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Thread: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera 1.2.4a - Updated January 13

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    Default [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera 1.2.4a - Updated January 13

    1.2.x Version:

    1.2.4 Version:

    Part 1 - Download (Mirror)
    Part 2 - Download (Mirror)
    *Standalone requires both parts!

    Steam Version: Divide et Impera Steam Collection

    - Compatible with Patch 20 game patch. All future updates will be save compatible unless stated otherwise.

    Previous Version Downloads
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    1.2.3 Version:
    Part 1: Download (Mirror)
    Part 2: Download (Mirror)

    Part 1: Download (Mirror)
    Part 2: Download (Mirror)

    Divide et Impera 1.2 Part 1 (Mirror)
    Divide et Impera 1.2 Part 2 (Mirror)

    Divide et Impera 1.2 Part 1 (Mirror)
    Divide et Impera 1.2 Part 2 (Mirror)

    Divide et Impera Part 1 (Mirror)
    Divide et Impera Part 2 (Mirror)


    Divide et Impera Part 1 (Mirror)
    Divide et Impera Part 2 (Mirror)

    Collection of 1.2 Previews

    1.2.4a Fix Update Jan 13
    *Only Part 1 Updated
    *Save game compatible

    Battle Changes
    - Increased spotting range across all classes on unrestricted ground.
    - Increased distance between attacker and defender deployment zones.
    - Ammo is now displayed on UI for shock and melee cav.

    Campaign and CAI Changes
    - Improved some of the issues with the AI sitting in player territory.
    - AI forces and invasions more willing to move across greater distances and different terrain types to attack the enemy or support friendly factions
    - Greater engagement and focus on the funds aspect of diplomacy now in regards to the AI (Funds allocated / demanded)
    - Agents will be used to slightly higher degree and the AI will dedicate a higher number finances to them at certain points
    - More dynamic and rational war declarations, as well as peace agreements.
    - Better balanced naval priority development and usage. Factions specialized with a naval military focus will dedicate more resources and effort to it. Others have received improved financial and priority tweaks to better fit their personality roles.
    - AI bonuses for naval costs and upkeep introduced depending on imperium and coincide with the other effects. This allows military naval based factions to have a more fair and level playing-field with others.
    - Acts of treachery will now have a bigger effect on diplomacy arena
    - Spotting forces on the campaign map is slightly harder and stacks will have a better chance of being hidden
    - Ambushing success chances increased for certain terrain types, as well as the occurrence of them
    - Larger AI factions will support smaller ones more - both diplomatically and militarily
    - Melee Attack and Defense effects have been altered for various skills, traits, traditions and ancillaries. Some of the effects have been made more specific and cultural based, while a few others have been changed. This was done to prevent stacking to a high level with the new lower stat system.
    - Changed many agent personality trait effects to use newer agent effects rather than older obsolete ones.
    - Increased cost/upkeep of Mercenary naval units to match new mercenary cost/upkeep values.

    Other Fixes
    - Fixed pike units having wrong pike models.
    - Fixed a vanilla bug where icons for bodyguard melee attack/defense buffs were reversed
    - Fixed some incorrect effect values.
    - Fixed Pergamon Thureos unit having wrong population class and size.
    - Fixed new Medewi archers missing from custom battle.
    - Fixed Armenian cavalry unit missing javelins.
    - Fixed African general having wrong appearance assigned.
    - Slight decrease to base fertility chance, slight increase to infant mortality rate.
    - Removed AOR Phrygian levy's phalanx formation since they are a basic spear unit.
    - Fixed barbarian storage building having wrong tech requirements.
    - Fixed Champion Militancy skill campaign movement buff.
    - Fixed some civil war factions missing proper uniform and banner color entries.

    1.2.4 Patch Notes
    *Both Parts 1 and 2 of the standalone mod have been updated!
    *Save game compatible.

    Battle Stats Overhaul Based on KAM's Experimental Pack
    - Extensive stat overhaul that makes them much easier to understand and compare.
    - Larger importance placed on unit armor and experience.
    - Added minimum amount of ranks per units type, no more “spaghetti” lines.
    - Battle AI overall has been improved in terms of AI decisions and strategy.
    - Formation attack has been removed to fix the issues with AI Roman units being underpowered in some situations and problems with animation teleporting.
    - Romans now have an ability that will allow them to hold formation.
    - Unit speed is now more streamlined and varied. Heavy and medium infantry are unable to sprint outside of charge, light infantry moves noticeably faster.
    - Overall, walking speed has been increased to avoid prolonged march or waiting for reinforcements
    - Spotting Distance Reworked – due to AI improvements in recent CA patches, AI does not benefit anymore from nearly unrestricted unit spotting. This patch how reworked has spotting works, making light units more useful due to their better scouting. Player will not be able to see enemy deployment, making your own deployment more important as you won’t be able to perfectly set your own units vs AI deployed units. Units with guerilla deployment and good hiding skills are more dangerous and useful.
    - Unit Cost Overhaul – units have their prices redone to match new changes to unit stats.
    - Various tweaks to unit UI and stat representation.
    - Spear and pike infantry are noticeably better at defending from cavalry charges.
    - Roman auxiliary cavalry is now working as a ranged/melee hybrid, skirmishing for a bit before closing in for a charge.
    - Single soldiers can be again attacked by multiple enemies, meaning melee is not restricted to 1v1 fights.
    - Wardogs reworked, they are very effective vs light units but very weak vs armoured units
    - Elephants a bit better in melee, morale slightly increased, armour slightly reduced
    - Elephant charge fixed – We have figured out a game issue that wouldn't allow elephants to cause significant damage, especially deadly vs light units
    - Chariot damage from charge figured out - Chariots deal better damage if they fight in deeper formation as following ranks ride over knocked down infantry, especially deadly vs light units
    - Ranged infantry is now much weaker vs cavalry charges
    - Lowered morale penalty for death of your commander during battle
    - Increased HP of buildings by 50%
    - Fixed floating dead horsemen bug for some cavalry units.
    - Short pikes are now better vs armoured units
    - Germanic pikes size increased from 200 to 300 due to being light, short pike unit

    CAI Overhaul by ScipioTheGreat
    Listed below is a brief overview of the changes and additions to the CAI with this rework. It is important to note that these are dependent on faction personality settings, probabilities, and a number of other general factors.
    - AI minimum success chance to attack: 25% -> 40%
    - Better financial/development management and decision making
    - Will utilize navies in a more beneficial way. Following action ratings have been increased:

    • Defend settlements
    • Protect strategic areas such as sea regions
    • Smarter and higher use of stances, and will raid/patrol in more decisive areas

    - Invasions and attack operations will be more frequent, powerful, and impactful on the campaign map

    • Bigger build up and larger groups used
    • Higher chance of fellow AI allies participating & providing support
    • Other Neutral/hostile factions will take advantage of the opportunities that arise from these events, and one can expect more war declarations and military actions against either the attacker, defender, or both

    - AI will exploit any windows of opportunity more frequently and aggressively. Strategic placement and defense is of much greater importance
    - Varying on the faction type and personality, Settlements are more likely to be the targets of attacks, and desirability to capture strategic regions has been raised
    - More effective stack management introduced:

    • Navies wont get stuck in far out sea areas
    • Pathfinding issue over land that caused stacks to get stuck while en-route to an objective has been fixed
    • Abnormal defense actions and retreat decisions fixed
    • AI will group stacks together to be used in various roles, such as defending, attacking, and movement actions
    • Minimum navy and army stack unit numbers increased

    - Nearby threats and events will see a higher chance of response by the AI. If the player is noticed building up and massing forces, the AI is more likely to provide response measures
    - Agent use and management reworked to be better balanced.

    • Used defensively more
    • Attack regional enemy agents
    • Support army forces and attack operations

    - More realistic and improved weighting values. Decision and action-making will be more appropriate and intelligent. The AI will take a number of reworked variables into consideration
    - Financial management changed to make the AI focus more on economical, military, and naval development and funding, instead of less important aspects

    • More naval spending
    • Lowered and balanced cost and reoccurring upkeep considerations
    • Increased Diplomatic funding slightly, and funding to be more viable for urgent and valuable agreements
    • Better long-term development decision making

    Traits Overhaul - See Preview
    - New Changing Traits that will increase and decrease based on in game actions and situations.
    - New Background Trait images that will help distinguish the different ones.
    - These traits will be added in save games and should be compatible.

    Armenian Appearance Update & Changes by Agrez - Preview
    - All Armenian units have had their looks updated with newer textures and assets.
    - Faction name, character names, population classes, party names, and faction leader title have all been changed to be more historically accurate.
    - Big thanks to Agrez for the appearance overhaul and Vardan for all the help with research and faction information.

    Ancillary Changes
    - Ancillaries have been moved to different slots. There are now 3 slot types: Equipment, Military Advisor and Civilian Advisor. In save games, some ancillaries may disappear but will reappear when the slot is changed the first time.

    Agent Skill Changes
    - Agent skill effects have been changed and reworked. Many older and obsolete effects have been replaced. Some ability unlocks have been moved to different skills.

    Pirates & Raiders
    - New Pirates mechanic! At various turns depending on the faction, pirates have a chance of spawning in traditional raider areas. So, watch out!

    New Medewi Units
    - 2 New Medewi units have been added for the ancient Kingdom of Kush. One is a very unique quilted cataphract unit and another is a noble archer unit.

    - Added season effects to the RoR DLC campaign. Armies should now have a bit less movement as intended.
    - Small reduction to party loyalty and sanitation effects from technologies.
    - Changed "squalor" public order effect to "unrest" instead to distinguish it from the sanitation/squalor system.
    - Changed faction group traits for Daco-thracian and Illyrian tribes to increased income from battle captives and increased detection of hidden armies and characters.
    - Changed one of Rhodes' faction traits to improve naval movement in campaign and battles.
    - Added some of the new Etruscan units from our RoR roster to the GC Etruscan roster.
    - Fixed Mercenary elephant units cost/upkeep being accidently lowered. They are now expensive again.
    - Changed Mauryan elephant unit armor to be more in line with other elephant units.
    - Added extra food from regions in the Macedonian Wars campaign.
    - Decreased the food cost of level 1 Foraging.
    - Changed Seleucids to start as a Kingdom rather than an Empire (new campaign only)
    - Added fertility effects to various character personality traits.
    - Lowered child mortality rates a bit.
    - Reduced Empire Maintenance lowering effect from female character ranks.
    - Changed Triumph trait triggers to work properly.
    - Reduced loyalty effects from husband and wife ancillaries since they were stacking.
    - Changed temple upkeep to affect only its region rather than the entire province.
    - Roman Antesignani unit changed to be a heavier armored unit to better match sources and help distinguish it from the Marian auxiliary options
    - Illyrians now have access to supply ships.
    - Changed various main menu background options to new images rather than the old help tips. Thanks to Jim_Riley for one of the images.

