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    Sounds right for England anyway.
    Also need to factor in other types of troops - professional mercenaries were typically not tied to the land, but for-hire.
    Peasant usually refers to a rural person, yet you also get cities with militia forces.
    But generally calling up an army of untrained levee en masse of able bodied but undisciplined farm workers rarely proved worthwhile - more mouths to feed, virtually uncontrollable on the battlefield.

    Personally for M2TW games I prefer to remove them from faction rosters, but leave them available for slave faction as random rebels.
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    I've read Hans Delbrück and he too claimed in his book about the history of the art of war that medieval armies consisted of knights and sergeants/men-at-arms. Peasants were untrained and undisciplined and therefore useless. Besides, due to the bad logistics and the lack of a monetary system in the early periods, army sizes were small, so quality was more important than quantity.
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