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Thread: Sebidee's Cheaper Buildings

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    Hi guys,
    This is a small and simple mod which reduces the cost of buildings across the board.

    Letís face it, Warhammer doesnít have much gameplay when it comes to economy, or trade, or province management or any of the usual Total War campaign stuff. This is bad enough but itís doubly frustrating when all the buildings which give you cool units are ridiculously expensive. It can be difficult to build up your regions the way you want, especially when the campaign is usually quite short (90 turns until Chaos invasion).

    This mod takes the pressure off and lets you customise your regions the way you want. It will also allow you to build military buildings in more provinces so you donít have to waste your time trekking your armies all over the place. It does all this without making you too overpowered, you will still need to manage your money well but it wonít be unreasonable or annoying.

    The prices of all buildings has been reduced by 15%, except for buildings which were below 500, they remain the same price. So, buildings which once cost 10,000 will now cost 8,500 and so on.

    Please let me know if there are any other teeny tiny tweak mods you would like to see.


    - Sebidee
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    Any version that reduces them by 33% to 50% ?
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