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Thread: New tricorn hat for some units?

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    Icon1 New tricorn hat for some units?

    Hello everyone,

    I've noticed that the tricorn hats of the French and British units in IS 2.2.1 aren't too symmetrical. Although, Oleg2242 released a submod of early Prussian units. Most of these new units had a more symmetrical tricorn hat which looks more appealing. So the thing is, would anyone like to add this hat to the early British, French units and, if able to, the Swedish units from Pirates Über Alles mod as well (In the Swedish case, add a white dot to the hat), replacing the old hats? Thank you very much in advance, it's greatly appreciated! By the way, a friend and I tried to do so before, and merged the hat with the British Line Infantry mesh texture, but it crashes.

    The hat can be seen here:
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    I hope that someone replies, I think that symmetrical tricorn hats are more appealing. I'm replying myself now so this thread doesn't "get lost".

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