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Thread: population growth (to big)

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    Default population growth (to big)


    i've recently started playing and started 2 campaigns (very hard, very hard, huge scale),
    but both (high elves & altdorf) seem to have rather large population growth rate.
    Resulting in after about 20-30 turns, spending most of my credits on building town centre's, rather than building units & other buildings.
    even towns that pour out an inf. unit a turn seem to grow to max town centre in a very short time, which to me seems like an unwanted situation?

    has anyone else noticed this? and is there a (sub)mod, or file that i could adjust to make it more in line with what other TW-modes have population wise?

    thnx in advance!

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    Default Re: population growth (to big)

    did some research & found some info on the subject afterall

    in the guide "A Guide To settlement_mechanics.xml";

    it looks very promising on the subject i'm looking into, but i can't find "settlement_mechanics.xml

    "... (i'm asuming it's actually a txt?)

    anyone have a clue?

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