    Smaller Fixes
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    - Fixed mispelled Egyptian Galatian unit name.
    - Fixed Armenian Medium Cavalry having wrong animation assigned, fixed Nakharar and Medium cavalry having ammunition assigned.
    - Fixed Mauryan bodyguard unit having concentrated fire ability.
    - Changed Mauryan 2h mace unit to population class 2.
    - Fixed mispelling in Rhodes' faction name in Macedonian Wars.
    - Fixed incorrect value when damaged for an effect on a tier 4 Armenian temple.
    - Added missing sanitation effects for Carthage technologies in HatG.
    - Fixed Egyptian female characters in IA campaign having double political traits (only affects new characters probably)
    - Fixed Volsci RoR faction having 2 starting celtic units (new campaign only)
    - Fixed some Roman Iberian auxiliaries having the wrong audio type.
    - Fixed HatG and IA Roman auxiliary barracks missing banditry and PO effects.
    - Removed Sparta and Rhodes special capitals from Mac Wars campaign since they are walled cities in that campaign (new campaign only).
    - Fixed a typo in a year in history message.
    - Fixed the Colosseum having a lower public order bonus than the tier 4 arena building.
    - Fixed Italians missing elite cavalry recruitment entries in RoR.
    - Added starting farms for Macedon in Macedonian Wars campaign so they don't start out negative food. (new campaign only)
    - Fixed Seleucid/Baktria missing supply baggage train recruitment from grain silos.
    - Fixed AOR Libyan Cavalry unit missing weapons.
    - Fixed Caesar in CiG starting with 2 political rank traits.
    - Fixed Cretan archers having bugged shield displays.
    - Removed Thorax pike commander options from several Greek factions mistakenly left in the mod.
    - Fixed several units missing from Rhodes' custom battle roster.
    - Fixed Rhodes' chapter missions using Pergamon missions in the later game (new campaign only)
    - Fixed Sparta in WoS original submod missing government and faction leader texts.
    - Fixed CiG Roman roster missing Chieroballista.
    - Slightly turned down fertility rates, removed some fertility bonuses previously added to a few personality traits.
    - Fixed Medewi missing navies and artillery in custom battles.
    - Added food consumption to Colosseum
    - Fixed Thracian gold town having wrong icon.
    - Fixed missing CAI values for Bibracte special capital, the AI should now upgrade it.
    - Fixed missing name and some effects for tier 5 Odryssian library.
    - Reduced various ancillary effects since you can have 3 per character now.
    - Fixed Pontic Bronzie Shield population class assignment.
    - Added Georgian sword unit to Kartli's roster.
    - Added Armenian mercenary unit to Caucasian mercenary pool (new campaign only)
    - Fixed most garrison hoplites having the old shorter spear type.
    - Fixed a typo in the Etruscan hoplite unit description.
    - Changed the Libyan roster in HatG to use the newer units from recent overhauls.
    - Fixed some AI Iberian factions missing units from rosters in HatG.
    - Added Bibracte special capital to IA campaign (new campaign only)
    - Lowered amount of food gained from spy's steal food ability.
    - Increased food production and income from tier 3/4 fishing ports.
    - Fixed unit description for a Parthian sword unit.
    - Fixed a Mauryan sword unit missing javelin models.
    - Increased some ancillary effects that were lowered too much previously (for melee attack/defense)
    - Lowered diplomatic negative for trespassing.
    - Fixed Daci rebel flag emblem that was too dark.
    - Fixed spy skill having wrong tier 2/3 effects (values were reversed)
    - Fixed Bibracte having wrong garrison assignments.
    - Fixed missing unit set assignment for Syracusian Royal Cavalry.
    - Fixed Pontic Lancers and Peltasts not being upgradeable at Thorax reforms. This fix will only be effective in campaigns that have not hit Thorax yet.
    - Fixed Illyrian tier 4 port missing its name.
    - Increased food from Piraeus special building to go along with recently increased fishing food port buff.
    - Fixed Mauryan bodyguard unit missing javelin models.
    - Slight increase to Athena temples research and culture bonus.
    - Fixed some chapter mission images having the wrong cultural type

    - Huge thanks to Agrez for the work on the Armenian visual update! Including some new and previously used assets from Nez, Cataph, Kaziel and Stealth4Health.
    - Big thanks to all the various testers who helped do targeted testing on the new CAI and BAI including hoho96, Helvetinbarbaari, Lysander of Sparta, Satansblofish, Burtonias, Alexander, DMW, Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon, Matelagnier, TheHellene and Weedo Imperator.
    - Thanks to Vardan the Great for help with the Armenian research and faction information.
    - Thanks to Lysander for the preview video!
    - Thanks to Jim_Riley for one of the new background images.
    - Massive thank you to all the people who helped test the beta and give feedback, we could not have done it without our wonderful player community!

    Mod Credits
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    - A huge thank you to the EB/EBII team for inspiration for the mod on multiple levels.
    - The Europa Barbarorum & EBII teams for various factional research to draw on for the mod and for previews.
    - The Europa Barbarorum & EBII teams for unit concepts, descriptions and names including various language translations.
    - The Ancient Empires team for our partnership that has benefited both mods and constant help and advice.
    - The AE team's work on the IA map for the grand campaign, emergent factions and various other resources.
    - Dontfearme22 and the AoB Team for a lot of models/textures. Huge thanks to the Age of Bronze team!
    - The PoR team for their amazing work on the population system and help with polishing/fixing.
    - The R2TR team for their history messages script.
    - A huge thanks to the Total War Hellas Unit Pack Team, especially koultouras for permissions. We also say thank you to the talented texturers, who did the new armours: Pacco, Leif Erickson, Mattheaus, Absinthia, Evyattar
    - Massive thanks to Little Legionaire and the True Legions submod! Many assets from their great work are included in this update. Members of their team include Attila, Celticus, Solitudo, HighOnTea, Vandamsel and contributors Kaziel, Germansarecoming, Stealth4Life and Hloeric.
    - Mauryan unit ideas and names from svramj, models from assurbannipal
    - Big thanks to sourav for helping so diligently on our unit cards!
    - Shayologo for the destructible small objects values.
    - Culture Identity Unitpacks (CIU) for some models and textures. Thanks to Avetis and Miri82.
    - OSP Project for the new helmets
    - Thanks to Stealth4Health for allowing us use of his new Roman Cardiophylax model
    - Hegemonia mod for the wonderful new Hellenic standards. Thanks to fixa and Melcor.
    - ImpMontezuma for the new skill icons.
    - jan_boruta for his amazing art work as our frontend map images and promotional material.
    - Glado for use of his Roman cheekguards submod in the main mod. Thanks!
    - Idreaus for use of the map overlay.
    - Solitudo and Maetharin for the larger pike shield.
    - Commodore for research and assistance on the Ptolemaic roster.
    - Smoe for his culture and resource icons.
    - Carthage Scutums - TheBarcidHeir
    - Various models: OSP - Open Source Project
    - Some models from Avetis' CIU Mod
    - Helmet Metal Detail Map - Celticus
    - Sebidee for helping plan multiple rosters
    - zombieflanders for the proto-Goedelic irish and caledone faction and units names
    - Unit research and names by Khevsur
    - Miri82 for some great models and textures
    - The Wise Coffin for creating some native language unit names
    - LinusLinothorax for his research and help
    - Will from the AE team for the 2handed indian sword model
    - Junaidi83 de Bodemloze for the use of his some of his wonderful CAI work.
    - ABH2 and the Ancient Empires team for their mod partnership and many contributions.
    - Col.KanKrusha for the basics of his Traits mod idea/script
    - Loading image art additions by vodkason - wonderful work!
    - Hadrien_Ier for his crossbow texture.
    - MagicCuboid, Butan, and Krixux for the better spotting submod.
    - Mitch for help with adding imperium back for reforms requirements. Huge thanks!
    - Idreaus for the wonderful custom logo/map.
    - lnrd907 for our Unit Upgrades and Army Training mod.
    - Phalangitis for his sell slaves mod.
    - Franky235 for the use of his Legions Mod.
    - General Patton for his camera mod.
    - Yukishiro for parts of his Historical development submod.
    - Artwork from various sources.
    - The Splenyi' Realistic Unit Names Mod Team.
    - Laigle for celtis galliae.
    - Gustave for his amazing carthaginian shields.
    - Octavian21 for kaziel roman reskins.
    - Rome at War 2 team for models of helmets.
    - Pacco and the Roma Surrectum 2 team for use of their shield textures.
    - Jedo Dre and the Historical Revival mod team for use of armour and helemt models.
    - Arstudio for his work on the carthaginian units.
    - Yarkis for his economy and season effects changes.
    - Litharion for his AI recruitment mod.
    - JFC for image contributions and help.
    - Patricius for his Real Roman Army mod.
    - Kaziel for his Roman textures and reskin work, thanks!
    - FarSovereign for the Royal Cataphracts and Indian Armored Elephant textures.
    - Daniu for his great PFM; without it we modders will have no tools to work.
    - Many past mods for so much inspiration and great foundational ideas like Roma Surrectum and Europa Barbarorum.
    - A great thank to all users of this mod for their invaluable help on tweaking an balancing the changes. Without your support and help this mod would not be half as good as it is.
    - Thanks to Creative Assembly for this game that, albeit with its (many) shortcomings, is still a great one under the rust.
    - Huge thanks to all of our Patreon supporters who help keep the mod going. Special thanks to our Consul-tier patron: Basilius!

    Thanks again to all the people that supported us through their work or ideas. I hope you will enjoy this as much than we do working on it. Don't hesitate to comment and share.

    Mod Awards
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    2014 & 2015 Total War Center #1 Rome 2 Overhaul
    2016 Total War Center #1 Rome 2 Classic Mod
    2014 Creative Assembly Best Overhaul
    2015 Creative Assembly Most Innovative Mod
    2014 & 2015 Player Choice Award Winner

    Common Problems/Bugs

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    If you are experiencing crashes then the following should help:
    1. Clean out your data folder found in the Rome 2 install folder for Steam. Various mods can be active even without activating them in mod manager.
    2. Most other mods are not compatible with DeI so deactivate/remove them. Some submods may still cause issues.
    3. Reverify the game in steam to check local file integrity.
    4. Make sure you have patch 17 not 16 beta for the game itself.
    5. If none of that works, try deleting the Rome2.exe file found in the Rome 2 directory and reverifying your game cache in Steam.

