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Thread: Units recruitable everywhere help?

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    Default Units recruitable everywhere help?

    Hi, I am looking to make English units retrainable everywhere. Is there a mod I can use to ease the annoyance of editing the "export_descr_buildings.txt"?

    I managed to do it for some early units but for some reason, I encounter some problems and the HUGE problem is that I don't even get to know where the problem is, the error that the game says it's "has encountered a problem and will now close".

    What I did was to add the recruit_pool of English units as stats to the core buildings(cities, castles) and increase their replenishment rate and max pool to 0.99.
    For some reason, though, after a while, when I upgraded a Castle to "Fortress", the game crashed. Which seems to be the problem?

    Another problem I encountered was when I tried to add other units to make them retrainable everywhere. I tried to add for example:

    recruit_pool "Norman Serjeants" 0 0.99 0.99 0 requires factions { england, }
    recruit_pool "Late Pikemen" 0 0.99 0.99 0 requires factions { england, }
    recruit_pool "Prussian Archers" 0 0.99 0.99 0 requires factions { england, }

    to all the core buildings. Now the game will start but I when I start a campaign, the game crashes. I play Early Campaign if it matters.

    Can please someone help me?

    It would be much much easier if there was a mod to edit these things.

    I will add the file here, maybe someone will have a look and help. Thank you in advance!
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