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Thread: Non-TWC Tournaments Announcement & Publicity Thread

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    Default Non-TWC Tournaments Announcement & Publicity Thread

    You may use this thread and this thread only for posting relevant information on any tournaments that are not officially endorsed or run by TWC. If the tournament or competition you are advertising is hosted on another site for instance, you may advertise that here in one post, and it will not be treated as against the advertising rule in the ToS.

    Limit all posts in this thread to one post per specific tournament/competition. No discussion in this thread please, any posts like that will be removed. If you would like a separate thread for a specific tournament, or want it to be TWC endorsed in any way, please contact Gaming Staff and/or the Gaming Hex (currently Hader).

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    Default Re: Non-TWC Tournaments Announcement & Publicity Thread

    ESL Spring Challenges: Shogun 2 and Rome 2

    Another season of flash tournaments by ESL platform. This time Shogun2 is about Fall od the Samurai.

    Registration and Rules HERE->

    May 7 - TWR2 Challenge #1
    May 21 - TWR2 Challenge #2
    June 4 - TWR2 Challenge #3
    June 18 - TWR2 Spring Playoffs

    May 14 - STW2 Challenge #1
    May 28 - STW2 Challenge #2
    June 11 - STW2 Challenge #3
    June 25 - STW2 Spring Playoffs

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    Default Re: Non-TWC Tournaments Announcement & Publicity Thread

    «Cup of Nations 2017»: Original ATTILA

    Yearly prestigious tournament with special format - players using only one faction during all tourney. At the beginning each participant must choose faction from main poll, but before start he can change it for faction from additional pool.


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    Default Re: Non-TWC Tournaments Announcement & Publicity Thread

    We are glad to invite all TW WH fans to main event of tournaments season - Long Playing. This tournament is dedicated to release of the second part of the trilogy Warhammer, recently announced by The Creative Assembly. That's why the main prize is TW Wahrhammer II game!

    Rules of first season - "Stage One: New Beginning"

    Registration -> HERE

    About prizes -> HERE

    General information about the tournament:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    • the LP tournament includes 4 stages with different rules. Each stage is limited in time, start and end dates will be announce a few days before the start of each stage
    • quantity of players are limited
    • in each stage players will be divided into groups (the quantity of players in the group will depends from total number of registered ones), gamers will fight into the groups and between groups
    • there`s no play-off stage, you play for points and position in the final rating (in case of equal of points for several players, a special match will be held to identify the winner, also activity during the tourney will be cheked)
    • information about prizes can be found in this section

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