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Thread: "Unspecified error" crash to desktop

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    When double clicking a rebel army to display its units, I received an "Unspecified error". I have attached an image. I don't seem to have any log file in the folder that the sticky thread in this forum refers to. Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    Image does not seem to show, so here is a link:

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    UPDATE: Problem occured again while it was the Khwazemerian Khanate's turn. Not bypassable this time, same problem after retrying 4 times in a row. How do I work around this? Image:

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    UPDATE: I reinstalled the game and patched up to 1.4 (I was apparently 1.3 before). I moved my old save-file to the new save folder and the game recognizes it but I get the aforementioned error when I click continue campaign, even before it loads the campaign.

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    What operating system are you using?

    R U using Steam, if so where have you installed it?

    Where have you installed SS6.3/6.4?

    Have you disabled the UAC?

    What other sub mods have you installed?


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    Have you tried installing the Bug Fix compilation ?
    (not save game compatible.)

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