the developers were too busy to correct this incredible bug!

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    That's a shame. Looks like the same old rules. That pursuit rule, and a few other seemingly arbitrary and counter-intuitive rules, sapped my initial enthusiasm for Pike and Shot pretty quickly.

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    Got it and completed the tutorials only yet, seems to be a nice one, being a RTS player for years, liked the idea of such a "Turn-Based" Tactical game in Ancients period. ^^
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    Got the game, and I must say, just to correct my previous post, that any regular unit before following up any fleeing enemy unit, must take a morale test, this feature IMO saves the whole game.

    FoG 2 is a good wargame based on a good set of tabletop wargaming rules, it's a bit overpriced but Byzantine Games is a little company and I understand they need to survive, and I do hope they will! We need more games such as FoG2, I hope for new expansions in new eras, maybe something about Imperial Rome, or even Late Antiquity, but if you are in search of a good tactical wargame on PC, this is the game for you.

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    Started some pbems, slitherine multiplayer server pbem++ is great.
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    FOG II expansion coming on 05 DECEMBER 2017!

    Field of Glory II: Immortal Fire is an expansion of Field of Glory II and requires the base game to be played

    Play your part in the epic events unfolding during this era, including the conquest of the Lydian Empire (in western Asia Minor) by the expanding Achaemenid Persian Empire, the Persian Wars, in which the Greeks of mainland Greece defeated two Persian invasions, the subsequent wars between the victorious Greek city states, the development of a new military system by Philip II of Macedon, his conquest of Greece, the invasion and conquest of the Persian Empire by his son Alexander the Great, and his campaigns beyond Persia into India.

    Experience the wars between Alexander’s generals (the Diadochi) after Alexander’s early death, while Rome was expanding from a single city to controlling most of Italy by 280 BC, and in Sicily, Carthage fought a series of wars against Syracuse and the other Sicilian Greek cities for control of the island.
    Command either side in any of these conflicts, or explore what-if scenarios – such as what Alexander might have done next if he had not died so young – would he have been able to conquer Carthage and Rome?

    8 new factions: Achaemenid Persians, Etruscans, Antigonos, Lysimachos, Spartans, Latins, Lydians, Kyrenean Greeks, Thessalian Greeks.
    10 new units: Persian Immortals, Persian sparabara foot, Persian armoured cavalry with bow, Persian improvised camelry, armoured citizen hoplites, armoured veteran hoplites (with Spartan variant), shallowly formed armoured citizen hoplites, Lydian cavalry, Carthaginian chariots, Macedonian prodromoi.
    30 new army lists (expanding the total number of army list to 105):
    - Achaemenid Persian 550-546 BC
    - Achaemenid Persian 545-481 BC
    - Achaemenid Persian 480-461 BC
    - Achaemenid Persian 460-420 BC
    - Achaemenid Persian 419-329 BC
    - Antigonid 320-301 BC
    - Carthaginian 490-411 BC
    - Carthaginian 410-341 BC
    - Carthaginian 340-281 BC
    - Etruscan 490-331 BC
    - Etruscan 330-280 BC
    - Gallic 390-301 BC
    - Greek 550-461 BC
    - Greek 460-281 BC
    - Kyrenean Greek 550-461 BC
    - Kyrenean Greek 460-322 BC
    - Latin 490-338 BC
    - Lydian 550-546 BC
    - Lysimachid 320-281 BC
    - Macedonian 355-329 BC (Philip and Alexander)
    - Macedonian 328-321 BC (Alexander and first phase of the wars of the Diadochi)
    - Roman 490-341 BC
    - Roman 340-281 BC
    - Seleucid 320-303 BC
    - Seleucid 302-301 BC
    - Skythian or Saka 550-301 BC
    - Spartan 550-461 BC
    - Spartan 460-281 BC
    - Syracusan 421-281 BC
    - Thessalian 404-353BC
    10 new Epic Battles: Thymbra 547 BC, Marathon 490 BC, Plataea 479 BC, Cunaxa 401 BC, Chaironeia 338 BC, Granikos 334 BC, Issos 333 BC, Gaugamela 331 BC, Hydaspes 326 BC, Raphia 217 BC (all playable from either side). Five of these track the career of Alexander the Great.
    24 new Quick Battles (each playable from either side).
    Expanded Immortal Fire Custom Battles module includes all 105 army lists from Rise of Rome and Immortal Fire.
    Expanded Immortal Fire Sandbox Campaigns module includes all 105 army lists from Rise of Rome and Immortal Fire.
    4 new historically-based campaigns: Xenophon, Philip of Macedon, Seleukos I Nikator, Seven Hills of Rome. (Alexander the Great's battles are covered in the Epic Battles).
    1 what-if campaign: Alexander the Great (what he might have done next if he had not died in 323 BC). (His historical battles are covered in the Epic Battles).

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    Got the new update and DLC and can finaly play the Etruscans against other tribes and factions in and around the Apennine peninsula. No need to get the DLC to play the newly added factions in Custom Battles or Rise of Rome Campaigns module. It's enough to get the free update to version 1.1.5 of the game.

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    Best turn based Wargame I ever played. If it had a persistent campaign world la Total War, I wouldn't play anything else.
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    It was on sale and despite my misgivings I bought it and I actually enjoy it this time. The improved graphics helps a lot along with better ambience. More importantly, I think the rules have been improved or at least work better with ancient warfare. A lot of my problems with Pike and Shot was that sometimes it just didn't make sense. For example, I couldn't attack artillery with my pikemen (Why not?!). In this game (5 hours so far) combat seems free of arbitrary impediments.

    Another pleasing aspect is that somehow the combat calculations seem fairer so that you don't feel like you're taking more casualties than the AI more often than not. A scan of the Steam user reviews of Pike and Shot shows several criticisms of how the AI seemed to have the dice loaded in its favour, despite the developer's insistence that that wasn't the case.

    In conclusion, this game is both cheaper and of a much better quality than its predecessor. I'd say it's worth a punt.

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    Default Re: Field of Glory II

    Much prefer the Wargame table top rules than these PC games from Field of Glory

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