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    Small Preview - Politics

    Since we didn't have a full preview today due to various issues and the forums being down, here is a quick look at some of the political changes in 1.2. These new features include new government types, new political effects, new parties, and rank changes.

    New Government Types
    - Each faction has now been assigned a government type. These governments determine what type of effects are assigned based on the ruling political party power level. These types include concepts like Monarchy, Oligarchy, Chiefdom, Tribal Confederation, Republic, etc.
    - By mousing over the faction effect bundle in the faction screen, you will see the government type and what power levels give positive and negative effects:
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    New Political Effects
    - Political party power level effects now also include political action occurences, political action cost, and some other new effects.
    - Overall, political actions by the AI have been lowered so that they are not spammed quite as much. However, having an imbalanced power level will have these events become more common.
    - Each government type has a certain range they are aiming for in order to maintain positive effects. These effects are not simply good or bad at various levels. Instead, some power levels may give good economic effects but bad stability effects, depending on government type.
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    Multiple Political Parties
    - All factions now have 4 political parties that are active in politics from the start of the campaign. Each party starts with a general and represents a local political structure for that faction. For example, various tribes that made up a barbarian faction will be represented. Only Rome, Carthage and the Mauryans have 3 playable factions, the rest will have one.
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    Political Ranks
    - All generals start at rank 1 in order to be an immediately active part of the system.
    - As previewed in the Traits preview, political ranks are now earned in game through battles and age. These ranks come with political election messages.
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    WIP Ideas
    - We have more ideas we are working on, including new dilemmas and events for different culture and government types.
    - Some other ideas are also being worked on but are in the very early stages and will be added as the open beta for 1.2 goes forward.
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    Awesome preview Dresden! Looks like this is shaping up to be a bigger jump than that from any previous version, in terms of added features. So the Mauryans also have 3 parties to choose from now?
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    Great News. Is there a higher Chance for Rome and Carthage to become a Civil War in the Lategame Era?

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    This might be the best "patch" among all the TW series and mods.

    I really appreciate your hard work guys!

    This is like a release of Rome 3.

    Can't wait to see all this in action

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    This looks great. My only small dislike is that Rome gets both Nobiles and Equites (though I know why you did that, and what they are meant to represent).
    I would personally rather see them with only 3 political parties (if that can be done).

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    To follow up on my question in main topic, is the possibility to choose government type somehow modable? I mean like in the example, that you can choose to be eg. Republic when playing as Arverni. I dont know anything about modding so forgive me my stupid questions but you are modding geniuses here so I will give it a try It would be a very impressive addition I think if it had been feasible in any form.

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    Most likely no, its not. At least I don't know of a way to change the political party power effects via scripting, which would be what was required.

    You probably could, in theory, design a custom political system of some type but I still don't think you could choose your type. The only way to do that would be to have all the options be playable factions (so a version for every faction party for each government type). And that would be a mess.

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