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Thread: Seven Kingdoms v1.02 - "Beyond the Wall" Update

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    Default Seven Kingdoms v1.02 - "Beyond the Wall" Update

    We're proud to present our v1.02 update, "Beyond the Wall". Content additions in the patch include:

    - Free Folk
    - Night's Watch
    - House Hornwood

    - Ned Stark
    - Rickard Karstark
    - Euron Greyjoy
    - Greatjon Umber
    - Kevan Lannister
    - Loras Tyrell
    - Roose Bolton
    - Theon Greyjoy
    - Davos Seaworth
    - Larence Snow
    - Styr Magnar of Thenn
    - Mance Rayder
    - Tormund Giantsbane
    - Alliser Thorne
    - Jeor Mormont

    Additionally, a number of changes and improvements have been made to existing content:

    - Gameplay and balancing finetuning (custom atributes, abilities, etc.)
    - House Mormont unit replacement / overhaul
    - House Tarly unit replacement / overhaul
    - Improved weapon animations and positioning
    - Numerous bug fixes

    Official trailer:


    MIRROR 1: ModDB

    1. Ensure you have WinZip, WinRar, or some other program to open .rar files.
    2. Download the mod from the ModDB link above, open it, and move "Seven_Kingdoms.pack" contained in the file to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Total War Attila\data. Non-Steam users must simply move this file to the data directory of your Attila folder.
    3. If Seven Kingdoms is already installed, overwrite the old Seven_Kingdoms.pack with the new one.
    4. Launch Attila
    5. When the game launcher opens, activate "Seven_Kingdoms" using the "Mod Manager" button (simply click the check box next to the mod). Make sure "enable out-of-date mods" is checked.
    6. That's it!


    The mod will NOT work on illegal or cracked versions of Attila. Please do not post comments asking why the game doesn't work if you didn't bother to purchase Attila.

    If the mod crashes at the custom battle screen:

    - Go to your AppData folder (try searching for %appdata% with Windows). Mine is located at C:\Users\BlickMang\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Attila
    - Delete the folder "battle_preferences". This folder stores Attila's custom battle settings, and resetting it should allow it to work.

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    Default Re: Seven Kingdoms v1.02 - "Beyond the Wall" Update

    Oh YAS! Right on schedule for the weekend...or winter! +Rep
    ---------------------------------Check out my mod --------------------------------

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    Default Re: Seven Kingdoms v1.02 - "Beyond the Wall" Update

    Will this conflict with any other overhaul mod such as Radious or Medieval Kingdoms?

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    Default Re: Seven Kingdoms v1.02 - "Beyond the Wall" Update

    SK hasn't been tested with other mods, and looking at the different unit values I'd say it probably won't work.

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    Default Re: Seven Kingdoms v1.02 - "Beyond the Wall" Update

    I tried it out. Definitely works with the Mod Manager and if you turn off any parent overhaul modifications. Great job on the units and bringing SK to TW:Attila!

    My custom battle did crash during battle though as the Bolton Cav got a face full of Lannister Pikes!

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    Default Re: Seven Kingdoms v1.02 - "Beyond the Wall" Update

    So Damn Good...
    Now just missing "The Army of the Dead" uhuh with a lot of "Horde" units

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