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Thread: What's the most Lore Accurate SubMode out there?

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    Default What's the most Lore Accurate SubMode out there?

    Hello there! Some time ago wanted to try out some of the impressive looking Submods available, and my first choice was the Alternative Patch (Mostly for the Elven catwalks ) but some stuff like Dwarven Riders was a big turn down for me, mostly because of how not Lore-Accurate it is to have Dwarves ride anything but Ponies and that is only if they really need to, anyway, putting that aside, now i want to try some of the other Submods, but seeing all this factions and units and content....

    For someone who prefers to stick to the lore, what's the best choice?


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    Default Re: What's the most Lore Accurate SubMode out there?

    I usually see DaC claiming to have the most lore-accurate map, or did in the past anyway (I disagree, all maps are fan-fiction, also I think another mod uses that map too). From what I know of DaC it is the least lore accurate gameplay-wise, but probably the most instant fun 80 turn campaigns of any mod (keep in mind short "arcadey" campaigns are popular with most here, not book lore). The rest of the mods seem to be similar enough to TATW's gameplay and lore (movie based) from what I know of them, though some use stuff from The Hobbit movies.

    My mods are based on my version of the book lore (and the gameplay was made to appeal to me alone), whether others think it is lore accurate (or even fun) I don't know, I honestly don't think many around here even read the books. To me not having dragons and all the other crap automatically makes it not lore-accurate, so my opinion shouldn't mean anything to most here since most probably think Smaug was the last dragon.

    Best advice is to just pick the one you think you will like least and try it, then move on if/when you get bored. There are only a few to choose from so it will not take long to try them all (you can also copy/paste/rename your TATW mod folder to have multiple mods at once), and I wouldn't recommend playing mine to most everyone here. Especially since an update is way overdue.

    Edit; And I did not like M2TW's or TATW's gameplay, so just one more reason why my opinion shouldn't mean anything to most here.
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    Default Re: What's the most Lore Accurate SubMode out there?

    DaC has very well integrated it's gameplay with the lore, though it's obviously not perfectly accurate. Middle-Earth was never meant to be used as a base for a Total War game, after all. Sometimes enjoyable gameplay is preferable to pixel-perfect lore .

    You may want to look into the Alternative Patch 4.9 if you're looking for lore-accuracy. I haven't played it personally, but it looks like it does what you're looking for. I quote :
    This stuff is lore-orientated, trying to be as loyal as possible to the books and the movies.
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