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Thread: More turns-per-year submod?

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    Default More turns-per-year submod?

    Hey all,

    I've been looking around for a few hours, but the search function for TWC forums is really limited.

    I'm looking for a submod for Stainless Steel that offers more turns per year so that I can have a great General/King conquer most of europe within his life span. I'd like at least 4tpy though 12tpy would be even better. Are there any SS submods anyone knows of that implements at least 4tpy?


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    Byg's Grim Reality V implements 12 tpy, (among many other things.) If it's a harder campaign you're after, you can't go wrong.

    If you're strictly looking to implement 12 tpy into SS vanilla, then browsing this resource thread will probably be of more use to you.

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    Not quite sure if I want the extra turn time that looks to be involved in BGR5 though I'm considering giving it a try.

    I did find the 12tpy resource in the second link you posted in my own searches. I've been working with that to make my own submod but I haven't managed to get it to work compatible with SS yet. I actually can't get SS to register any changes I make to desc_strat in my SS mod folder which is kind of troubling as it leads me to believe something is installed wrong somewhere.

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    Got the modder's resource version working.

    If anyone wants the 12tpy files for SS6.4 (no other changes except the passing of years and slowed aging of generals) just send me a holler.

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    Can I have it? I want 12 tpy I'm currently using SS6.4 with the bugfix compilation mods

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    Please send it to me too

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    anyone still want this mod? i have it, will upload it if need be. just ask it

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