    Known Bugs/Issues
    - Some region effect bundle icons will disappear when there are too many region effects. This is a UI limitation in the base game.
    - Sometimes a building's effects and descriptions will appear as a large blank box, due to resolution restrictions.
    - If you enter Patrol Region stance directly outside a city, you can enter the city in the stance. This is considered "cheating".
    - Fleets reduce public order when in ports but that is not displayed on the calculated UI number. A pop up advice message will inform you of the amount.
    - Sometimes the growth bar will go over the top of the population number in the region window.
    - The battle map for Crete in the Grand campaign and IA campaign is bugged. Nothing we can do about it. Our workaround for now is to use a walled settlement map.
    - Level 1 minor townships have 2 options when converting. This is for technical reasons due to the raze mechanic in Rome 2.

    Other Information

    Installation Guide
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Installation instructions
    Use only ONE of these versions, NOT both:

    Steam Version
    All 3 parts are needed to play the game! Be sure that you have all of them downloaded.
    1. Subscribe to the parts in Steam Workshop.
    2. Start Rome II and be sure all six are checked green in the Mod Manager (they should by default).
    3. Play the game.

    TWC Version
    1. Download the mod packs from the above link.
    2. Extract the content (with 7-Zip, WinRar or similar program) into the data folder (...\Steam\SteamApps\common\Total War Rome II\data)
    3. Start Rome II.
    3. In Mod Manager, check "enable out of date mods."
    4. In Mod Manager be sure that the both Part 1 and Part 2 of the standalone packs are checked green.
    5. Play the game.

    Mod Compatibility Information
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Divide et Impera includes in itself these mods (in personalized form):
    Hegemonia, TTT, Meaningful Resources, Ancient Colors

    *Using camera mods, other script mods, or startpos mods (Turn per year, etc) will break Divide et Impera's various custom systems.

    Sub-mods for DeI can be found in this subforum.

    Other mods that can be used with DeI:
    - Graphics mods such as GEM, Aztec's lighting and blood mods.
    - Music mods

    Mods that are NOT compatible with DeI:
    Startpos mods (TPY, All Factions Playable, other overhauls).
    Script mods (camera mods, etc)
    All mods that change battle dynamics.
    All mods that change campaign dynamics.
    All external unit packs.

    Previous Update Notes
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    1.2.3e Update August 17
    *Only Part 1 Updated
    *Save game compatible unless stated otherwise. RoR previous saves will not be compatible.

    Rise of the Republic Compatibility
    - The mod should now be compatible with the RoR DLC. There may be a few balancing and other issues, but its functional.
    - For now we are mostly using our existing rosters with a few additions and changes for some factions to flesh them out more like the Etruscans and Italians.

    - Fixed a bug in the major factions autoresolve script.
    - Fixed some missing political action and loyalty effects.
    - Fixed a bug with ancillaries and political marriages.
    - Changed audio language settings for Etruscan/Italian units to new patch's entries for those cultures.
    - Fixed Lugii spear unit being incorrectly assigned phalanx ability.
    - Changed Hellenic libraries to require marble rather than silk.

    1.2.3d Update August 8
    *Only Part 1 updated
    *Save game compatible unless stated otherwise
    *Works with the ancestral beta and (hopefully) with tomorrow's release patch

    Patch 20 Update
    - The mod should now be compatible with the latest update to the game. Various new features from the update are included such as the family tree, character ability skill unlocks, more traits and ancilllary slots, and other changes.
    - The new DLC campaign will not currently function with the mod. We will do our best to have it ready as soon as possible.

    - Increased some bonuses for AI Carthage and Rome.
    - Fixed supply ships not properly supplying armies on land.
    - Lowered prices a bit for new Mauryan and Carthaginian cavalry units to be more in line with other factions.
    - Lowered AI desire to liberate and subjugate a small amount.
    - Increased banditry reduction for presence of armies in a province and for patrol region stance.
    - Added a bonus to growth for the colony type buildings in the minor town public land chains.
    - Added Baggage Train recruitment to minor town granary buildings.
    - Reduced public order penalty at highest influence levels for Republic and Tribal party power levels.

    Smaller Fixes
    - Fixed Accensi and Rorarii missing from minor town recruitment for Rome.
    - Fixed Rome missing one of the banditry reducing technologies.
    - Fixed various older units using wrong animation entry.
    - Fixed a missing entry for 2 arverni units in the recruitment tables.
    - Fixed Carthage missing artillery in custom battles.
    - Removed Camillan units from HatG Rome recruitment.
    - Fixed marib dam being able to be built multiple times.
    - Fixed population class for 2 Atropatkan units, population size for 1 Parthian unit.
    - Fixed tier 2 Bibracte non barbarian capital missing food consumption.
    - Changed Italian culture to Italic.
    - Fixed Seleucid Thorax Silver Shield Pike population class.
    - Fixed Mauryan Greek guard unit having charge reflector attribute.
    - Fixed barbarian stables banditry effects at tier 3 and 4.
    - Fixed Aurelian victory condition wrong building setting in Empire Divided (new campaign only)
    - Changed IA Galatian factional mercs from vanilla units to DeI units (new campaign only)
    - Added missing sanitation effect to Syracuse special technology.
    - Fixed Pergamon Thorax Hoplites missing swords in combat.
    - Added missing unit to Scordisci custom battle roster.
    - Fixed Kartli guerilla warriors missing unit set assignment.
    - Moved Pontic axe unit down one tier in the barracks tree.
    - Fixed improved weapons Hidden Forge event giving too large an increase.
    - Fixed a typo in some of the provincial capital building descriptions.
    - Added missing naval garrisons for some special ports.
    - Removed some incorrect units from Rome's Macedonian Wars custom battle roster.
    - Fixed Lusitani Ambusher description.
    - Fixed incorrect animations and missing weapons for British and Galatian cav units.
    - Fixed critical success results by agents not properly giving experience (due to a vanilla typo)
    - Fixed some Italian horse garrison units missing weapons.
    - Added slingers to Arverni roster.

    1.2.3c Fix Update June 23
    *Only Part 1 has been updated, save compatible
    - Changed various AI diplomatic and strategic decisions to be different based on culture type. These mostly include treaty and war decisions.
    - Fixed a bug where some Grand campaign major factions were not properly receiving their income bonus.
    - Lowered the Roman defense spawn counter when the player is Epirus or Syracuse (was previously set too high)
    - Added a new upgrade technology for Carthage for Thorax reforms. Current Carthage campaigns will need to research it to make sure reforms work properly!
    - Fixed later Roman marine units having the wrong stats.
    - Fixed Syracuse cavalry unit having wrong mount number.
    - Fixed Agrigentum emergent faction having wrong commander assignment.
    - Fixed some missing effects on various tier 5 temples.
    - Increased morale of AOR Ephesian pike unit to be in line with other AOR phalanx units.
    - Fixed tier 3/4 Roman port having wrong piracy effects.
    - Added missing shield entry for Lusitani slingers, changed wrong ranged entry for Iberian unit.
    - Fixed some missing technology requirements for some Armenian buildings.
    - Fixed incorrect Carthage garrison unit having phalanx, adjusted stats for 2 garrison units.

    1.2.3b Fix Update June 18
    *Only Part 1 has been updated, save compatible

    - Fixed supply system not properly working for transports.
    - Fixed Late Sacred Band having incorrect unit class.
    - Fixed some beard clipping issues with various helmets.
    - Fixed Pontic thorax spears missing formation attack
    - Fixed Pontic cavalry missing from stables in IA campaign.
    - Added sanitation/upkeep effect to Armenian first level temples.
    - Changed AOR Libyan Infantry unit stats/unit card to better match new unit after overhaul

    1.2.3a Fix Update June 11
    *Only Part 1 has been updated, save compatible
    - Recalculated unit costs/upkeep for some of the new units to better fit their new stats.
    - Fixed Eastern spice trader tariff effect having wrong values at tier 2 and 3.
    - Added tariff effect to barbarian trader commons building.
    - Small increase to AI likelihood to accept gifts (decreased it too much in previous patch)
    - Fixed 2 Carthage thorax units missing disciplined formation.
    - Fixed a typo in one of Rome's city building descriptions.
    - Fixed Rome starting AI army scripts to properly spawn a couple extra units based on difficulty when the player is not Syracuse, Carthage or Eprius (new campaign only)
    - Turned off Grand campaign script logging function, should improve performance a bit.
    - Reverted change to 1st class population overcrowding modifier as it was causing it to grow too much.
    - Lowered turn amount for the Carthage/Rome escalation script build up.
    - Fixed mistake in Carthage/Rome escalation script that resulted in one part repeating itself.
    - Improved the look of the new Egyptian Roman traitor unit and the Roman Scipio bodyguard unit.
    - Fixed Carthage elephant unit missing description.
    - Fixed mispelling in supply information window.
    - Added improved unit cards for Mauryans (thanks sourav!)
    - Added improved helmets for various Greek units (replacing old vanilla thracian helmet model)
    - Removed region wonder effects that spread culture to all regions until we can get them working properly.
    - Created custom instance key for Seleucid/baktria satrapy palace so it can be built with other forum buildings
    - Added some more effects to slums.
    - Pikes have a bit better defense, do slightly more damage and are better against cavalry.
    - Lowered Greek and Barbarian desire to liberate
    - Fixed incorrect rank depth settings for some units.
    - Fixed some Bactrian units population class and size values.

    1.2.3 Public Beta Release
    *Both Part 1 and 2 have been updated

    -After quite a bit of work and a little bit of waiting, 1.2.3 has been released as a public beta! This update includes major overhauls to three of the most unique rosters in the game: Carthage, Rome and the Mauryans. It also includes many additions to the campaign as well as a multitude of fixes and changes.

    - This update will work with save games but is not 100% save compatible. Various issues may pop up, like new reform units being unlocked, some buildings being blank spots (should be very rare), and some other smaller concerns.

    - This update is currently only available as a standalone version. We will be working to take feedback and bug reports before fully releasing it, so Steam will remain as the older version for now. The Steam version will be receiving multiple new parts when we update it, so if you use that version please be on the lookout for that.

    - Also, please remember that submods will need to be updated and probably will not work with this release immediately. We will do our best to update them as we can.

    Update Notes

    Roster Overhauls

    Mauryan Overhaul - PREVIEW
    - Almost all Mauryan units have had their appearance updated and multiple new units have been added.
    - Around 20 new models by our new modeller assurbanippal can be seen in this beautiful update, making this the most complete Mauryan roster you will find!
    - New custom reforms for Maurya based on battles with Baktria.

    Carthage Overhaul - PREVIEW
    - All new roster for Carthage that replaces previous units, almost 45 new units in total!
    - Carthage now has a more unique and customized population system and roster along with a Mercenary Barracks system.

