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Thread: Crash for Constantinople?

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    In my Byzantine campaign, I get a crash at the end of a siege battle against the Turks. There's a Jihad declared on Constantinople. It's 1 stack vs 1 stack. I have ballista towers. Is there any reason why this would crash at the end of the battle when I'm about to go back to the campaign map?

    Version 6.4

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    you waited 15 seconds before press ? usually solves end battle crash on any mod.

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    Didn't know that. I'll give it a shot next siege.

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    If that doesn't fix it, donwload germanicus5's battle ai submod. It includeds a battle crash fix to use. Just read the instructions on usage as you don't want to mess up ur campaign. In short you run it only during the battle so remember to turn it on for the battle, play it, then turn it off again and continue campaign.
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