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During my Gondor campaign I've encountered two nasty bugs on the battle map.

1) The bug of Henneth Annun: sometimes (usually since the second attack at Henneth Annun in the campaign) enemies troops have some problems with pathfinding. In particular, they fail to deliver the ram to the gates. The ram crew gets stuck not far from the gates till the battle ends. The defender has to sally out to attack the ram crew - if destroyed or routed the crew replaced with other enemy's unit that sometimes can attack the gates correctly. But there is no guarantee - the new team can get stuck just as their predecessors.

2) The bug of Rebuilt Eastern Osgiliath
(Western one wasn't tested): with assault towers built enemy troops use them only to attack the settlement. If tower units (Sauron's Will in my case) destroyed/routed no other units try to engage in battle, even if there are lots of other infantry troops and rams. As a result, the defender has to sally out or wait until the battle end. The first may be disadvantageous, the second - too long and cheating.

Are those bugs known and will they be fixed in DaC V.2.0?
1) It should be fixed.

2) No I did not know that, I will look into it.