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Thread: Announcements from Mods & Hosted Mods (All TW Games)

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    Default Announcements from Mods & Hosted Mods (All TW Games)

    The purpose of this thread is to act as a place for any and all Total War Center mods and mod teams to share news, announcements and updates regarding their mod.

    You can find announcements specific to each title using the links below:

    It is also a thread that will be used by staff to announce if and when a mod has been relocated to a new location, such as, for example, from Attila (non-Hosted) Modifications to an Attila Hosted Mod forum, etc.

    All modders and mod teams are welcome to use this thread to post announcements, and likewise anyone may comment. Modders are encouraged to use the link(s) above specific to your title, but posting in this thread is fine too.

    That said, please keep the following in mind:

    • Please be considerate of other modders and mod teams when making your announcements - in other words, try not to spam this thread, but keep it for your more important announcements. There is currently no limit on how many announcements you can post in a certain time frame, but a limit may be added if moderation deems it necessary
    • Please be respectful at all times when responding to announcements, whether you are a modder yourself, or just a player
    • Presentation is everything! Setting out your announcement in a neat and tidy fashion is a good reflection on your mod. Scroll through the Medieval II: Total War version of this thread for a number of examples. Feel free to PM me before you make your post if you would like some feedback
    • Please keep your announcement reasonably brief, and small, visually. i.e. readers should be able to view the entire announcement, along with your signature, without scrolling (on a regular-sized computer screen)
    • This thread may be tidied up periodically and posts may be deleted, or edited, to make the thread easy to navigate
    • Staff reserves the right to post announcements on behalf of mods and mod teams, but regular members are asked only to post announcements if they are part of a mod team, or they have permission from the mod team - if you are unsure, please PM me or another moderator

    What types of things are counted as announcements?

    • Newly released mods
    • New version releases, patches, and hotfixes
    • New previews
    • Any other significant updates - if you are unsure, please PM me or another moderator

    An announcement made in this thread will be copied to the relevant title('s) threads, and vice versa.

    Any questions? Please PM me or another moderator.


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    Default Re: Announcements from Mods & Hosted Mods (M2TW)

    TGC in order to continue its development seak one or more desicated scripters to put our campaign scripts mess to an order plus to create new events and create the finall missing factions recruitment system. In return TGC will give permision to those that will help to use its material stepe by step. The result will be a fully released TGC plus many mods that will benefit TGC's material.
    Despite the mod is dead does not mean that anyone can use its material
    read this to avoid misunderstandings.

    IWTE tool master and world txt one like this, needed inorder to release TGC 1.0 official to help TWC to survive.
    Adding MARKA HORSES in your mod and create new varietions of them. Tutorial RESTORED.

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    Default Re: Announcements from Mods & Hosted Mods (M2TW WIPs)

    A Map of Ice and Fire, my pet project of sorts, building a map of Westeros and the coast of Essos to allow for multiple scenarios on a grander scale than previously allowed. The Age of Heroes, Andal Invasion, War of Conquest, Dance of Dragons, Blackfyre Rebellions and everything beyond. The map as a clean slate can and will be filled with characters to fill every conflict across the ages. A true Map of Ice and Fire.

    Updates posted HERE when available. First video preview is HERE.

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    Default Re: Announcements from Mods & Hosted Mods (M2TW)

    Divide and Conquer has moved into it's own forum!

    Divide and Conquer is an overhaul of the original Third Age Total War that adds more factions, more units and more unique events. Every single aspect of the original mod is edited in one way or another and DaC gives you the opportunity to play as many of the 'lesser' nations of Middle-earth and asks the question what if: What if the Breelanders rose up and fought; what if Saruman kept the ring for himself; what if the Black Númenóreans had helped the Corsairs of Umbar?

    Forum link:

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    Default Re: Announcements from Mods & Hosted Mods (M2TW)

    Albion Total War has moved into it's own forum!

    Albion Total War is a mod based on the British Isles and Northern France, starting in the 13th century during King Edward I of England's accession to the throne.

    Forum link:

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    Default Re: Announcements from Mods & Hosted Mods (M2TW)

    A new and improved preview for the Map of Ice and Fire is available for viewing HERE! Showing off the hole continent of Westeros and what progress has been made over the last month or so of work; along with updates to previously shown areas of the map. I talk about planned changes, features and generally ramble for about 10 minutes about my mods hopes and dreams. It's truly riveting stuff... trust me...

    More updates posted HERE when available. Watch the new video preview HERE.