    Roman Appearance Overhaul & General Unit Changes - PREVIEW
    - Thanks to the True Legions submod, many Roman and Italian units have had their appearances improved with a lot of new variety and special models added.
    - Along with these changes, many other older units from other factions have also had their appearances improved - especially the Celtic factions. This includes older vanilla textures and units from multiple rosters.
    - Added 2 new Egyptian units - Galatian Cleruch Thorax Spears and Gabiniani (Traitor) Legionaries.
    - Added new Syracuse unit - Core Gastrephetes (crossbows) recruited from siege building.
    - Moved AOR Dart throwers to Macedon to fit better with historical sources.
    - Added new Heavy cavalry unit to Epirus roster.
    - Added new Polybian Praetorian commander unit for Rome.
    - Added New Marian/Imperial variants for Polybolos and Ballista Roman units.
    - Fixed Scorpion is now a Pre-Marian Roman artillery unit while Cheiroballistra is a post-Marian version.
    - Many (most) units now have new historical descriptions in their UI panel, different from their normal unit description.

    Campaign Changes & Additions

    New Resource: Spices
    - An all new resource has been added to the Grand Campaign and Imperator Augustus Campaign - spices. Who will control the spice? The spice must flow
    - This resource has a different system from our normal resources because it comes from region effects in capital regions. It is only produced in the starting capital regions of the Baktrian and Mauryan factions, simulating the Indian spice trade, and in the Sabaean capital simulating their ocean trade with the east.
    - Eastern factions' spice trader forum building and the Seleucid/Baktria Satrapy Palace forum building now require spices to be upgraded past tier 2. However, they also now produce spices after tier 2.

    New Provincial & Special Capitals
    - Pella and Bibracte have been added as new special capitals (new campaign only)
    - Bibracte is the first barbarian special capital and has some unique bonuses for them as well as becoming more civilized looking as it is upgraded.
    - Provincial capitals for all cultures now have new names that reflect various government types and allied state options in their provinces in the spirit of Europa Barbarorum. For example, Rome can choose between a Provincial Roman Capital, a Latin Rights Colony or an Allied State (Amicus Populi Romani). This varies by culture type.
    - All special capitals now have a barbarian version so that the proper siege engine size is used in battles. This won't change how they function or look, its more of a technical change to allow for proper ladder/tower size, etc. It also allows us to add different effects for when a special capital is barbarian, like Bibracte.
    - This means that barbarian factions will have to convert special capital buildings after occupation. It also means in that in save games where barbarians own a special capital, the building slot will be blank.
    - Added new faction specific garrison units to most special capitals when they are owned by the original culture. These include Rhodian slingers for Rhodes, Cretan Archers for Knossos, Athenian Hoplites in Athens, etc.

    New Foreign Quarter Buildings
    - Foreign settlements are now available in various regions that are specific to the culture from that area.
    - These are only in the Grand Campaign for now and are buildable by factions of a different culture. For example, Rome can build a Greek Settlement in Greece, but Greek factions cannot.
    - Some factions, like Egypt and Carthage, can build all settlement types.
    - These buildings improve relations and spread the local culture but also have a negative if dismantled. They are relatively inexpensive and quick to build.
    - Various AOR units now garrison these foreign settlement chains.

    Change Capital System
    - There is now a button that will allow you to change your capital to any region on the map at any time! You will find it next to your faction emblem.
    - Thanks to Litharion for working on this really easy to use and intuitive system.

    Mercenary Recruitment Changes
    - Changed mercenary costs and upkeep. Mercenaries now have 25% higher recruitment and upkeep cost than normal troops.
    - This effectively is a large increase to their cost but a decrease to their upkeep compared to our current system.
    - We made this change so that mercenaries would be less of a temporary hire/drop unit and more of a permanent option as they were historically.

    New Population Effects
    - Some technologies now increase population growth. These can mostly be found in the economic and construction tech trees. Some factions like Carthage, the Successors and Rome also have bonuses to auxiliary and mercenary population types in their military tree.
    - Various cultures now have different base population growth bonuses. For example, Greek cultures get a small base bonus to 1st and 2nd class, while Rome gets a bonus to 2nd and 3rd. This should help add some differentiation between the cultures.
    - Population class 1 is now less impacted by overcrowding compared to the other population classes.

    Other Script Changes
    - Along with our new systems, older scripts have been updated and made more modular.
    - This should help with those making submods and those wishing to edit DeI's various script settings.

    Other Fixes & Additions
    - Fixed a rare crash issue when liberating or subjugating a minor town that hasn't yet been converted by the AI.
    - Changed building upkeep for military buildings and ports to a direct negative to income. Other upkeep kept as a % provincial negative.
    - Fixed some CAI personalities not having proper occupation decision priority settings so they weren't using our different cultural settings. Now Barbarians should be more likely to sack, Greeks more likely to liberate, Eastern factions more likely to vassal and Rome more likely to occupy.
    - Moved gold resource from Caucasia to Armenia province in Grand Campaign. Added timber resource to Caucasia (new campaigns only).
    - Added Great Dam of Marib for Saba, only buildable in their starting capital (new campaign only)
    - Added banditry reduction to Colonia public land buildings and to most barracks types.
    - Added some updated Suebi and Saba noble shield patterns.
    - Fixed thracian major cities missing some AOR recruitment.
    - Fixed multiple region effect bundles missing various effects.
    - Smaller destructible objects in battles now have more hitpoints and won't be immediately destroyed.
    - Fixed Sparta special agoge main city buildings being unlocked for other factions.
    - Changed Boii to Celtic subculture rather than Gallic.
    - Rebalanced some of the upkeep/cost technology bonuses so they are more properly spread out and fit better with each culture.
    - Egyptian Native pikemen now upgrade to their elite version after thorax reforms.

    Smaller Fixes
    - Fixed Armenian Medium Cavalry unit having ranged weapons assigned improperly.
    - Fixed some more hoplite units missing longer spear variant.
    - Fixed some unit cards not properly using new entries.
    - Fixed Massalian hoplites having wrong AI recruitment values.
    - Fixed unfaithful wife ancillary missing effects.
    - Moved AOR Campanian cav unit down to tier 2 buildings for Rome.
    - Fixed Bagaudas celtic unit card.
    - Fixed Pontic unit incorrectly having throw javelin ability.
    - Fixed caledonian spear unit incorrectly having fulcrum ability.
    - Fixed Arevaci spear unit missing expert charge defense, Edetani sword unit incorrectly having it.
    - Fixed Germanic youth levy javelin unit having wrong ammo amount and weapon type.
    - Fixed emergent cyprus faction having wrong culture (new campaign only)
    - Fixed Athenian pike unit missing from thorax reforms
    - Lowered chances of AI offering cash to player.
    - Lowered naval debuff a small amount.
    - Moved various Carthage and Egypt naval units down 1 tier for their respective special ports.
    - Increased Pergamon's faction trait bonus to hellenic diplomacy.
    - Fixed having duplicate tier 1 minor town conversion options.
    - Fixed various incorrect attribute groups on multiple units.
    - Fixed some units missing Stamina entries.
    - Fixed Seleucids missing Sarissa Cavalry in higher tier barracks.
    - Fixed various emergent factions and GC Breuci missing proper commander unit entries.
    - Slightly altered Egypt's AI recruitment priorities.
    - Removed various vanilla mercenary entries from some factions in the IA campaign (new campaign only)
    - Removed Arabian naval mercenaries from Eastern mediteranean in IA campaign (new campaign only)
    - Fixed 2 Colchis units missing concentrated fire ability.
    - Added loyalty technologies for gallic and daco-thracian factions
    - Removed throw javelin ability from thracian and epirote units that had it by mistake.
    - Changed emergent faction Macrinii and Karana banners so they are unique.
    - Fixed agent "Chieftain" label being mispelled
    - Fixed some cavalry with javelins animations not properly working.
    - Fixed African shield warriors description being wrong.
    - Removed pikes from Syracuse core roster.
    - Fixed egypt female politicians getting multiple political traits (new campaign only)
    - Updated historical character entries so they have less of a chance of conflicting with CA's new spawned characters. Increased time between CA's new spawned characters.
    - Fixed Pontic thureos sword unit having wrong population unit size.
    - Fixed IA Iberia faction using some older units.
    - Fixed sparta having too large population bonuses at higher tiers.
    - Lugii political party names changed to better represent tribes in the area.
    - Fixed a typo in some intro texts.

    Update Credits
    - Massive thanks to Little Legionaire and the True Legions submod! Many assets from their great work are included in this update. Members of their team include Attila, Celticus, Solitudo, HighOnTea, Vandamsel and contributors Kaziel, Germansarecoming, Stealth4Life and Hloeric.
    - Mauryan unit ideas and names from svramj, models from assurbannipal
    - Big thanks to sourav for helping so diligently on our unit cards!
    - Shayologo for the destructible small objects values.
    - Thanks to the community and player base for helping to support the mod and continuing to push us to work on new content. Special thanks to our Patreon members who have helped keep the mod going and contributed to our various mod hosting costs.
    - And finally a big thank you to all the members of the DeI team throughout these almost five years who have worked countless hours to put this project together.

    Hotfix 1.2.2L1 April 16
    *Only Part 1 updated
    *Save game compatible

    - Fixed a major bug with population growth where a minimum bonus was always being applied.
    - Fixed an issue where the population growth amount was not properly being displayed.
    - Fixed a bug with building growth UI being incorrect when your culture is not dominant.
    - These changes will lower population growth overall, especially the fixes to the minimum growth (settlers) bonus. However, with the bug active the population system was effectively trivial and was being mostly bypassed. Also the growth UI was completely wrong.

    Update 1.2.2L March 31
    *Only Part 1 updated
    *Save game compatible unless stated otherwise

    Battle Changes
    - Minor tweaks to morale and fatigue penalties
    - Tweaks to experience bonuses - slightly reduced morale bonus for each rank, slightly increased melee defence bonus from each rank
    - Cavalry a bit less tanky
    - Slight reduction to certain shield defence bonuses
    - Tweaks to ranged damage, still deadly but less effective vs heaviest units or large shields
    - Fixed issues with missing expert charge defence on many Iberian and Irish spear units
    - Tweaks to stats and abilities of some units
    - Arverni cavalry slightly buffed to live up to their fame
    - Arverni veteran freemen unit small armor increase.

