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Thread: Scripting help please :)

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    Default Scripting help please :)

    Just wanted to know if its even possible to script a custom even or something. Im playing a 4tpy and would like an event or something similar to occur every 4th turn or the winter turn that decreases movement of troops increases upkeep and maybe even some desertion.

    Also if this event could be randomized to not every 4th turn but every other or so simulating a harsh winter for the year. The turns its doesnt occur is a mild winter so on and maybe a popup window describing or explaing the de buffs.

    Any help at all regarding this matter would be a big help and thanks to everyone in the community

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    Default Re: Scripting help please :)

    I know there's already a script that disbands all mercenaries when the treasury is empty, you could use that as example and expand on it.

    For movement speed of troops you could try using a trait that reduces movement points of the generals and the troops they command.

    i know SSHIP was talking about upkeep increase but havent seen it done, thruth is i havent played that mod since a while
    but if you just want to take away money from the player because of harsh winter you can just make a very simple script like the pirate raid or trade fair ones, scripts that just use the console command add_money

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