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    Default Re: Announcements from Mods & Hosted Mods (M2TW RM)

    The Unofficial Patch 1.3 for The Elder Scrolls: Total War has been finally released!

    This version is bringing many new interesting features, such as a new faction, new custom scenarios, sets of lore traits and ancillaries, and much more!


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    Default Re: Announcements from Mods & Hosted Mods (M2TW RM)

    Rise of the Eagles, a Napoleonic mod for MTW2, gets its final Alpha 2.0 update before going into Beta stage. Many fixes and improvements to textures, 3D models and better stability overall. Download the latest patch
    My Mods and Projects

    - Realism Core v5 for La Monteé de L'Empire 4.2 (NTW)
    - Battle Chaos, give life to your fights! (NTW)
    - Battleterrain Mod, larger, better campaign battle maps (NTW)
    - Developer for 1800 (ETW) battle mechanics, unit stats
    - Developer for Victoria Total War (ETW) unit modeller \ texturer
    - Developer of Rise of the Eagles (MTW2 - HOSTED), creator \ db \ models \ textures
    - Risorgimento 1859 The Franco-Austrian War (NTW), creator \ developer

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    Default Re: Announcements from Mods & Hosted Mods (M2TW WIPs)

    The DCI: Last Alliance-team proudly presents Isildur and Anárion, kings of Gondor, crafted by Luis Lux.

    This WIP Second Age mod to Third Age: Total War will grant tense and glorious battles, in an Age when hosts of Elves and Men simply walked into Mordor...

    Kingdom of Lindon preview video out

    DCI: Last Alliance
    - WIP Second Age mod | DCI: Tôl Acharn - mighty Dúnedain Counter Invasions |
    Additional Mercenary Minimod - more mercs; for TATW and DCI | Family Tree minimods - lore improvements | Remade Event Pictures - enhance cultures trough images |
    Favorite TATW compilation: Withwnars Submod Collection
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    Default Re: Announcements from Mods & Hosted Mods (M2TW RM)

    gni Ferroque has just received its biggest update yet, including 67 new units, 9 new maps and many changes!

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    od Summary:

    Igni Ferroque is a multiplayer balance mod that sticks closely to the vanilla style while completely reworking key mechanics and adding new units and maps.
    The aim is to create a whole new balance which should allow much more satisfying gameplay by rewarding good strategy.

    View the mod thread here:


    Spoiler for changelog

    > added transparency to tree leaves when the camera is close /

    > NEW MAPS!:

    - eurasian plateau /
    - field palisade /
    - thicket trail /
    - hunters' track /
    - kingdom strife A /
    - kingdom strife B /
    - kingdom strife C /
    - kingdom strife D /
    - watering hole /

    > NEW UNITS!:

    - merc armoured spearmen /
    - merc italian spearmen /
    - swords guard militia /
    - heavy camel spearmen /
    - heavy saracen militia /
    - dismounted norse war clerics /
    - highland marauders /
    - highland hecklers /
    - venetian crossbowmen /
    - hand rocketeers /
    - highland gunners /
    - alamanoi /
    - kievan rus' reavers /
    - slav brigands /
    - polish storm nobles /
    - halbbruder /
    - timurid marksmen /
    - merchants /
    - the iron hammers of al j'zyzz /
    - sudanese slaves /
    - hasham /
    - dismounted hasham /
    - hasham rangers /
    - dismounted hasham rangers /
    - kurdish auxilliaries /
    - civilians (west) /
    - civilians (east) /
    - civilians (middle east) /
    - apath smokers /
    - mailed wardens /
    - palman rangers /
    - sellswords /
    - sellaxes /
    - portuguese hand gunners /
    - portuguese musketeers /
    - lusitanian cavalry /
    - mailed lusitanian cavalry /
    - lusitanian infantry /
    - mailed lusitanian infantry /
    - lusitanian spearmen /
    - mailed lusitanian spearmen /
    - portuguese general's bodyguard /
    - iberian cavalry /
    - iberian swordsmen /
    - iberian axemen /
    - portuguese cuirassiers /
    - black forest hunters /
    - mercenary norsemen /
    - merchant swordsmen /
    - mounted merchant swordsmen /
    - heavy voulgier /
    - slaughter-swordsmen /
    - sudanese rockthrower /
    - mercenary frankish knights /
    - mercenary frankish spearmen /
    - mercenary veteran knights /
    - bulgarian brigands /
    - heavy longbowmen /
    - mailed hobilars /
    - english sergeants /
    - heavy halberd militia (me) /
    - portuguese serpentine /
    - portuguese basilisk /
    - portuguese monster ribault /
    - byzantine spearmen /
    - byzantine runners /
    - warlord's bodyguard /


