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    Sebidee's Realistic Flight

    Have you ever thought flying units were a little lackluster in Warhammer? They aren't much use because of how slow they are and often they look as if they are going to fall out of the sky (there's no way a ten tone dragon would stay in the air going at walking pace). Well with this mod I've tried to jazz it up a bit.

    This mod does a couple of things. Firstly it increases the speed, acceleration and turning speed of flying units to make their flight seem smoother and more realistic, it also looks a lot better. Increases in speed have been scaled to size so that generally speaking smaller flying units will travel faster than larger ones. Also, I have increased their flight charge speed dramatically so that they drop or pounce into combat rather than gently gliding into a fight. Drop charges are especially exaggerated for very large units and you can really feel them hitting the ground and crushing a dozen men beneath their feet.

    I hope you enjoy, I hope you like the video too! I spent all afternoon making that.

    - Sebidee

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    Great mod, been using for weeks. Thanks for making!

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