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Thread: Geomod crashes on startup

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    Icon5 Geomod crashes on startup

    Me and Jadil are working on a submod for the Elder Scrolls mod. He has made a new custom campaign but the problem is that it can't be edited with Geomod, it just crashes at 70%. I suspect it has to do with the desc_srtat but I'm not sure. The campaign is playable but if I delete the map.mvn it just crashes.

    Link to the submod.

    Here is the desc_strat file if that helps.
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    Default Re: Geomod crashes on startup

    Very often it's an issue with the trading resources - either a missing or surplus comma. Or with the forts - wrong region name or invalid (custom) fort.

    Remove both sections and then try again.

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    Default Re: Geomod crashes on startup

    Yes. That seems to be it!

    Thank you again

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