Good day

I'm looking for someone or more who are willing to forge a bug fix modification in a possible extend for vanilla Medieval II (kingdoms)
Where all known bugs which are able to be fixed (at least easy) will be in unofficial patch for medieval II, other than that people will post bugs they encounter to be reviewed for being fixed and included in the patch.
My suggestion for the intension of this mod is the least as possible gameplay enhancement, but purely focused on fixing what had to be intended rather than changing it.

Possible add-on to the patch could be like enhanced AI in battle, but as an optional install component, although it has to be as clean as possible, only options to make the game work how it was intended and enhancing that, no adding additional stuff.
Examples of what I don't mean included is:
Historical accurate
More dept for characters
More enhanced campaign gameplay
More factions
More provinces

Just keeping everything as original as possible, there is nothing wrong with arcade tho, games are by definition arcade, real life is the most perfect game structure with superb graphics, but still gameplay

Examples of bugs I'd like to see fixes for imo are these:

When you charge cavalry units on an enemy line your formation stays stuck which it was at the same time it hit the units in the charge, they don't spread and push, I'm not a modder or coder but isn't it possible to copy past code from rome total war how cavalry path finding behaves? XD, because that's how it should work, not talking about the charge power but how it trying to advance in combat and not staying idle, like they are stuck in a traffic jam if you do not put your charge in place before you charge on the enemy not knowing they could get out of the sides.

And when chasing routing units with horses it doesn't work many times, what I have observed but I'm not sure could be when they hit an obstacle or object like a big rock in the field they collide with, than something with the accelerating mechanism of cavalry messes things up like the whole cavalry unit is not sure in code what is going on so it stops for a moment?
Maybe it's a same issue what causes cavalry not acting correctly (like in Rome total war correctly) when colliding on an enemy line after charge?

Although if it had to do with he accelerating mechanism which would be impossible to solve or to complicated I would just get rid of that imo, Instead of something looking fancy which doesn't work I rather have my game to work without it, what would be the point otherwise straight looking at.

But in the end I have no idea how coding works exactly, so maybe I have no idea what I am talking about in the first place LUL.

Basically this idea for this project is just people posting bugs they can find and post it in the topic so someone who mods and likes doing it (of course) can include it in the patch if it's patch worthy. (and keep the game classic)

Anyway I hope someone is interested in it and can share my vision with for this patch modification