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Thread: Game is passive and boring after 100 turns

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    Default Game is passive and boring after 100 turns

    Greetings, Im using only Radious Total War + Radious units, this was my first game in TW Warhammer bought game 4 days ago only because I heard about big update for radious, I used legendary difficulty as wood elves in hope for challenging game. First 50 turns were hard AI was sending 2 stacks sometimes and I also had max 2 army stacks, cities were defended by 2-3 stacks making them very hard to take but now im at 120 turn and all i see is 30% map desolated, big factions that are left in game are like passive, i just declare war and take half of their empire without any battles instead them making 10 stacks to destroy me, taking whole world now will be just running from city to city. Is this game supposed to be finished before 100 turn or what? I finished main objectives at turn 70, does that mean game is balanced only until then? Also i noticed when Beastmen respawn at my province and i declare war on them sometimes they are not moving whole 4 armies just waiting to be slaughtered. Chaos is worthless also, first wave of chaos that i occured was when i had like 7 army stacks and chaos barely 4. Or perhaps the way i should play this game is instantly declare war on the whole world? Still I dont want to wait 100 turns to see AI is passive again.

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    I blame the small scale of the map. it's tiny, especially compared to older TW titles. everyone is so compressed, i miss the scale of empire total war.

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    In my games I have played the AI has been very aggressive and the Beastmen and the Northmen have caused a lot of destruction. The AI doesn't seem to have a great defense against them so this can lead to the map being very open to you as long as you can handle them. For example I had a campaign where Braetonia was #1 in power but then the Beastmen showed up and razed almost every city they had in the south and the northmen razed everything in the north. This meant they were basically passive from there on out.

    The beastmen can be really tough to beat especially if they do a lightning attack and have a lot of armies. They also move around the map to find soft targets.

    The northmen come down with multiple stacks and can just overwhelm the AI and you if you are not prepared for them.

    In my campaign Chaos is spread out for the most part. 4 stacks of chaos are hard to deal with as the battles can't handle that many stacks.

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