    Other Fixes
    - Fixed a battle crash issue with Roman units.
    - Fixed an issue where player Celtic reforms would trigger for Odrysia and Getae mistakenly.
    - Fixed some mistakes in Galatian unit descriptions.
    - Fixed some Egyptian temples having mismatched names.
    - Changed ammunition bonus effects in campaigns to only affect missile units.
    - Lowered some of the ammunition effects, especially for those found in earlier tech tiers.
    - Added new longer hoplite spears to around 20 hoplite units missing them. Thanks to BeastModMonster for the list.
    - Added some updated unit cards, thanks to sourav!
    - Moved some Arverni units around in the barracks tiers, changed Naked spearmen population class.
    - Fixed several IA germanic factions missing commander unit entries.
    - Fixed generic Iberian AI generals being labelled as Edetani in their descriptions.
    - Fixed eastern slave forum building having too large a garrison at tier 2.
    Update 1.2.2k March 20
    *Only Part 1 updated
    *Save game compatible unless stated otherwise

    Battles Changes

    - Various things from patch 19 and our animation changes have altered our battle balance and behavior. We have made some fixes to address that.
    - Reworked armour values for higher durability of heavier units and to add more dynamics between unit types.
    - Removed "secondary attack" which seemed to bypass armor and cause other issues. This slows down battles a bit.
    - Small boost to infantry charge
    - Reworked entity size (virtual unit size, not model size), units should not "iceskate" now or do it in rare cases
    - Due to change in entity size, unit are slightly more spread out in combat and have a bit more room around (hence less glitching and easier to watch animations)
    - Added new armour entries for super heavy units, limited to few regiments
    - Tweaks to ranged damage, slight reduction to falx damage
    - Intervals between melee attacks reduced from 3 to 2 seconds
    - Field artilley made a bit more useful
    - Few fixes to stamina levels of certain units
    - Slight reduction to fatigue penalties for defence (but still high)
    - Roman units lose their Expert Charge Defence since with new stats it got a bit too strong and made using Fulcrum or Spear Aux units redundant
    - Added entries for cavalry swords and cavalry axes since they were using infantry entries
    - Elephants slightly reworked - their charge is more deadly now, they are a bit tougher in melee but their kills in prolonged melee are not overpowered.

    Other Fixes
    - Reverted diplomatic bonus changes to liberation since that patch 19 bug has now been fixed.
    - Fixed typo in Suebi faction trait text.
    - Lowered armorsmith bonus to armor a bit now that we have raised armor levels for many units.
    - Fixed temple of epona having wrong PO bonuses based on tier level.
    - Made trade agreements slightly harder to get, previous changes had made them too easy.
    - Changed UI icon on top of in game menu for Roman factions back to the eagle.
    - Fixed missing effects for higher tier Kartli medicus and trader buildings.
    Update Notes 1.2.2j March 15
    *Only Part 1 Updated
    *Save game compatible unless otherwise noted

    Battle Changes/Fixes
    - Increased importance of armour for higher tiers, now there are larger differences in values depending on armour type
    - All melee weapon damage increased by 1 for base damage and decreased by 1 for AP damage
    - Tweaks to pike, hoplite and shieldwall formations
    - Changed various barbarian units from phalanx to shield wall formation.
    - Javelins a bit more deadly
    - Maces and axes slightly nerfed vs armour
    - Unit experience thresholds increased
    - Fixed various hoplite units having expert charge defense by mistake
    - Fixed a couple ranged units with precursor rather than normal javelin rate of fire.
    - Lowered hitpoints of some chariot units.

    Balancing Changes/Larger Fixes

    - Added Cleopatra as the faction leader of Egypt in the IA campaign (new campaign only)
    - Due to a bug from patch 19 with past diplomacy actions in saves and starting campaigns, we have lowered liberation's positive effect to mitigate the issue until we have a more permanent fix.
    - Cyrenaica and Seleucids start out with a much higher chance to go to war with Egypt (new campaign only).
    - Further increased barbarian factions' desire to sack and liberate rather than occupy.
    - Changed Odrysia's negative faction trait to see if not having a diplomacy negative helps with their over expansion issues.
    - Added loyalty bonus for political marriages.
    - Added various missing effects for new events from the DLC.
    - Fixed Medewi missing access to special capitals/resource chains in new campaigns and missing admirals.
    - Added some more unit card updates for Arabian factions, thanks again to sourav!
    - Fixed a bug with region gifting and Roman army spawns that was repeatedly spawning Roman armies.
    - Changed Roman defense army spawns to be a bit more lenient if the player is Epirus.

    Smaller Fixes
    - Removed Cleopatra ancillary from Mark Antony in IA campaign (new campaign only)
    - Fixed some patch 19 spawned characters starting with bugged ages (won't fix existing characters)
    - Added some female spawned characters from the DLC.
    - Fixed missing wife ancillary for diplomatic faction leader marriages.
    - Fixed various incorrect name assignments for new characters.
    - Fixed the political marriage action text entry.
    - Fixed some Empire Divided factions missing garrisons and rosters after the last update.
    - Fixed typo in Sparta unit description.
    - Fixed Medewi missing from coop faction selection.
    - Added longer hoplite spears to Illyrian hoplite units.
    - Fixed missing population effects and garrison from Sparta tier 5 barracks.
    - Fixed 2 wife ancillaries missing effects.
    - Fixed issue with parthian and armenian temples having problems when converted.
    - Fixed Galatian unit missing swords when in formation.
    - Lowered AI recruitment priority for some Italian AOR hoplite units.
    Update Notes 1.2.2i March 8
    *Part 1 and Part 2 updated
    *Save game compatible unless otherwise noted

    DLC Desert Kingdoms/Patch 19 Compatibility
    - Added small chance of women political characters for most factions. Nomadic factions and the Medewi have small chance of women generals.
    - Due to changes in patch 19 with the faction traits UI at faction selection, some things have been moved around. Political traditions are now found in the faction description, Starting Challenge is back where it is at vanilla (over the difficulty slider).
    - In order to properly work with the DLC, rom_meroe has been changed to rom_kush in the mod files. All settings for the faction should remain as they were, but it was a bit of a mess changing it over so please report any issues.
    - Our african/arabian factions are now locked by the DLC.

    Battle Fixes
    - Artillery a bit more accurate but weaker against buildings
    - Reworked damage dealt by battering rams and tortoise
    - Slightly lowered damage of dart throwers and gastrephetes
    - Lowered weapon attack bonuses from equipment effects to better balance with the new stat system.
    - Increased naval unit hitpoints to match new hp system.
    - Barbarian shield walls have a bit better damage and defense.
    - Nerfed Britonic axe unit.
    - Elephants now have slightly more hitpoints.
    - Small increase to spear bonus vs. elephants.
    - Fixed Scythian lancers missing a proper shield stat entry.

    Other Fixes/Changes
    - Fixed gastrephetes unit being available in some lower tier buildings
    - Fixed Arii missing commander unit assignments.
    - Fixed Epirus political party colors being too similar.
    - Fixed HatG Masaesyli having wrong political party power effects
    - Replaced some starting auxiliary barracks with normal barracks in IA campaign (new campaign only)
    - Removed some anachronistic hoplite mercenary units in the IA campaign (new campaign only)
    - Fixed Roman artillery crews missing torso armor.
    - Fixed Egypt missing multiple government types.
    - Added a bit more description of custom campaign systems to faction descriptions at GC faction selection.

    Update Notes 1.2.2h March 4
    *Only Part 1 updated
    *Save game compatible unless otherwise noted

    Animations Overhaul
    - Large FPS improvement in battles due to new animation changes.
    - Many elements of matched combat and prolonged engagements have been removed.
    - Most melee deaths should now end with kill animations rather than the old "heart attack" deaths
    - Much larger variety of kill animations for all unit types
    - New axe, falx and mace animations that better fit the weapon types.
    - New animations for spear archers and various mixed ranged units.
    - New wounded soldier animations rather than basic deaths.
    - Clash animations during infantry charges improved
    - Roman legion and auxilia custom animations - new animation when swords are drawn or pila thrown, press F to select melee instead of pila
    - Custom standard bearer animations for all factions
    - Fast walk/run bug for pikes fixed
    - Improved animations for all basic sword and shield units.
    - Roman infantry missing weapons in formations fixed, pila now properly held in formations.
    - Improved/fixed a couple formation descriptions.
    - New formation for Roman units - Solid Square.

    New Models (thanks to assurbanippal!)
    - Added new hellenic cavalry shield for some Macedonian, Epirote and Pergamon units
    - Added new hoplite spear that is slightly longer than the normal spear.

    Battle Changes/Fixes
    - Completely new HP/Armor system.
    - Additional tweaks to morale system
    - Weapon types are now more unique and excel at different tasks. Larger differences between ranged weapons.
    - Pikes and hoplites have bigger penalties for being flanked.
    - Units under fire are slower than before and get bracing penalty
    - Many unit stat tweaks, fixed some incorrect animations
    - Tweaks to certain general skills like Battle Rythm which had a bit too big bonuses
    - Removed or reworked hidden unit stat bonuses from general rank
    - Units should be slightly more spaced out when in melee
    - Improved shock attacks from fanatic type spear units.
    - Various changes to stats shown in UI for some unit types.
    - Unarmoured and assault infantry speed slightly increased.
    - Spear units attack slightly lower but their defence is increased
    - Spear units will now do better at defending from enemy charge rather than doing counter charge
    - Cavalry, elephants and chariots now properly cause casualties from charge impact
    - Units with formation attack are now much more balanced, especially vs. regular units
    - Elephants are much more balanced with a large difference in survivability between armored types.
    - Unit stats in general should now be much easier to understand and compare.

    Supply System (thanks to Litharion!)
    - Enemies, allies and vassals are now recognized properly by the system.
    - Removed a large amount of redundant/unused code for optimization, improved multiple parts of the script for performance.
    - Reworked supply overproduction shifts to adjacent regions.
    - Fixed winter/summer supply cut not working as intended
    - Reintroduced supply line blocking by enemy armies near your settlements
    - Fixed region tooltip not working under various circumstances
    - Fixed various bugs with supply production
    - Fixed various issues where supply bundles were not being correctly applied
    - Baggage trains: Improved animations, increased unit size, reduced stats and speed, now deploy in rear and have better stats when dismounted.
    - Refined supply line text so its clear it is creating a supply line not adding to existing ones.

