2980 Third Age:
I am a goblin fighter in the army of the Dark Lord Sauron. I am leaded by a orc named Agorolg of Dol Guldur. I was in the most battles i survived in many of em. In the battle of Azanulbizar after Azog lost his head we run inside Moria and flee towards the south. But then again we returned in the Misty Mountains and we have retaken it. I participated in the Battle of the five armies as the dwarfs and men reffer to where Bolg has been killed.Now we are moving east again towards the dwarves lands.

This is my unit we are in heavy armour and we have steel swords that we gonna use them to cut so many heads of our dwarven foes. Sadly I am in the front ranks not in the middle or the back. Gargolg while in my side turn to me smiling but I could smell the fear in him. And then he said to me "Are we gonna win Akror? We outnumber the filthy dwarves." I turned to him and told him that "We might win, who knows. But then what?". Many brothers behind me were speaking about defeat and victory..I closed my mouth and continue to move forward.

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Agorolg with his fellow black uruks the most notable of them Trak of Dol Guldur an black uruk from the time when the Kingdom of Angmar dominated over the lands west of the Misty Mountains. Agorolg leads us under the leadership of the Dark Lord Sauron. We march east to war with the dwarves to weaken them for the great war.We are small compared to these large beats we call uruks. And we are small like dwarves to them.

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The next day on the battlefield we arrived face to face with the dwarven forces our leader Agorolg orders the archers to move foward. "Archers get in front you roasted rats!". Our goblin archers move in front of the infantry and prepare to fire on Agorolg's command.

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"Fire!" The archers relases their arrows flying in the skies hiting the dwarves who are charging towards us.

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I could have seen countless dwarves going down by the arrows hiting across their faces and necks. Droping down like files. Then the dwarves quickening the pace to get to us.

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Then I hear a large roar and a single word "Attack!" our forces charged at the dwarves and then.

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The battle began.As I run towards the dwarves I engaged in combat one dwarf has raised his sword trying to cut me down, I striked him down as fast I could, another dwarf came in I killed him too by trusting my sword in his face the dwarf has fallen like a paper before me.
Our left flank was protected by the black uruks fighting the best dwarves the elite of their race. During the battle Trak and Agorolg after fighting many dwarves retreated in the middle of the uruk formation do to being exhausted. Trak looked at the battle and said "The maggots are getting slaughtered."

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He was refering to his small cousins the goblins. Agorolg looked at the goblins getting killed left and right his left cheek was twiching and his sword felt the heavy grip of his hand because of his fustration he then said "Trak! Get at least 450 uruks and help them!" Trak at once runned towards the goblins pushing them out of his way, with his large sword he cleaved 2 dwarves heads with one strike! Then he looked to us "Fight on you maggots! Fight!" Our unit pushed them we pushed the dwarves and killed many of them but one of our units started to break and they run. After half of hour of fighting we finaly killed the remaining dwarves the only ones remaning are the ones that pursued our fleeing forces.

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All of our forces are cheering because of the victory we had but at a heavy price.

The remaining dwarves were running towards us they are not knowing that we slaughtered their entire forces they were runing towards us no more than 20-25 that remained of their force our archers got into position. Their officer commanded to fire the arrows the archers released the arrows and the dwarves laid silent with arrows around and in their chest.

We won a great victory we killed 1700 dwarves and we lost 3500 goblins...Out of 5000. Agorolg told us to make camp and have a nice feast to our victory and sacrifice to the Dark Lord Sauron!
After 3 days we return back to our lives because we had alot of casualties we canno't continue the war but we are pleased that we killed an army of dwarves sended to take the halls of dain. Now we march back home to our mountain.

The goblins that remained behind to defend the fortress are coming to greet us on the walls! They cheer as we come back into the fortress that goes underground!

As we go trough the gates we are near our orcs overseers I am near Trak of Dol Guldur. He can see I am moving my head towards him and then moving my head back looking in front. He then asked me "What do you want Akror." I looked at him and with fear in my veins I told him "We are going back to the dwarves? To kill them?" Trak looked to me an shooked his head "No we are not we don't have anymore the power to do it, we lost it when the battle over Erebor had happen, we are going back to our holes in the mountains." We keeped on talking while moving in the inner hearth of the fortress.

I asked Trak what do we do now? Trak answered to me we wait and build our strength. I Looked at my overseer and move forward where my hole in wall is. I put the cloathes that I have taken from the dwarves I colleted their capes and made a bed out of them. After 3 days of marching back home I go to have a good sleep.