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    Default Ithilien Bug

    I keep having a crash in the middle of the battle in Ithilien in the Fellowship quest.

    I've looked around to see if there's a fix but all the old file fixes that I can find don't exist any more.

    I could always skip the quest but I'd rather not, does anyone know how to fix this?

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    Default Re: Ithilien Bug

    You are probably having an issue with Mumakil`s death, or, the reinforcement bug. I`ve had a battle there (in the Fellowship campaign), and did not have a crash, but that is probably due to my computer hardware/software good compatibility with the TATW/M2TW game requirements/unit model compatibility etc.

    Can you upload your save game file, so I can try to bypass the crash, and upload a new save game for you to continue playing?
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    Default Re: Ithilien Bug

    I remember having pretty much the same issue; that's where I stopped playing the fellowship campaign..

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