    Other Fixes/Changes
    - Added multiple new unit cards for older units, thanks to sourav!
    - Fixed hoplite spears disappearing while moving in formation.
    - Replaced some loading screens with new images, thanks to Jim_Riley!
    - Added Macedon to AI major faction defense auto resolve bonus system.
    - Fixed bug when converting british temples to other types.
    - Increased slave forum building's effects on the sell slaves edict.
    - Increased farm impact on the sell food edict income value.
    - Fixed naval land sickness effect reducing wrong stats (dmg and morale), reduced negative a bit to match naval stat inflation.
    - Fixed Pergamon pike unit having wrong shield size.
    - Added some slightly brighter colors for elite/noble Suebi units.
    - Added missing region/auxiliary recruitment to Asia province in IA campaign (new campaign only)
    - Large increase to diplomatic bonus from releasing troops after battle.
    - Fixed Roman civil town's banditry tier 3/4 bonuses.
    - Reduced Melee Attack and Defense bonus values from skills and traits due to new stat system (stats matter more)
    - Lowered loyalty bonus from technologies a bit.
    - Replaced vanilla factional mercenary units for IA Parthia (new campaign only)
    - Fixed Bactrian garrison unit cards.
    - Scabbards removed from Roman sword auxilia to reduce clipping.
    - Roman Eagle standard bearer lion pelt fixed
    - Fixed Scythian foot archers not being recruitable and being assigned to wrong factions in custom battle.
    - Moved Saka lancers down one tier in the barracks line.
    - Fixed AOR Sarmatian Lancers weapon entry.
    - Fixed Roman Scordisci auxiliary infantry unit size.
    - Fixed Lugii political party name typo.
    - Fixed Spartan general's shield being blank.
    - Altered empire government type effects listing so they all show in the UI.
    - Fixed unuseable building slot in IA Numidia region (new campaign only)
    - Re-added Orthia temple for Sparta built off of tier 4 Artemis temple.
    - Fixed Dumnonii emergent faction banner missing icon.
    - Fixed IA Iceni having vanilla factional mercenaries (new campaign only)
    - Fixed Iceni slinger-spearmen unit missing Stamina ability.
    - Fixed Pontic Persian slingers missing from some building types.
    - Increased research bonus for barbarian research buildings.
    - Increased food bonus for Roman forum food/trade building.
    - Added encourage ability to First and Eagle Cohort

    - Welcome and thanks to our new team member assurbanippal who is working on new models.
    - Thanks again to sourav for his work updating older unit cards.
    - Huge thanks to AllxAMERICAN from Steam for helping with the animation overhaul.
    - Big thanks to Jim_Riley for various new screenshots as loading images.
    Update Notes 1.2.2g January 8
    *Only Part 1 updated
    *Save game compatible unless otherwise noted

    Battle Changes/Fixes
    - Additional tweaks to pikes to improve frontal toughness and kills.
    - Improved battle camera, allowing it to go lower and higher
    - Tweaks to short pike phalanx and barbarian shieldwall
    - Multiple unit stat/attribute/spacing fixes
    - Additional tweaks to initial power bar calculation
    - Readded spear square, currently only for Triarii
    - Tweaks to unit experience system, it is easier to get higher experience levels but bonuses are now working differently to be more with the new stat system. This means that maxed out units are less OP, while still being much stronger. Also each level now grants different bonuses to stats, while first exp level will give melee attack, melee defence and morale (and reload skill if ranged), second will give only attack and morale, third only defence and morale etc.
    - Celtic chariots improved but they will get more work in the future
    - Multiple tweaks to morale system, losing a general has a bit bigger impact on the AI now while again morale penalties were moved more in favour of local factors than global factors (for example if enemy left and center were routed but on the right wing AI has 3 elite guard units left, that did not suffer much losses or got tired, they will be able to still stand against you, as often happened in history, while levy units might not hold in same situation). Larger penalties for losing a general also puts bigger emphasis on units with disciplined trait as it cancels penalty for losing commander.
    - Lightly armoured dedicated shock units like Heroic Swords or Iberian Champions have increased damage assigned to their weapons. Hopefully this will make them stand out more compared to other troops.
    - Cavalry has speed value visible on their UI as their speed is assigned per round numbers, while infantry speed can't be displayed properly due to UI issue. This will also help with assigning correct cavalry speed in the future.
    - Fixed stat bonus for hollow square.
    - Added formation attack to Massalian Romanized unit.
    - Changed Suebi berserker animation to fix bug with missing weapons.
    - Renamed Weapon Deadliness to Armor Penetration

    Naval/Transport Changes
    - Removed most of the sea sickness effect on transports to try to fix the issue with AI suiciding its armies as transports into navies. Ram damage is still reduced.
    - Increased naval unit stats to compensate, added negative effect ("land sickness") for naval units fighting on land.
    - Improved patrol stance piracy reduction effect.
    - Added reduced piracy effect to military wharfs and increased piracy effect for trade/food ports.

    - Removed a base negative to political events triggering. This may also help with the failure rate of statesmen missions.
    - Added increased influence effect to political ranks and faction leader traits.
    - Added increased loyalty and influence to various Philosophy technologies for all factions.

    Other Fixes/Changes
    - Added some updated unit cards for Armenia and Boii (thanks to sourav!)
    - Fixed unuseable building slots in HatG campaign and IA campaign (new campaign only)
    - Fixed auxiliary barracks in Empire Divided and IA campaign missing garrisons.
    - Fixed HatG Massilia chapter mission text (new campaign only)
    - Fixed HatG Carthage characters sometimes starting in wrong party (new campaign only)
    - Fixed Magna Graecia emergent faction flag.
    - Changed wrong starting unit for Parthia in IA campaign and some starting unit sizes (new campaign only)
    - Made trade agreements a bit easier to get.
    - Reverted some CAI attack decision changes now that the suiciding AI/autoresolve bug is fixed.
    - Changed some CAI settings for HatG and CiG Rome to make them match GC Rome settings.
    - Changed emergent faction Sophene's culture to Armenian (new campaign only)
    - Fixed some building requirements for victory conditions in Empire Divided campaign (new campaign only)
    - Fixed some Pontic units not being properly available in IA campaign.
    - Swapped appearances for 2 Baktrian garrison units to better match their stats/roles.
    - Fixed banditry negative on tier 2/3 eastern guard building.
    - Fixed text under wealth/income heading labelled corruption instead of empire maintenance.
    - Increased public order bonus from Roman auxiliary barracks.
    - Fixed issue with public land chain for eastern factions.
    - Added negative banditry effects to 3 Governor skills: Demagogue, Farming Expert and Military Governor
    - Fixed various IA Iberian regions missing regional recruitment tags (new campaign only)
    - Fixed missing description for Illyrian garrison unit.
    - Changed Marian ships to have same hitpoints as pre-Marian ships.
    Update Notes 1.2.2f December 23
    *Only Part 1 updated
    *Save game compatible unless otherwise noted

    Battle Changes/Fixes
    - Fixed a CA issue in the latest patch with morale, power bar and autoresolve calculations concerning ranged attacks. This should help fix the issue with autoresolve being calculated incorrectly after the last game update and with the power bar/morale problem.
    - Multiple morale fixes.
    - Elephants kill ratio slightly toned down in melee but they have an easier time moving through enemy troops.
    - Various changes/fixes to further balance pikes/hoplites including vs formed attack
    - Fixed militia hoplites having incorrect hp settings.
    - Charge bonus lasts slightly longer
    - Short Pike Phalanx formation bonuses fixed
    - Formed Attack and Disciplined formation added to remaining Thorax Swords and Imitation Legionaries
    - Added Formed Attack to Thorakitai spear units (please report if they work properly with it in the long run)
    - Small tweaks to a few unit stats
    - Changed rear defence penalty from 0.2 to 0.1
    - Fixed berserkers in ED campaign having too many hp.

    Supply/Population System
    - Global Logistics system is now more important. The global logistics level can be checked in the faction summary screen.
    - Added global logistics level effect description for various army effects, so it is obvious how the army is impacting the global logistics level.
    - Increased upkeep for armies from global logistics system, decreased upkeep from imperium level.
    - Decreased AI supply usage to help with AI armies in player lands and with AI attrition.
    - Reduced allied army food usage by 1 in allied territories.
    - Fixed disbanding not always giving population back. It should now give the population back on the same turn.
    - Fixed supply lines effect sometimes not properly triggering in MP or for the AI
    - Fixed bug where region population sometimes wouldn't show up when moused over.
    - Improved economic description section of region population pop up.

    Seleucid Revolt System
    - Changed trigger for Seleucid player revolt to require neutral relations rather than negative relations.
    - Fixed a bug where the rebel chance could become negative, now there will always be a at least a small chance of revolt.

    AI Bonuses Changed
    - Instead of having AI bonuses only based on difficulty level and applied as one value, we have moved some bonuses to a script based on imperium.
    - This means that the smaller AI factions won't have the very large bonuses that were necessary to sustain the larger AI factions. Hopefully this will help make the early game a little less difficult as smaller factions and it will make raiding and sieging smaller AI factions have more impact.
    - Bonuses include things like food, upkeep/cost, corruption, etc.

    - Fixed new Empire Divided factions missing rebellion units.
    - Removed some of the more anachronistic MERC and AOR units from the Empire Divided campaign (Mercs - new campaign only)
    - Added updated unit cards for some units including Taksashila, German units and some Greek units. Thanks sourav!
    - Fixed barbarian recruitment building tier 3/4 having wrong banditry effects.
    - Changed Galatian spearmen, swordsmen and AOR Galatian warriors to tier 3 pop class.
    - Galatian chosen swords now upgrade to legionaries after reforms.
    - Fixed Tarantine white shield AOR unit's population size.
    - Added Colosseum and Circus Maximus for all Roman factions, changed Circus to only be from horse forum line.
    - Added empire maintenance reduction technologies to Empire Divided campaign.
    - Fixed some nomadic political rank +range effects being too high.
    - Fixed Publius Cornelius Scipio the younger in HatG being in wrong party (new campaign only), changed name of father to "the Elder"
    - Fixed typo in Roman Nobiles faction description.
    - Fixed Roman HatG starting generals not being Polybian (new campaign only)
    - Fixed Supply/Food label in Roman UI region window
    - Slight change to AI's evaluation of armies when deciding to attack.
    - Removed incorrect effect on the mine building chain.
    - Fixed typo in Nervii faction trait description.
    - Fixed Massyli general bugged appearance.
    - Removed some of the cracks/fissures from the new Roman UI for campaigns other than Empire Divided.
    - Fixed cattle buildings not adding to banditry (still less than farms), military ports now reduce banditry.
    - Removed Marian units from civil war rosters for Rome (hopefully this works)
    - Added silk to HatG in Mauretania (new campaign only)

    - Thanks to sourav for creating some new unit cards for various outdated units!
    Update Notes 1.2.2e December 11
    *Only Part 1 updated
    *Save game compatible unless otherwise noted

    Battles Fixes/Changes
    - Fixed pike formation deactivating inside some city locations. It still should not be useable on walls.
    - Rebalanced hoplite, shieldwall and pike formation bonuses, they should be much more balanced now.
    - All units except hoplites and pikes have +5HP (Hoplites and pikes have increased frontal defence)
    - Ranged combat rebalanced
    - Melee kill ratio toned down
    - Large morale rebalance, morale is more important in nearby area, less important for overall army (for example rout of the enemy left wing will impact the center but not the right wing, which would not be even aware of it)
    - Formation Attack reworked, we have found a way to mod bonuses of it, now units using them will perform better and not be defeated by units with same stats but not using it or by hoplites and pikes, which before always defeated them. You should never turn if off as of this patch.
    - Fatigue tweaks, it takes more to get into higher exhaustion states (to support longer battles)
    - Supply trains now increase morale of nearby units
    - Imitation legionaires now have Formation Attack and Defensive Testudo
    - All melee infantry have ammo reduced to 1 and reload speed reduced to 1 second
    - Reworked firing arcs of ranged units, there should be much less friendly fire, especially on the AI side
    - Garrison archers morale reduced by 5

    New Empire Divided Campaign Changes
    - First overhaul of unit stats for 3c units to be more in line with DeI stats.
    - Added DeI's custom building system to Empire Divided (new campaign only)
    - Added AOR, Auxiliary, Mercenary, Naval and Garrison units to the new campaign (new campaign only). For now the unit cards don't match with the new campaign.
    - Fixed AI in the new 3c campaign missing recruitment priority entries.
    - Fixed background skills not triggering for starting characters in 3c campaign.
    - Fixed 3c units having too low campaign movement points

    New Seleucid Revolt System (thanks to Litharion!)
    - The Seleucid satrapies will now revolt after a semi-random amount of time.
    - For the Seleucid player, this is dependent on diplomatic relations and on satrapy army size. For the AI Seleucids, this is only dependent on army size.
    - This will happen in save games, so be warned!

