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Thread: DaC - Introduction and Features

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    Default DaC - Introduction and Features

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    Divide and Conquer is a massive submod for Third Age Total War focusing on new factions, plenty of new units and numerous new events; depicting Middle-earth like it never has been seen before. Play any one of 26 factions, from the Dúnedain of the North to the Haven of Umbar. Patch 1.2 is our latest patch and was released on the 6th January 2017. It marks the most stable and polished build to date; every single potential crash is known to us and is entirely preventable (PC dependant). The modding team endures and we plan to continue honing the mod into the future. From all of us, enjoy!

    Choose Your Allegiance & Faction Guides
    Play as any one of the following:

    Kingdom of Gondor
    Principality Of Dol Amroth
    Northern Dúnedain

    Kingdom Of Rohan
    Kingdom of Dale
    Vale of Dorwinion
    Vale of Anduin

    Dwarves of Khazad-dûm
    Dwarves of Erebor & Iron Hills
    Dwarves of Ered Luin

    Grey Havens of Lindon
    Realm of Imladris
    Thranduil's Realm
    Galadhrim's Realm

    Bree-land and the Shire
    Clans of Enedwaith

    Followers of Melkor:
    Shadow of Mordor
    Shadow of Mirkwood
    Dominion of Isengard
    Orcs of the Misty Mountains
    Remnants of Angmar

    Men of the East:
    Haven of Umbar
    Haradrim Tribes
    Easterlings of Rhûn
    Variags of Khand

    Faction Overviews

    Walk New Lands
    DaC features a completely new map that is much larger both physically and provincially:

    • Remade to the Core! - The map has been made from scratch, with a completely new heightmap based on the official map of Middle-earth. Hundreds of hours have been spent making sure this map works and looks like the world its based in.
    • Lore Accurate! - The geography of Middle-earth has never been so accurately represented in a game! From the shape of the world to the heights of mountains, from the trees in Lorien to the climate of Middle-earth, experience the world like it should be.
    • Strategic Chokepoints! - Hold down Isengard at the Gap of Rohan, securing the Fords of Isen and protecting Foldburg. Prevent Mordor from crossing the Anduin by holding Cair Andros and Osgiliath, keeping the lands of the west safe. Prevent enemies crossing the Misty Mountains, holding the High Pass, or protecting the caverns of Moria.
    • Improved Graphics! - The map has never looked so good. Terrain textures have depth, the seas are smooth and detailed, forests are diverse and the rivers and shoreline is as smooth as ever. A modern map for modern times.
    • Remade Climates! - The climates of Middle-earth have been re-imagined, with improved weather, new climates, realistic snow and diverse regions. Golden-trees in Lorien, the Brown Lands north of Mordor, the fertile ashen lands of Nurnen and the creepy Dead Marshes are just some of the new climate work present in this mod.
    • Expanded map with more regions! - There are numerous new regions present in this mod, expanding many areas such as Eriador, Enedwaith and lands east of the Celduin. No larger region of Middle-earth was spared an expanded treatment.
    • Improved AI pathfinding - The campaign AI of Medieval II needs the best performance it can get. The map has been designed around keeping the AI moving and making sure the player is challenged. The world was designed with pathfinding performance in mind.
    • Sailable rivers! - Many rivers such as the Gwathlo or the Celduin, or even the great Anduin have been made navigable, making naval invasions a new experience in many parts of Middle-earth. Defending the Celduin will never be the same.
    • Fixed vanilla bugs! - Issues present in vanilla have been fixed, such as the black terrain beyond the playable area in Battle-maps, bugged icons in higher leveled settlements or incorrect textures in certain climates. The trait and ancillary descriptions have been overhauled and cleaned up as well
    • Ensured Battle Stability! - As part of the climate overhaul, the culprit file for Battle CTD's was overhauled. Combined with a new method of loading these files, battle CTD's have been killed off, ensuring stability during your best moments.
    • 4.4 Unofficial Patch integration - Enjoy the epic battles available within the new custom settlements provided by leo.civil.uefs!
    • and many more surprises throughout the map...