    - reworked all shock infantry /
    - rebalanced all units with 2h swords /
    - reworked all offensive infantry with 2h weapons /
    - reworked all spear infantry /
    - modified handgun and arquebus projectiles /
    - reworked all musket and arquebus units /
    - partly reworked all bodyguards /
    - nerfed most artillery crew /
    - tweaked most aztec units /
    - increased weak cbow bolt speed /
    - all javelin cavalry ranges reduced from 60 to 55 /
    - reworked all units with longbows /
    - reworked ribault and monster ribault /
    - made general units unable to hide or withdraw /
    - added grapeshot to elite cannons /
    - reworked black units /
    - buffed phalanx units melee defence /


    - lowered cost of sailors /
    - reworked conquistadors and dis conquistadors /
    - made all all highland units have untrained formation /
    - increased attack of dis maa and dis bl /
    - slightly buffed ballista crew /
    - gave irish kerns to scotland /
    - gave merc cbows to byzantines /
    - removed merc spearmen from byzantines /
    - made scots guard mercenary /
    - gave dismounted feudals back to portugal /
    - removed merc musketeers, merc arquebusiers and sudanese tribesmen from timurids /
    - removed lusitani axemen and swordsmen /
    - reworked venetian archers /
    - decreased cost of allahs chosen /
    - increased rocket splash damage radius /
    - slightly nerfed religious fanatics /
    - buffed mutatawwi'a to match religious fanatics /
    - made elephant rocketeer not a merc units /
    - norse war clerics limited to 2 /
    - fixed typo for jaguar warriors descr /
    - buffed pavise cbowmen melee attack /
    - fixed allahs chosen not always being suicidal /
    - fixed pilgrims description /
    - decreased peasant archer cost /
    - reworked eastern town militia /
    - reworked all half size spear units /
    - modified archer militia description /
    - slightly buffed mounted sergeants /
    - gave alan light cav to hungary /
    - decreased muslim archer cost /
    - decreased turkish archer cost /
    - made mortars explosive /
    - made half size archer units looser formation /
    - reworked swordsmen militia /
    - reworked sword and buckler men /
    - gave sword and buckler men to portugal /
    - increased accuracy of serpentine and artillery elephants /
    - buffed melee stats of crossbowmen and pavise cbow militia /
    - increased voulge militia and voulgier movement speed /
    - increased (me) halberd militia movement speed /
    - increased highland pikemen movement speed /
    - reworked sabadar militia /
    - halved unit size of dragoons and rebalanced /
    - reworked almughavars /
    - reworked lusitanian units /
    - reworked norse war clerics /
    - a LOT of small random changes /


    - made artillery trails longer /
    - added lighting to gunpowder projectiles /
    - fixed some byzantine shield textures /
    - changed models of some byzantine spear units /
    - retextured sailors /
    - added pavise shields to pavise cbows icons /
    - tidied up moors bodyguard icon /
    - fixed pilgrims icon /
    - changed up armour models for vhi and venetian archers /
    - fixed regular grass patch on dark plains map /
    - removed lance from conquistadores /
    - fixed english armoured sergeants icon /
    - changed some models of retinue longbowmen /
    - fixed norse war clerics icon /
    - updated a lot of unit info pictures /

    > OTHER:

    - tidied up the EDU a bit more /
    - updated some faction descriptions /

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    Default Re: Announcements from Mods & Hosted Mods (Shogun 2)

    Master of Strategy has moved into it's own forum!

    Master Of Strategy series focus on campaign complexity by adding a high level of interaction between factors campaign wise. For this it implements a large system of buildings and resources. Also tactical wise delivers more interesting and longer battles.

    Forum link:
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    Default Re: Announcements from Mods & Hosted Mods (Warhammer OCM)

    For more informations follow this thread: LORE FRIENDLY REGIONAL RECRUITMENT MOD

    Thank you Frunk!

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    Default Re: Announcements from Mods & Hosted Mods (M2TW)

    Total Vanilla 1.5 is released

    New Stuff

    • Completely reworked Americas part of the map

    • Beautify Patch for Cumans and Kwahrzmimimii....
    • Beauty Patch for the campaign map
    • Beauty Patch for various stuff (skins, cards, etc)
    • New unique buildings (in the Holy Land)
    • Campaign startup loading time fixed
    • Some new units (unique and regular)
    • and more stuff...