    Other Changes/Fixes
    - Lowered empire maintenance and upkeep penalties a bit from imperium level to better balance expansion with banditry.
    - Fixed bug where larger populations lowered income rather than raising it.
    - Fixed fleets replenishing from capitals instead of local ports sometimes.
    - Added political loyalty effects to the faction leader good/neutral/bad faction effect system.
    - Fixed political instability from loss of faction leader disappearing too early. It will last 6 turns and can be stopped by moving your new leader to your capital or assigning him to an office, as long as he doesn't have a negative trait.
    - Fixed province pop disappearing in the province details panel when activating/deactivating taxes
    - Fixed double Recruitment tool tip after quickly cancelling 2 queued units
    - Fixed missing Recruitment tool tip when merging units while the recruitment panel is open
    - Fixed champion unit card extending too far down.
    - Fixed starting Roman general unit card having SPQR in red over top of the image.
    - Fixed GC starting season bug - should start in Winter now.
    - Fixed Spartan roster in Mac wars missing spartan hoplites.
    - Fixed Roman copper towns tier 3 trade/fort variants having incorrect garrison settings.
    - Fixed some Spartan spear units not benefiting from +spear effects.
    - Fixed Taksashila missing naval roster in custom battle.
    - Fixed 2 Galatian units having wrong unit cards.
    - Fixed Roman tech tree icons being reversed.
    - Fixed incorrect sanitation/banditry effects on Vulcan temple and wine forum building.
    - Lowered Triarii and hoplite recruitment priorities for Roman armies.
    - Fixed reforms missing for German factions in CiG (new campaign only)
    - Fixed mine/quarry buildings missing squalor effects.
    - Updated/swapped unit cards for Late Hastati and Hastati Samnitici.
    - Fixed emergent faction in Iconium having same emblem as Pergamon.
    Update Notes 1.2.2d1 December 1
    *Only Part 1 updated
    *Save game compatible unless otherwise noted

    Fixed general's icons (zeal, authority, subterfuge) floating off screen.
    - Added new effect for sewer and medical buildings - now they add sanitation to all the regions in a province.
    - Lowered squalor effects by 1 on all buildings, lowered plague chances a bit.
    - Reduced banditry's food effect.
    - Added banditry reduction to patrol region stance.
    - Added banditry reduction to the following character skills: Mercenary Connections, Master of Scouts, Agriculturalist, Sworn Bodyguards, Political Animal
    - Added banditry and sanitation improvement effects to various technologies.
    - Added darker background for new Roman UI to help with reading white text.
    - Fixed Empire Divided campaign missing recruitment points for region ownership.
    - Added other campaign faction rosters to custom battle selection, may be some errant units here and there.
    - Added Imperial Roman units back into GC Roman custom battle roster.
    - Pike and Hoplite formation bonuses reworked
    - Shield missile block chance slightly increased
    - Slight spacing rework of untrained barbarian infantry

    Update Notes 1.2.2d November 30

    *Only Part 1 updated
    *Save game compatible unless otherwise noted

    Battle Changes/Fixes
    - Fixed cavalry dismount bug.
    - Large tweaks to unit spacing, especially ranged infantry and cavalry
    - Cavalry deals more reasonable kills against eachother during charge
    - Scythed chariots reworked, more usefull for both player and the AI (Other chariots will get some love later)
    - Hopefully fixed issue with units getting huge speed buffs for no reason
    - Small tweaks to morale and fatigue
    - Javelins of skirmisher infantry a bit better vs armour
    - Another phase of stat rework, base hit chance fully gone without making all too slow.
    - Garrison units a bit stronger

    Reforms Fixes (thanks to Litharion!)
    - Fixed reforms bug where global reforms wouldn't trigger when the player loaded or had a battle at the reform's turn. This should also fix factions that rely on global reforms like Armenia and Odryssia.
    - Fixed Multiplayer desync bug when reforms hit.
    - Fixed a bug where the second player's reforms wouldn't always work, especially when that player was the same culture as the host.
    - These fixes will not fix bugged save games that have already passed reforms.

    Government & Politics
    - Added multiple new government types for various factions.
    - Changed starting governments for some factions based on their political traditions.
    - Changed government effects.

    Other Changes/Fixes
    - New campaign (Empire Divided) works with DeI but does not have our building system, units or AOR system for now.
    - Added banditry and plagues (sanitation/squalor) to all campaigns. Various new building effects impact these. Building effects may change or be further balanced in the future. Save games will have negatives from this, be warned!
    - Added new DLC UI skin as Roman base UI for other campaigns.
    - Updated and fixed faction trait display UI at faction selection screen. Also added more information there about the faction's political tradition and starting challenge.
    - Fixed UI displaying wrong Manpower when cancelling recruitment.
    - Various improvements to population script functions.
    - Removed various reform units from civil war army spawns.
    - Added region name display for mercenary recruitment.
    Update Notes 1.2.2c November 22
    *Politics & Power beta required
    *Only Part 1 updated
    *Save game compatible unless otherwise noted

    Population System (Thanks to Litharion!)
    - Naval recruitment changed: The closest port region is now used for replenishment and recruitment instead of the capital unless there is no port.
    - City names now added for unit recruitment so you can see what city the unit is drawing population from.

    Other Changes/Fixes
    - Fixed civil war crash. Civil wars still have reform units in newly spawned armies, unfortunately.
    - Changed formation bonuses back to previous settings now that the vanilla defense bug is fixed.
    - Added some new ancillaries from new DLC into older campaigns.
    - Fixed some missing faction leader trait effects, changed some bonuses.
    - Fixed range buff display error.
    - Added some new loading screens, thanks to those who posted screenshots.

    Update Notes 1.2.2b November 11 - Power & Politics Beta
    *Politics & Power beta required
    *Only Part 1 updated
    *Save game compatible unless otherwise noted

    - Added compatibility for the new Politics & Power beta. See this thread for more information.
    - Added new model for the Roman Cardiophylax (chestplate) from Stealth4Health - thanks for allowing us to use it!
    - Changed Caledones negative faction trait to help improve starting situation.
    - Lowered battles required for political rank advancement.

    Battle Changes
    Due to extensive testing we were able to track certain parts of the battle engine that did not work as we wanted to or thought that we do not have sufficient control:
    - Hit chance. This value is calculated like this: (Melee Attack + Base Hit chance) - Melee defence = Hit chance. Final value can't go below minimum hit chance and above max hit chance. This meant that before if a unit had 40 melee attack (so around elite status), 15% base hit chance and was attacking a unit of medium quality (60+ defence), the overall calculation was 55-60=-5. As you can see, this meant that pretty much most units would get negative hit chance. But, since minimum hit chance was at 10% no matter what, most units would hit that 10% most of the time, meaning that overall melee and defence stats did not matter (And also explained why falx unist were that good as they were able to hit above 10%).
    - In new stat system, minimum hit chance got lowered to 5% while overall unit melee attack was increased and melee defence lowered. This means that unit stats matter a lot more.
    - Overall defence, while lowered, matters a lot more now as the values rely more on personal defence than on shield defence as before. Due to errors in combat calculations, shields seem to be also included for flanking combat and were not affected by fatigue, making an exhausted unit not that much of a weaker target.
    - Flanking and fatigue are much more important as the penalties for them are applied correctly.
    - Cavalry charges should work better and be more consistent as their hit chance and damage will be correctly applied
    - Certain units, especially those with small shields and with two handed weapons, have good starting defence but since personal defence skill is lowered by fatigue they tend to suffer more than units with good shields. This means that certain shock units will be very good at early stages of combat but if the line will hold, the roles might reverse.
    - Units of marines slightly nerfed, few slightly buffed.
    -Added Formation Attack to some Roman units (For testing purpose, not yet added for all, please report how it works) - with changes I made in past few months Formation Attack seems to behave a lot better
    -Added more realistic spacing for most of ranged infantry, overtime it will be tweaked to be more unit specific (like some being more disciplined, some in more spaced out order), please report how it performs

    Other Fixes
    - Fixed Late Bactrian Cataphracts missing legs.
    - Disabled Pontos' Ariobarzanes character spawn since he is a starting character.
    - Fixed Syracuse chapter 8 mission having wrong technology requirement.
    - Fixed wrong size of starting Arevaci bodyguard unit (new campaign only)
    - Fixed faction unique Rosemarl building not being buildable.
    - Fixed some German rebellion units being incorrect (were vanilla units/stats)
    - Fixed Sparta main building displaying incorrect population bonuses.
    - Fixed starting Arverni generals having old units as bodyguard options (new campaign only)
    - Fixed late Oathsworn having 2 stamina abilities.
    - Fixed starting Iceni spy missing name.


    - Thanks to Stealth4Health for allowing us use of his new Roman Cardiophylax model
    1.2.2a Sept 4
    Battle Changes
    - Pikes and Hoplites are less likely to punch a hole through lines.
    - Cavalry should have an easier time disengaging from hoplite infantry.
    - Cavalry unit hitpoints increased by 5.
    - Cavalry vs cavalry charge made less lethal.
    - Shock Cav has a bit lowered attack and defence values. They are also now a bit worse vs other cav, a bit better vs infantry.
    - Shock cavalry deals more kills to spear/sword cavalry on charge but takes higher casualties as combat goes on
    - All cavalry units have proper stats when dismounted
    - Indian Heavy Swordsmen slightly nerfed but still stand out above most other infantry units
    - Bosphoran Thorax Swords slightly weaker, Elite Thorax Swords slightly better.
    - Heaviest cataphracts more useful when punching through heavy infantry

    Other Fixes
    - All core Numidian cavalry now have 120 men, javelin type infantry all have 200 men.
    - Land Supply Units now have 120 instead of 60 men per unit, defence heavily buffed (They should suffer less due to autoresolve now)
    - Fixed first spawning Syracuse family member being a repeat of starting character (Hiero II)
    - Fixed new Getae roster missing naval and supply units.
    - Fixed Pontic Galatian sword unit with bugged skins.
    - Fixed Sogdian units with missing hats, incorrect beards.
    - Fixed Atropatkan general missing legs.
    - Fixed Arverni clubmen missing javelin models in combat.
    - Fixed sarmatio-dacian elite archer unit missing legs.
    - Fixed various unit population size assignments.
    - Fixed Athenian militia hoplites missing swords in combat.
    - Fixed some incorrect textures in some Pontic thorax units.
    - Fixed germanic berserker weapon bug.
    - Fixed missing arms on an Armenian general.
    - Fixed tier 3 major trade ports missing edict buff.
    - Fixed bad texture for some red Hellenic helmets.
    - Fixed multiple infantry units having cavalry wedge formation.
    - Fixed Numidian javelin AOR unit size.
    Update Notes 1.2.2 August 16
    *Part 1 and Part 2 updated for this overhaul update
    *Save game compatible unless otherwise noted

    Battle Changes
    - Changes to how fatigue affects morale and tweaks to morale system
    - Towers slightly nerfed.
    - Added new shield wall ability for some new barbarian units.
    - Hoplites and shieldwall should be a bit better vs pikes
    - Tweaks to certain formations (like testudo).
    - Slight nerf to Gastrephetes unit.
    - Added guerilla deployment ability to multiple German units.
    - Added hide in grass and campaign stealth to all guerilla type units.

