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    I recently downloaded the mod off of Moddb, but I am having some issues with it. I extracted the folder, which was about 30 times smaller than one of the other mods I downloaded (Broken Cresent 2), to the mods folder. If that was not an idication of a problem, when I tried to get a look at the factions through a custom battle, there were several vanilla factions in the options, and most of the units, even in the GoT factions, were just basegame ones. What did I do wrong? I am running off of a disc version if that changes anything in the instructions.

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    Perhaps you may have integrated the GoT with the GoT_Enhance folder. They are a complete separated installment and shouldn't be merged. I have a very hard time installing that one too and couldn't start the campaign yet, but the custom battle is fine to me.

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