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Thread: Sudden crashes and now i am unable to play campaign

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    Default Sudden crashes and now i am unable to play campaign

    I had been playing a dwarves third age campaign, this went fine for the first 80 turns except for some crashes when i went looking around the map to fast. But i came to a point when it just crashes instantly on the 80th turn, always when it gets to the turn for the gundabad orcs. I just expected that this campaign was broken so i tried to make a new campaign with Rhn. But when i tried this it just instantly crashed.
    I have windows 8, non steam medieval total war II, TATW 3.2 and mos submod. i dont know how much of a difference this makes.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    Default Re: Sudden crashes and now i am unable to play campaign

    Since you`re playing MOS sub mod for TATW 3.2, I suggest you post here:

    You can also post/upload your savegame file there, so someone could test it.
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