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    Default Re: Announcements from Mods & Hosted Mods (M2TW WIPs)

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Article at MODDB:

    Download link:

    - Size of mod increased from 956mb to 1.39gb.

    Link to forum:


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    1. Fixes all the remaining silver surfer officers, captains and generals as well as any other remaining such bug.

    2. Adds missing portraits for the two sami units, as well as some Frisian/Saxon merc new unit portraits.

    3. Changes the names of the Frisian/Saxon mercenaries to more easily identify them as mercs.

    4. Re-adds the vast music-mod from last year - but with heavily edited and cut music tracks this time

    - It's also in use by TLK:WotN - but the difference here is the music in use by the Saxons, Gwynedd, Alba and the two Irish factions aren't included in this mod - while on the other hand the music for the Slavs/Balts and Sami/Finns are now in use once more.

    The Viking music for the Danes, Norse and Swedes etc is the same in both mods - but more common in this as this centers around Scandinavia.

    5. Re-uses the old scripts for the single player campaign making the experience much better actually - for hotseat plz rename the "campaign_script"-file inside of data/world/maps/imperial_Campaign to something else - and then name the one labeled "campaign_script_hotseat" as "casmpaign_script"

    - When playing with hotseat most of the scripts doesn't work past turn number two, while on the other hand if you play with working scripts the hotseat will CTD when trying to enter the campaign.

    6. I've also added new strat-models for the Frankish captain and general, as well as made their capital into a town instead of a village - capital is now Osnabruck.

    I have swaped some units around for the Eastern Franks in the campaign - they now have a better starting army with more varied units instead of the same sucking infantry - expect more cavalry in the starting army! But the size of the army is only slightly increased with like two or three units.

    7. Also i've implemented new custom settlements for all factions. - Slavs and most Vikings share theirs.

    - three out of four Norse vikings have different styled villages and towns but the same style in large town and cities.

    - sami/finns do use the same as Alba will use in TLK:WotN.

    - and finally the Franks have the Byzantium ones and is the only faction with civilized cities.

    8. Marka Horses implemented as well as new animations.

    9. I have removed the problem with rebel ships spawning in such a mass that it was impossible to use ships in the mod without cheating - now expect the factions to use ships against each other and without the rebels having dominance over the seas.

    The mod is pretty much done now!

    Place the mod inside of your Medieval II Total War/mods-folder and start it up by doubleclicking the .bat-file named "WotNbeta". The name of the WotN-folder must be "WotN" - also make sure when un-raring that you don't get mods/WotN/WotN - it should be mods/WotN.

    Wrath of the Norsemen: The Baltic: Release version 3.0! Gautland VS Danmörk:

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    Default Re: Announcements from Mods & Hosted Mods (Attila)

    ROMANI UNITS PACK (vanilla edition) - Version 5

    This update of the ROMANI UNITS PACK contains balancing changes, improvements and new features like optimized "fame levels" of the factions and increased vanilla mercenaries recruitment chances.

    Swiss Halberdier

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    Default Re: Announcements from Mods & Hosted Mods (Attila)

    I've created a modding resource, Supply Wagons & Barrels, if anyone wants to include it in their own mod.

    Supply Wagon

    The supply wagon is a slow moving chariot unit with next to no combat strength. You can only have one per army.

    Supply Barrel
    The supply barrel is a stationary barrel that is available to defenders in a siege battle. It functions similarly to a bastion onager, in that it can only be placed in specific parts of the walls.

    Refill Ammunition
    This special ability refills 3 ammunition for all units within a 75m vicinity of the wagon or barrel. For the first 25 seconds, this ability reduces the movement speed of units within its range by 75%. At the end of these 25 seconds, the units regain 3 ammunition, and there is a 50 second recharge on the ability. It can only be used ten times.

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    Default Re: Announcements from Mods & Hosted Mods (Rome II)

    Additional Units Mod - Rome (AUM-ROM) 2.3

    This update of AUM-ROM contains balancing changes, improvements of the custom units and new features like increased fame levels limits of the factions and increased vanilla mercenaries recruitment chances.

    Vanilla Version

    Radious Version

    Enjoy AUM-ROM
    Swiss Halberdier

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    Default Re: Announcements from Mods & Hosted Mods (Attila)

    Additional Units Mod - Attila (AUM-ATT) 2.6

    This update of AUM-ATT contains balancing changes, improvements of the custom units and new features like increased fame levels limits of the factions and increased vanilla mercenaries recruitment chances.

    Vanilla Version

    Radious Version

    Enjoy AUM-ATT
    Swiss Halberdier

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