    Experience New Features

    • World events - No matter what faction you play, stay in the loop with key happenings in the world with the World Events system.
    • Khazad-dûm - Balin has set out to restore Moria to its former glory. Will you lead his forces through dangerous lands and reclaim it? And can you hold it when the depths reveal its secrets?
    • Enedwaith Clan-moot - It is time for Enedwaith to reveal itself to the world as a force of your choosing. The clans have their own aims, their own goals. Keep Enedwaith united, or it may very well collapse.
    • Real combat - An advanced unit balancing system makes sure that battles flow and units feel real. Enjoy realistic combat.
    • Excellent new UI - A brand new UI with a unique style, designed by Tokus*Maximus and Insomaniac. Modern, intuitive and immersive, it helps makes Divide and Conquer a unique experience.
    • New middlemen culture - A new culture for new factions, with custom settlements, strat-map models and will soon include new UI to boot.
    • Loads of new content - Hundreds of units, far more scripts then have been mentioned, new buildings and new functionality, Divide and Conquer is massive!
    • It should be noted that the true challenge of DaC is to defeat all of your nearest enemies and to achieve each factions overall goal. Fighting against your immediate neighbour may not prove too challenging in some circumstances.
    • Dorwinion rises, but who leads them? - Play as Dorwinion and decide upon the fate of your small realm; choose to side with the Avari and take advantage of their excellent smithing, heavy infantry and archers. With the Avari on your side you will field the finest warriors east of Mirkwood but they are few and your numbers will not be great! Choose to side with the humans and take advantage of their superior numbers and lucrative trading nature. The northmen will provide you with more troop battalions and many more warriors for training however they cannot hope to match up to the skill of the Avari.
    • United the wildmen stand - Play as either Dunland or Enedwaith and conquer all the clans of Enedwaith to unite your once scattered peoples under a strong chieftain. Reap the rewards of unity.
    • The Silvan and Nandor stand together - Leading either the Galadhrim or Thranduil's realm will give you the opportunity to forge a permanent alliance between your people. An alliance in which sharing is common place.
    • Join the Guild - Play with guilds as you have never seen them before, no longer are they standard Med2 guilds with outdated UI. Now you can rise to power with the Brotherhood of the Talon or pit your warriors against each other in the Brawler's Hall. Many more guilds for each faction are there to be yours!
    • The Glittering Caves - The Riddermark needs allies and if you can keep all three Dwarven nations happy they might just help you strengthen Helms-deep and, in time, your whole army.
    • Alliances are everything - As Dale, keep Thranduil and Erebor as allies and reap the rewards. As Mordor, keep Rhun, Khand and Harad under your thumb and bring the power of the east to bare. As Harad or Rhun, keep Khand allied and the vast hoofed hordes of the east will ride by your side, or conquer Khand and subdue their warriors to fight for you instead.
    • The free peoples will rise against the shadow - Command the small but mighty armies of the Dúnedain of the north and find that when you liberate lands of the free peoples, they will rise up and fight with you. Aragorn is a beacon of hope and all those who enjoy freedom will rally under his banner!
    • The Seven Families stand as one - Erebor is a majestic sight but it cannot win this war on its own but the clans of the Orocarni answer their brothers call. Construct grand halls for your eastern brothers and send the red tide of the dwarves across all of Middle-earth.

    DaC Council

    Araeinior e-Hûdoll DaC
    (Council Leader): Arachîr Galudirithon

    Einior e-Hûdoll DaC
    (Council Members): Hummingbird,
    TheEliteDwarf, racer999, Arkay
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    Default Re: DaC - Introduction and Features

    Just want to be the first to say, "Pip pip, tally ho, lads!"

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    Default Re: DaC - Introduction and Features

    Finally, they gave you a proper forum, good!

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    Congratulations on the forum!
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    Congratulations for the forum

    In version 1.2 Breeland is no longer northmen and Anduin is. You might want to change the choose your allegiance to the new reality. Unless it was a decision based on lore or settlement design.

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    Default Re: DaC - Introduction and Features

    Congrats on the sub-forum!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord_Imrahil View Post
    Congratulations for the forum

    In version 1.2 Breeland is no longer northmen and Anduin is. You might want to change the choose your allegiance to the new reality. Unless it was a decision based on lore or settlement design.
    It's always been like that. I think Galu was referring to the 'in-file' culture. Should probably change that to avoid confusion, however.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hummingbird View Post
    It's always been like that. I think Galu was referring to the 'in-file' culture. Should probably change that to avoid confusion, however.
    I wasn't sure what Kind of in-file culture Bree had and I did know that they change the ingame culture of it at some point (not sure which version)

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    Default Re: DaC - Introduction and Features

    Finnaly Sub-forum for this awesome mod!!! Congrats mate and team of course!!!
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    Default Re: DaC - Introduction and Features

    Aye, congrats on the forum.

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    I'll have to get M2TW Kingdoms from steam sometime and see if this all works. All the old PC discs were scratched to hell. Great to see the old faction symbols and interface again.

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