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Thread: Tips for Late Period Khwarezmian Empire?

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    Default Tips for Late Period Khwarezmian Empire?

    I'm playing the Khwarezmians on vh/vh with BGR IV submod. It was obviously impossible to stop the Mongols taking the first 2 cities, but even after that I fail to see how I can stop their hordes. With all those high experience elite units, they only lose about 20% of their army in a battle where I'm on the defensive and can set up on higher ground. Their heavy cavalry mauls through my spearmen and the artillery they start off with really hurts when trying to play defensively. Also despite trying to build economy buildings across the empire, finances are going down the drain anyway, I can't afford to keep building stacks to throw at the them. I need some advice on strategy.

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    Kwarz on vh/vh is a pretty big challenge
    Might want to try relocating. There are those 3 rebel territories just SW of where you start that no one rarely ever takes.
    Demolish all possible buildings and jack up the taxes on your way out of your old territories and leave the mongols ghost towns to conquer
    Trying to sell your old lands to Egypt or the Turks is another possibility.

    From those newly acquired Persian gulf territories you can build up and eventually head back to retake your homelands.

    I did something similar with the Crusader States once.
    Traded Jerusalem (my next to last territory) to England in exchange for Dublin, took my king and army and sailed all the way to Ireland.
    From there, I built up and eventually invaded western Africa and rolled across the Moorish Empire until I was back in position to take out Egypt from the west and reclaim the holy lands.
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