The 2017 Hotseat Award nominations are closed and this years candidates have been counted, only those with 3+ nominations making it into the polls. Voting begins now and ends in 14 days / 2 weeks from now, giving plenty of time for everyone to partake in the awards. Please remember to read our Rules and Regulations found below. Happy voting and best of luck to all.

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Rules and Regulation
1: No self-voting. Self-votes will be discarded from the results.
2: No creating secondary accounts to vote. We can and will detect this and act accordingly.
3: Members that win a category will receive 30 reputation (+Signature) and an additional 30 in the event of winning multiple categories.
4: The 30 reputation from the 'Best Signature' category will be split evenly between the signature holder and it's original creator.
5: Members are expected to act civil and respect other players nominations at all times. Gaming Staff allows expression of opinion on each category and/or reasons for ones decisions but caution that uncivil or outright insulting and/or demeaning post will not be tolerated and strict action will be taken to punish any offenders. Please refresh yourself with the sites ToS. Let's keep the threads a friendly environment for all.
6: The ruling of respective Gaming Staff on any matter related to the awards is final. If you've any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Gaming Staff counsels civility. We allow (unlike many TWC site awards) expression of opinion on categories and/or reasons for ones decision but will not tolerate uncivil or outright insulting and/or demeaning behaviour. This freedom to discuss is a privilege that few if any Twc awards offer and is something that can and will be taken away if abused.

Winners receive a unique signature and +30 rep with an extra 30 in the event of winning multiple. Runner ups receive +10 rep.
Signed, Gaming Staff
- SoulGamesInc
- Joerock22
- Dragon.
Chieftain Khuzaymah
- Belthasar Bolton
- Blue1924
- Luume
- Jadli