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    Thanks for getting back to me cocobongo. What you’re saying does make sense and I was actually thinking of doing the same thing. Nice pics btw, I especially liked that butt shot, really shows the geometry of the game Anyways, I was also wondering about how the Germanic5 script was implemented into this mod? Would it be a simple thing, say, if I wanted to use the same script for my RSIII game? How would I go about doing this?

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    Yeah good old low poly^^
    The model was done by modding the standard barbarian infantry model. Not pretty indeed
    Yes, Really BadAI is in here.
    You can use this tutoriel

    Check the script folder and export_advice.txt in text/

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    Are the Pezhetairoi supposed to have medium-sized pikes? They don't seem to hold their own compared to units with long_pike.
    Also I noticed that the Pergamon pikemen (forgot the exact name) have long_pike and short_pike, is this intentional?

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