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    Though peace ruled in the empire, it seems those days are now over. With the enthronement of Alexander IV, much resentment lived among the Macedonian army about the installation of a barbarian on the throne, a distrust that was accompanied by many bad omens, such as the spreading plague, the success of the Greeks and the discord between the western satraps about the Silvershields and Bithynia. Though many were able to forgive the installment of a barbarian on the throne, many have lost trust in the regent to govern effectively because of the unrest in the empire and thus many have been looking for a replacement. With the arrival of Cynane and the marriage between Eurydice and Philip, the Macedonian traditionalists have seen a worthy rival and replacement for the regent and many have flocked to their banner under the leadership of Seleucus, hoping to remove Alexander IV from the throne and install a true Macedonian king with a true Macedonian queen on the throne of Asia and Europa. Seleucus and Cynane have begun their march on Babylon and there is no time for waiting. The time for war is now, generals of Alexander! Ready your men, draw your sword and may Ares be with you!


    Pro-Alexander (IV) Royalists
    Argead Dynasty


    Pro-Philip (III) Arrhidaeus Royalists

    Neutrals/Undeclared (those who have not yet sent troops)


    Theater of War:
    Syria, Mesopotamia, Babylon

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    Peithon has been discovered with conspiring with Selecus, as he refuses to leave Samarra despite my orders.

    Therefore I declare him a rebel and all should crush him. His lands will be distributed evenly to those that aid the

    imperial throne.

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