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Thread: TWC 2016 Member Awards - Nominations Open!

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    Default TWC 2016 Member Awards - Nominations Open!

    Esteemed fellow TWCenterers, it's with great pleasure and excitement that we hereby inform you that the 2016 Member Awards are now live!.

    It is tradition here at TWC to reward meritable members with a special award, as voted upon the whole membership. Everyone is invited to participate with nominations and votes; how many times did you think that that member is deserving recognition for his/her awesome contributions and posts? That's the good chance to show such members your appreciation! Not everyone is going to win, that's obvious, but even a single nomination is important as a form of recognition, so don't miss this chance and start nominating!

    For every question or doubt, please refer to the Discussion Thread. Furthermore, before nominating, do not forget to check the rules in the OP of the Nominations Thread .
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