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Thread: Trait overhaul & additions

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    Default Trait overhaul & additions

    Hello everyone!

    I'm nostalgic of all the traits a general could get back in Medieval II, and I've been thinking since the beginning to overhaul the traits in Warhammer: Total War. But things are not gonna change if I just sit and stare at my computer screen. I know next to nothing about modding in WH:TW as I did not start to mod the game yet. So I only know things "in theory". This is why I need some help. I could do that alone, but it would just take much longer to do.

    What is the aim of this project ?
    The title is self-explanatory enough. I want traits to be meaningful and/or useful for a character. I want them to reflect the reality a bit more. Positive and negative traits shall not be a little bonus or a little annoyance!
    For example an idea that I have is that a character who is "blind" shouldn't be able to fight effectively. He would get a huge Melee Attack, Melee Defense and Charge Bonus malus (As this is a WIP, I might change my mind on some ideas I have). Some other traits like "Tank" just don't do anything for the moment (excepted giving a title to the character), and I aim to change that too;
    This brings me to the fact that I also wanna overhaul the way traits trigger. To continue with the blind example, the trait wouldn't immediately give some economic/wealth bonuses to the character, but to "compensate" the fact that he cannot fight anymore, the Blind trait would also act on some triggers that makes it easier for the character to gain some useful buff traits for the faction as he/she doesn't take part to the war.
    I wanna link trait triggers together (Can't quite think of an example now but gaining "Noble" would make it easier for a character to gain "good" traits like "benevolant ruler" or "upright" or stuff like that).
    I think the first traits we're gonna work on are the starting traits, as they should not just be a small bonus/malus for characters, but also hint a bit how he/she could evolve during a campaign, depending on what you do with he/she.
    I also plan on to implement the Legendary Lord traits mod (can't remember the name of it's author sadly), as it perfectly fits into the project by making LL more unique.

    So what do you need to be able to do to join the project ?
    Everything. Or anything. The mod is not gonna be complex, this will be some simple table editing. But if you've already some experience it's even better because you'd work faster than me.
    Besides modders, I just need people who have ideas. I've played a few campaigns with the dwarfs and the wood elves, but I mainly play with the Empire. I therefore already know which traits I wanna change, I have a lot of ideas for the faction (-but I'd also gladly hear how YOU would change them-). If you've played with any faction extensively and been paying attention to the traits the character gain and have some suggestions for it, then feel free to join (or just to leave any suggestion )
    So "recruitement" might be exagerated, because anyone willing to contribute is welcome

    What have you done up to now ?
    Nothing major for the moment. We know since today that a major update is gonna be released on the 28th of February, and nobody knows exactly what, besides Bretonnia, is gonna be implemented. LL might get reworked, new mechanics added. So no need to rush.
    Our work until the update would mainly consist in reflection for every trait and trigger we wanna change/add. I've created a Dropbox in which I threw some of my ideas. The actual modding work would start after that: if we've done everything before, it will only be the matter of one or two days of work to create the actual pack file and edit the tables (It's a wild guess, it might actually be much longer but I don't think so).

    I hope you didn't get bored before the end of my presentation. If you wanna contribute, just join the Discord room I just created for the mod! I created specific rooms for every faction, so feel free to hop' in and leave a comment or apply to join me in this little adventure

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    Default Re: Trait overhaul & additions

    It's very interesting. The best of lucks with this mod.
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    Small update: I haven't had any chance to work on my mod since I haven't taken holidays for now (And I prefer playing during weekends). The Bretonnia FLC seems to be doing what I intended to do (at last for the Bretonnia faction); so I'll wait and see what exactly has changed concerning traits and triggers

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