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    The battlefield section will be completed by end of the day tomorrow. Then I need to update some of the background screens, which are all there, but some are now superfluous. After that, a little on the Early and High era campaigns, which should take a day or two. Finally, some small changes to the treasury costs incurred by nobles/generals in BGRIV, and it is done. Hopefully I can have an installer done by the end of this week.

    It will happen!

    Subsequent work:
    -some additional late-era models and weapons by jurcek1987, to include (for most Western and Eastern factions) a mounted knight/man-at-arms wielding either a mace or warhammer, a foot version of same, another version armed with a polearm such as a halberd or poleaxe, and one armed with an Estoc (a type of 2H sword without sharp edges and designed for thrusting into the weak points of an enemy's armor). These would be attired in full plate, upgradeable to Italian White/German Gothic/English Greenwich-type armors depending on geographical area. I am not well-versed in armor developments in Russia and Muslim areas so any assistance would be great
    -a 1370 Late Era campaign
    -an additional faction, perhaps Georgia for the Early and High campaigns, and Burgundy for Late

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    Thanks for all of the hard work, Point Blank! I am really looking forward to playing this!
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    Status: on track to complete battlefield section today.

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    Status: battlefield section complete, working on background screens.

    Here is a great video featuring some nice Late Era combat using the old RC that came with SS6.4

    You can find plenty more by searching for 'stainless steel online battle' on Youtube.

    Also, please take a look at this, I will likely build it in to the release (which already uses SweetFX but this looks fantastic)

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    Sorry been absent a little, been unwell.

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    Hey PB,

    I am glad that you are almost done with RC 2.0. I am awaiting the release with bated breath. I'm sure it will be well worth the wait. Speaking of the release, I have just re-uploaded my Historical Battle/Situation Mini Mod. If you think it adds value, you can add it to the release.

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    Definitely, many thanks!

    Still not well, looking forward to trying ASAP
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