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    Persia (17, v7.2) : in a nine-years-long war against Russia from 1804 to 1813, with a balanced army roster relying on fast and good skirmishers, light cavalry and fierce mercenaries Septinsular Republic (10, v.7.1) : ionian islands under France's control from 1807 to 1814/1815, with Balkanic, Greek and French troops; Mamelukes (15, v.7.1) : Bonaparte's main opponents from 1798 to 1801, with impressive light cavalry, heavy cavalry with plates and shields, and a feudal infantry mostly based on slaves and mercenaries; Russian partisans and cossacks (14, v.7.1) : the "Maloya Voïna" fought separately from the Russian imperial army, causing up to 70% of the Grande Armée's casualties ; no regular infantry or cavalry, mainly a skirmishing and harassing army.

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