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Thread: New tricorn hat for some units?

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    Icon1 New tricorn hat for some units?

    Hello everyone,

    I've noticed that the tricorn hats of the French and British units in IS 2.2.1 aren't too symmetrical. Although, Oleg2242 released a submod of early Prussian units. Most of these new units had a more symmetrical tricorn hat which looks more appealing. So the thing is, would anyone like to add this hat to the early British, French units and, if able to, the Swedish units from Pirates Über Alles mod as well (In the Swedish case, add a white dot to the hat), replacing the old hats? Thank you very much in advance, it's greatly appreciated! By the way, a friend and I tried to do so before, and merged the hat with the British Line Infantry mesh texture, but it crashes.

    The hat can be seen here:
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    I hope that someone replies, I think that symmetrical tricorn hats are more appealing. I'm replying myself now so this thread doesn't "get lost".

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    It is actually not very hard to do so. On the other hand it would be a rather boring process as you must replace the hat in the model and the texture. Actually this turorial is very helpfull here:
    I sadly have not time to do it myself but as I said it isn't that diffcult to do.
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    Hi. Actually, there is nothing perfectly symmetrical in reality. Especially, considering hats from begining of the century, when very often only one side of the hat was bent, similar to the previous years fashion. The models of french and british units, created by wangrin, perfectly show early era fashion, as he used a lot of period drawings and picture for references. So, I dont think it is good idea to change something

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    You're right. There is nothing perfectly symmetrical in reality. However, I prefer the hats used in the early Prussian units you made a sub mod of, specially the hat of the Prussian Marines, the elite infantry and the company infantry. I would like to add them to the British and French units, and also add them to the Swedish units from the Pirates Uber Alles mod.

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    Well, if you are milkshape user, you should do following:
    1.Open a model with hat you like. Delete all parts (including skeleton) with exception of the hat. Save.
    2. Open a model of the french or british unit. Delete hat only. Save.
    3. Merge french model without hat with hat model from the step 1.
    4. Assign new hat to the head bone 100%.
    5. Select all parts and assign them to the one material. Delete not used matereals (two). Save.
    6. In the texture cordinate editor move hat uvmap to the coresponding place on the texture. Save.
    That is it.

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    Well, a friend merged the tricorn hat I like with the British model, I tried it and it crashes. He did it following Wangrin's tutorial. I checked the new model in my Milkshape and it was well merged. Sorry for asking too much things, but, if you have time, would you like to do me a favor please? Would you like to give the tricorn hat I like to the British/French units yourself and see if it crashes? Thank you, but do it only if you have time, if not it's okay.

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    Reposting again just for not getting this thread "lost". By the way, I don't understand what do you mean by the hat "uvmap", and how to move it.

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