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    I outlined a decentralized strategy for Athens which was one of the most enjoyable playthroughs I've had. Hope you like it.

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    Welcome to TWC, Demeter's Scythe! I enjoy unconventional strategies too. You present an impressive case for your decentralized Athens strategy. Your strategy of acquiring walled cities on the coast seems especially appropriate for a Greek faction, considering all of the Greek colonies which exist as factions (such as Massilia, Syracuse, Pergamon, Cimmeria and Colchis). I imagine that your decentralized strategy allows Athens to build a strong trade network. The powerful naval units which Athens can recruit would help, as you show. You mention using slingers - I wonder if you use mercenary Cretan archers too? I imagine they would be useful when defending walled cities.

    If you ever want to present this campaign (or any campaign) as an After Action Report in the Writers' Study, you would be welcome to do so. (There's a link to the Writers' Study in my signature.)
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