I've reached a point with this mod where It's pretty balanced for the playstyles of me and the current testers. So, to improve it more I need more testers and feedback from people with all sorts of playstyles and skill levels.

All you have to do as a tester is: play the mod, give opinions/ ideas and propose balance changes.

To apply, all you need is the steam version of Medieval II: Total War and an attention span long enough to fill out the form.

Tester Application Form:

Steam name:

Steam URL:

How often do you play?:

How would you rate your skill out of 10?:

What is your favourite faction?:

What is your favourite unit type? (e.g. shock cavalry):

Have you played Igni Ferroque before?:

If yes, do you have a favourite unit in the mod?:

All testers are credited in both the credits section on the forums and in the install instructions in the mod download.