Hello All!

I recently noticed a slight bug/oddity of the Rhun Horse Guard. (the mounted clanguard halbrediers) They seem to keep their spears when they switch to the sword animations for post charge melee. Obviously this looks a little awkward so I started doing a little research in an attempt to fix it.

Turns out this has been a bug since Third age 1.3 apparently:
Source: http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showt...E-POSTING-BUGS!!!

That same forum recommended the short term fix of removing the secondary weapon from the edu so they just keep the spear and use that animation, and the long term fix of waiting for the updated model that uses the saber that can be seen used by the banner carrier. While the spear fix does work for a visual fix, I think its safe to say that this simple bug fix fell through cracks

Anyway, I believe this can be fixed by updating the Horse guard model and/or attachmentsets to use the saber which may already be in their attachmentsets (I dont personally have any modeling software so I wouldnt be able to find out). So I figured I would attach a zip folder with the necessary files (Horse guard model and attachmentsets, as well as the rhun officer attachmentsets and rhun double swordsmen model and attachementsets that also features the saber) and politely ask the community if they would be willing to fix this little quirk for us perfectionists

Rhun Models and Attachmentsets.7z

I know that there are a couple big submods out there that still use the Horse Guard model, so this fix would probably work for them as well so they could get that sword for melee combat.

Thank you all so much!