    Barbarian overhaul
    - British overhaul - All southern british factions get the new units. Some older units added as factional mercs and to custom battle roster for GC Iceni. For DLC campaigns they are in their normal roster.
    - Arverni overhaul - Only Arverni faction gets new units (GC, CiG and IA campaigns). Other gallic factions retain old roster to add variety to AI factions. Reform changes (new reform units) won't be locked in save games.
    - Dacian overhaul - Only Getae GC and Dacian IA faction gets new units. Other Dacian factions retain old roster to add variety to AI factions. New reforms added. Requires 100 turns and 10 battles with Rome for player, 130 turns for AI.
    - Numidian overhaul added, retained its Legionary imitation unit.
    - Galatian overhaul added. They have one Legionary imitation unit and two Greek-style units, one in Thureos and one in Thorax reforms (won't be locked in save games).

    Historical Character System
    - Factions other than Carthage and Rome now have historical characters who will spawn into the player's family as time progresses.
    - These characters will include information on their historical circumstances and family lineage.
    - For factions without many historical references, they will get family members who are not based on actual historical figures.
    - Submods will be available for Rome/Carthage depending on what family you choose to play.

    Population Economics
    - Added/Fixed the population system's impact on region economics.
    - High foreign populations reduce subsistence income, low total populations reduce total income.
    - Higher relative class 1 (noble) and class 2 (citizen) populations will increase agriculture and industrial income, respectively. Note: these ratios are relative to the total citizen number (class 1-3), not the total population number. So, foreigners do not count against these ratios when determining class 1 and class 2 bonuses.

    - New Hellenic standards for all Greek standard bearers. Also, special standards added for Seleucids, Macedon and Egypt. Thanks to the Hegemonia team.
    - Updated skill icons with newer versions so that they properly match the various skill trees. Thanks to ImpMontezuma.
    - Changed Commercial stimulation edict interaction with slave forum building to properly increase effect.
    - Fixed some Grand Campaign Desert and Alpine factions not having immunity to special supply issues in those region types.
    - Fixed some African factions not properly using the Nomadic supply system. Playable faction impacted by this is Masaesyli.
    - Added supply ship recruitment to some arabian and ethiopian factions that were missing them.
    - Added some factional mercenaries (including elephants) to Seleucids in Mac Wars campaign.
    - Updated pike shields from Solitudo with new positioning on arm.
    - Updated Battle/Campaign tips background images on main screen.
    - Roman Polybian allied cavalry now upgrade to Legionary Cav (may not in some save games)
    - Added 2 new Armenian AOR units.
    - Added faction unique tier 5 buildings to technology trees so they are easier for the player to recognize.

    Other Fixes/Changes
    - Fixed Armenia missing access to Rhodes special capital chain and some special ports.
    - Fixed starting spartan generals having wrong bodyguard option (new campaign only)
    - Removed inaccurate sentence in 244 BC year in history message.
    - Fixed 2 Seleucid units being wrong population class.
    - Fixed early Triarii units missing swords in combat.
    - Fixed incorrect influence text for some factions in politics screen.
    - Fixed a few AOR unit cards having old entries.
    - Fixed 2 Suebi units having wrong unit cards.
    - Fixed a Baktria region missing proper region tags for AOR recruitment there (new campaign only)
    - Pontic hoplites now upgrade to thorax spear unit at reforms.
    - Fixed Seleucid thorax royal guard description name.
    - Fixed some ancillaries not properly triggering after critical successes (thanks valky for the bug report)
    - Fixed maedi peltast AOR unit missing from thracian roster.
    - Fixed shielded archers having wrong reload animation.
    - Fixed Trapezos not being able to confederate with other pontic factions.
    - Fixed some special ports not having supply ship recruitment.
    - Fixed incorrect building effect on tier 4 Athena temple and unique Ptolemaic tier 5 temple.
    - Fixed Thracian thorax cav missing stamina ability.
    - Fixed Macedonian wars olympic winner general spawns having bugged ages.
    - Fixed Dahae starting army having wrong army tradition settings.
    - Fixed Dart slingers and Carthage archers having shield animations but no shields.
    - Fixed Early Principes having defensive testudo formation.
    - Fixed incorrect pop unit size for 4 Lugii units.
    - Fixed Etruscans missing admiral bodyguard options.
    - Fixed mistake in Parthian chapter mission 7 (new game only)
    - Fixed incorrect name for tier 3 normal major Carthage city.
    - Fixed Carthage being able to build two versions of the tier 4 minor town medicus buildings. May cause some blank building slots in save games.
    - Fixed Carthage tier 4 medicus building missing population effects.

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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    Great news! Is this download compatible with the steam verision or do I have to delete that in order to install this?

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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    You have to deactivate the Steam version, this is not compatible with the 1.1 version. It is also not compatible with 1.1 saves.
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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    Thanks for clearing that out, so no need to delete it from the mod manager? So those two above parts is all that is needed or do I have to go into the old download thread and get part 1 and 2 as well?

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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    You literally made my weekend excellent.

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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    Quote Originally Posted by Baalbeckius View Post
    Thanks for clearing that out, so no need to delete it from the mod manager? So those two above parts is all that is needed or do I have to go into the old download thread and get part 1 and 2 as well?
    All you need is the 2 parts in this thread listed above, thats it. Make sure to click "enable out of date mods" in the mod manager.

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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    Thanks, seems to work pretty well. Wonderful mod! =)

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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    Great to see this 1.2 going to start playing and reporting back to you.
    Just to be clear i still need all the DEI from steam parts 1-6
    and then just add the new 1.2 files Divide et Impera 1.2 Part 1 (Mirror)
    Divide et Impera 1.2 Part 2 (Mirror)
    to the steam folder.

    I dont need to delete or uninstall any part of DEI from steam parts 1-6?


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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    You dont need any steam parts as I said. You need to deactivate the steam version if you use this beta

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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    Looks beautiful! Good job guys! Can't wait for the full release

    One question though. I noticed Carthaginians wear faded green and tan tunics. Even the Sacred band lost their distinctive purple capes. Is this a design decision or a bug on my side?
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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    She's a beauty, Gents. A true work of art.

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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    Quote Originally Posted by JustDoit8 View Post
    Looks beautiful! Good job guys! Can't wait for the full release

    One question though. I noticed Carthaginians wear faded green and tan tunics. Even the Sacred band lost their distinctive purple capes. Is this a design decision or a bug on my side?
    We haven't worked on Carthage yet but they will get some changes later on. Not sure why they lost them now.

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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    Goddamn, I'm off work until monday and you drop this today? Amazing stuff, thank you
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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    Quote Originally Posted by JustDoit8 View Post
    Looks beautiful! Good job guys! Can't wait for the full release

    One question though. I noticed Carthaginians wear faded green and tan tunics. Even the Sacred band lost their distinctive purple capes. Is this a design decision or a bug on my side?
    Was a design decision to remove the cartoony colours.

    Also I did do some work on Carthage, you should see new shields added and better linothorax textures.

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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    Quote Originally Posted by Don_Diego View Post
    Was a design decision to remove the cartoony colours.

    Also I did do some work on Carthage, you should see new shields added and better linothorax textures.
    Oh yeah, I have noticed the the new shield and linothorax patterns along with some more color on helmets ....and I love it! Still, the elite members of sacred band should at least get capes of color different from what looks to be feldgrau or sand blue

    Aslo, are there plans to give different linothorax models and improved textures to the low tier Greek phalangites and hoplites for Epirus, Hellenic AOR and mercs.? I mean something like the rework featured in the Sparta update.
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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!


    You should give more bonuses for the 2 class. After a point it is almost impossible to recruit them. like 3% extra would be nice (in base). Seleuids's satrapies seems to stick with you no matter what! Quite weird!! (I have food, +100 public order, no wars and buildings for 1st and 2st class)

    The AI is too passive

    The AI does not give you any challenge

    The AI accepts peace too easy?

    I played as Selecuids and SPQR VH/VH

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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    Remember that the hardcore submod can and will fix some of these "issues", but we have to consider the fact that this mod have a broad range of users and we need to satisfy everyones need. sort of.
    And besides, you are playing as a major faction and as the Selecuids you also have satrapies which mean that the AI will be reluctant to wage war as it considers your size.

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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    Normally the satrapies rebel against the Seleucids pretty early on so that is indeed strange. But, every campaign is different in that regard. The larger starting factions are always going to be easier.

    1.2 is actually harder in all of our testing than 1.1, especially for Rome's start. So, either you had a weird occurence, you are using some other submods/mods that conflict, or you are just that good

    I recommend trying out the hardcore submod if you want a more aggressive AI.

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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    Quote Originally Posted by JustDoit8 View Post
    Oh yeah, I have noticed the the new shield and linothorax patterns along with some more color on helmets ....and I love it! Still, the elite members of sacred band should at least get capes of color different from what looks to be feldgrau or sand blue

    Aslo, are there plans to give different linothorax models and improved textures to the low tier Greek phalangites and hoplites for Epirus, Hellenic AOR and mercs.? I mean something like the rework featured in the Sparta update.
    Yes there are some plans to further improve hellenic units in the future, and I think an update for various linothoraxes. Some rosters like Rhodos have some great new linothorax textures, maybe we can find more to replace the older/vanilla ones. Also I will probably re-do custom colours for sacred band units with a more natural purple colour. At the time it was easier just to remove the current colours and start again as that green and red scheme was not great...

    Also @ AugustusRoman, try a smaller faction. I just loaded up a Rome campaign and fought a bloody war with Epirus and Syracuse for decades, only when Syracuse was surrounded and had lost several battles with Rome and Carthage, did they try to sue for peace. The faction power balance seems to make a big difference in that.
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