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Thread: 3.2 Mumakil......Drill Sq.

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    Default 3.2 Mumakil......Drill Sq.

    Hi Everyone.

    One question which I have searched the forums for but cant find an answer to.

    I have a huge City in Umbar and have maxed out the Barracks and have got Lords Stables. Cant seem to get to the Mumakil Drill sq but cant see the next option to build browser says its not possible yet

    Do I need kings stables in the Harad Capital ?

    Great mod , lovin it.

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    Default Re: 3.2 Mumakil......Drill Sq.

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    Default Re: 3.2 Mumakil......Drill Sq.

    Great thanks !

    I really did search but obviously not well enough.

    Thanks again.

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    Default Re: 3.2 Mumakil......Drill Sq.

    The search function is unfortunately horribly broken on TWC so that might be the reason.

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