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    Hello, I am running Elementary OS, built from Ubuntu 16.04, and I'm trying to get into some gaming. I've downloaded the Linux steam client and downloaded my game just fine. However I realized that my Total War Attila launcher wasn't running when I would run the game.
    After some research I found that it doesn't work on Linux and I would have to manually install the mods. I tried that following the several tutorials online, it didn't seem very hard, and that's probably why I couldn't find any troubleshooting efforts in it. I placed the .pack mod files in the Data folder with the other .packs and updated the user.settings file to run the mod but as soon as I place the .pack files in the Data folder my game doesn't load. Steam says its running but it is not and I have to kill the process. If I remove the .pack file the game loads but then crashes because its trying to load the file that isn't there. Note these are all steam workshop mods I've tried. When I tried a Mod from the TWcenter forums it does not crash and everything loads, except the mod is not enabled.
    Since I could not find any troubleshooting on the problem I tried installing steam through playonlinux, which has worked for the most part but when I load the game the colors are all wrong: and I haven't really been able to find anything on this problem either. I tried changing the openGL settings in the preferences file but that crashed the game.
    Any ideas? Or maybe this isn't the right place and someone can send me to the right place?

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    Update for anyone who has this problem, I reinstalled the game through the Linux steam client and now the mod works. I haven't tested large mods like Radious, but smaller ones seem to work with the described method.

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