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    This has always been a problem with this mod and I knew this when installing it again. It makes the unit banners in battles disappear not only for The Third Age (which is a good touch), but also for vanilla Med II and all other mods (which is a bad side effect). Every version I've played, even years back, has had this problem. Only uninstalling and reinstalling Med II without the mod ever fixes it (and that is a pain when you're using the Steam version on a satellite connection with limited data).

    Now, I don't want to uninstall the mod. I want to keep playing it. But I also want to play other mods with their intended banners. So my question is, does anyone know what file(s) could be doing this and what needs to be changed?

    The only solution I can think of for now is removing the Third_Age_3 folder and keeping it as a backup somewhere else, and then uninstalling and reinstalling Med II. Then maybe if I use only the folder and I don't use the exe to install Third Age, I won't get the banners problem. However, that may make Third Age unplayable (no banner info could crash it) at worst, or maybe in battles units would show up with blank banners. In any case, if there is a better solution, I'd like to hear it.
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    Default Re: The Banners Problem

    Open your TATW.CFG file (right mouse click on it, and press Edit if you can`t open it), and find show_banners, change 0 to 1:

    ;windowed		= true
    ;movies			= false
    show_banners = 1
    Save and Exit.

    If you want them to be in your M2TW as well, open your medieval2.preference.CFG file, find the same code, and change 0 to 1.

    Save and Exit.

    Then, right mouse click on your medieval2.preference.CFG file, go to "Properties", and in "General" section set Attributes to Read-Only. Apply and OK.

    Now, changes you have made in .CFG file will not revert every time you start M2TW.
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