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Thread: EB 2.r Bug Report and Feedback from old school player

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    Default EB 2.r Bug Report and Feedback from old school player

    Hey there Eb2 team and fans like me!

    Looong time Total War player here, and been playing EB2 since the beginning.

    Just wanted to give a little feedback on 2.r, hoping it helps 2.3 become even better!

    Now, only played 76 turns atm, and my big AAR and feedback will come later. I just wanted to post about 2 bugs i've found so far, just in case they haven't been reported yet (although it is likely they have).

    First is, Epeiros has been reemerging after being stomped by the noble AI Koinon Hellenon (all awesome!). However, twice they emerged in wierd places. I used toggle_fow to discover this.

    First emergence placed their new capital at Liguria.

    2nd emergence was at Maka (eastern tip of Arabia).

    Third time (last so far, we'll see how they do lol) was actually at Epeiros.

    Note that, in all 3 cases, the new Faction Leader spawned in Epeiros, so that seems to be working correctly.

    I believe the first 2 times, where the capital spawned oddly, may have been because the Koinon had Epidamnos besieged (it was Eleutheroi controlled). Third time there was no seige.

    Now on to second bug.

    I have the feeling this may be intentional for this version of EB, but when an ally requests aid in battle from my nearby army, no matter what choice i pick, green or red, I cannot help them. It always responds as if I chose not to help.

    This second bug makes me a particularly sad panda because I try to take alliances seriously, and help the AI even at my own detrement, because otherwise its too easy to cheese alliance myself to being ignored by everyone.

    Neither one is game breaking (I just RP'd wierd spawn Epeiros as a new faction ) but the second bug is fairly rough, I hope you guys can squash this one soon.

    Finally, some good things to report!

    This has been the most stable and smoothly running version for me so far, huge props for that!!

    Units seem more balanced and unique, loving those we have so far!

    Game looks beautiful on the battlefield moreso than previous versions, buuut this is likely just because I upgraded my gaming rig. Still, you guys have done a wonderful job at making the battlefields look great!

    Hope this info helps guys! I will do an AAR and gameplay feedback after a few hundred turns. Thanks for your hard work at making the most educational and fun strategy game on the classical period in existence!


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    Default Re: EB 2.r Bug Report and Feedback from old school player

    Quick fix to my bug report above concerning Epeiros respawn:

    The third respawn placed Epirote capital at Epidamnos (Illryia Hellenike), NOT Epeiros proper.

    The new FL also always spawns outside Epidamnos.

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    Default Re: EB 2.r Bug Report and Feedback from old school player

    I have seen the bug where factions spawn at weird locations , partly my fault though , I like to add troops to all rebel factions & I went a little overboard in Britannia & the Pritioni faction keep getting killed off by rebels then continued to spawn every turn in locations all over the map .

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