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    Hi everyone! This is my dilemma:
    I'm making a mod changing he chapter objectives of each faction. I've got this part down.
    I've alsod ecide to see if I can give different chapter objectives to different LLs in a faction, and i can at least (for example) give Mannfred the chapter objectives for the dwarves while keeping the rest of the VC LLs on their original objectives.

    My problem is that the game won't recognize new chapter objectives that I've added into the mission DB. As far as I know any mission whose key is "wh_*_objective_*_01" has no references anywhere else in the db. So I figure all i had to do was add a line and key it something like
    wh_main_mannfred_01" and the script that references it would execute the new objectives. That does not happen.

    So, here's my dilemma, why does the script recognize me referencing "wh_main_objective_dwarf_01" as the chapter objective for Mannfred, but won't recognize he added lines I made?

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    Issue resolved

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    Can you please tell us what you did to resolve the issue, to help other users in the future?

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    It was me not noticing an end command bracket at the end of the script.

    So, chapter objectives are found in the missions.txt file that can be accessed under the campaigns folder in the pfm.

    Chapter objectives for factions/characters tend to follow a chain of

    faction 1
    faction 2
    ...repeat for all factions

    So, my issue was that I put my Mannfred's specific objectives outside the last "}", instead of starting him before that.

    If you wish to go into more detail about modding the chapter objectives and bonus objectives, I'm fine doing that too, as well as for giving individualized objectives for each LL.

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