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Thread: GUYS Help me! Uesugi can't trade with takeda

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    Default GUYS Help me! Uesugi can't trade with takeda

    NOw I'm chellenging uesugi legendary campaign in original. I didn't modify anything didn't install any mods.

    but the ing takeda didn't want to trade with uesugi. Even relationship is very friendly, he doesn't want to trade.

    so i couldn't maintain alliance. Everytime takeda smash my back hardly plz is it normal?? do i need to reinstall?

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    Default Re: GUYS Help me! Uesugi can't trade with takeda

    I think the harder Uesugi campaigns are the most difficult in the game. I gave up on winning that campaign, beaten on about five attempts at V.Hard. You just can't get any traction, attacks never stop and income never improves as no-one will trade and there is no cash (or time) for a navy to grab a trade node or to build economic assets over military units. As a result you end up defending a low tier castle with ashigaru units in a losing campaign of attrition. In one campaign I upped stakes, abandoned Echigo and took all units down to capture the Ikko Ikki regions and castles of Echizen and Kaga with their resources and weapons/armour bonuses. It was a close run thing but I succeeded. Unfortunately the Ikko Ikki had already expanded into a couple of other regions and came at me with strong full stacks. Echizen and Kaga are two of the best castles in the game and I successfully defended them several times and I think I was starting to win the war when the next attack turned up with less than full stacks of depleted units (my units were also suffering from insufficient recovery time) when a rebellion supplied them with 2 or 3 (it was a while ago don't quite remember) stacks of strong fresh and ranked up units. I fought to my last man, the Daimyo, but was ultimately completely wiped out.

    I was close with the Ikko Ikki gamble, maybe you'll do better. Good luck.
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    Default Re: GUYS Help me! Uesugi can't trade with takeda

    Takeda have horses. Horses are considered the most valuable trade resource in S2TW. Means, when you have horses everyone is dying for a trade agreement, when the AI has the horses it will never trade with you unless you lay an really insane amount of money on the table.

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    Default Re: GUYS Help me! Uesugi can't trade with takeda

    the harder the difficulty the less the AI will agree to a trade, even some factions appear to have hidden modifiers for who they are willing to trade with, break alliances with, attack etc.

    It can be very frustrating, I know lol

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