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Thread: Diplomacy Weirdness

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    Icon5 Diplomacy Weirdness

    I've reccently noticeed some pretty weird stuff going in with the diplomacy system in RTW (v.1.6, no mods). I've listed the issues below:

    1. A faction seemingly re-emerges after being defeated. I receive a notice syaing that I and a few other factions are at war with them, and they show up on the minimap. However, they had been my ally when they were destroyed, and they do not appear in the diplomacy list or under the listing of the Senate's attidtudes toward various factions.

    2. A faction becomes a protectorate. However, they change protectors every turn, rotating between three different factions. They are never formally listed as a protectorate of any side.

    Are these issues just quirks of the system, or are they bugs? If they are bugs, do you know of any mods/edits that can fix them?

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    Default Re: Diplomacy Weirdness

    Sound like bugs to me. I can't remember ever seeing that happen.

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    Has anyone else experienced these issues? Does anyone know what might be causing them/how to go about fixing them?

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