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Thread: Server Relaunch and Information Thread

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    Default Server Relaunch and Information Thread

    Server Launch Imminent

    This is just a reminder that the Server be reopening for play on Decembet 27th, at 1800 GMT (1200 CST). If you haven't already, please review the Upcoming Server Enhancements Thread for the full list of upcoming changes. At this point our sticky information thread is getting grossly out of date, and we cannot update it further, so I will re-post relevant information here for the time being.

    Server IP:
    Server Teamspeak:
    Server Dynmap:

    Confirmed Server Staff (No affiliation with TWC Staff):
    Ditronian (Admin)
    Aanker (Sr Mod)
    Fortesgt (Sr Mod)
    Clarky (Content)

    This list will be fleshed out with further changes post-launch, and we will be looking to maximize the roster of Content Staff. Unlike previous servers, this launch is being considered as ongoing, and will feature active development of additional role-play content/mechanics.

    Server Rules

    You are warned that these rules while largely cover most forms of behaviour, are subject to change as needed. Extreme cases of poor behaviour outside of these listed rules can still be punished by staff under the final rule which protects the spirit of the server. Repeated and deliberate attempts to skirt server rules will not be tolerated.

    • Forum Posts and Server chat are to be free from insults, harassment, trolling, and flaming. These free resources are provided to add meaningful content to the server/community. Misbehavior on the TWC forums especially will not be tolerated, and will quickly result in removed access to our server.
    • You may not declare war on other factions without a faction with minimum of two players, and an established base.
    • Do not abuse manpower mechanics. This is to include any manipulation of mechanics to restore player manpower during wars, or killing players currently at war if you are not in a warrable faction (2 players w/ an established base).
    • Do not cheat or abuse glitches. Minimaps may be utilized, however they must have both cave maps and radars disabled. Failure to do so will be considered as x-ray.
    • Do not multi-account/play on the server with more than one account, or share your account with others.
    • Do not combat log. Logging out in situations where combat is about to start, or at great risk of starting, is also prohibited. Logging out in enemy claims is also prohibited. Claiming during combat is also prohibited.
    • No using obsidian walls in fort/structure design, obsidian floors and roofs are allowed.
    • When at war it is permissible to kill enemy animals, however you are required to leave at least two of each type.
    • No excessive griefing in claimed lands (or lands neighboring claimed chunks in the process of being claimed). Strategic griefing is allowed (griefing specifically to allow you to reach or kill your enemies).
    • Do not break chests in enemy lands as this is considered griefing. You may feel free to loot items in chests as you wish, so long as you are not despawning all of their contents.
    • Do not destroy Blaze Spawners. Do not destroy any other spawner in claimed land. Spawners in the Wilderness (except Blaze Spawners) can be destroyed at will. Enchanting Tables, Alchemy Stands and Anvils can be stolen from claimed land during war, as can Iron and Diamond blocks.
    • Roads and infrastructure outside of claimed lands are fair game, however upon request moderation will supply the builder the name of the person involved in any destruction of blocks so as to allow player retaliation.
    • If a nether portal is created, a space must be always be left to allow a person to re-enter it after having come through.
    • Do not create permanent redstone clocks as this creates server side lag.
    • Staff will adapt the rules at their discretion should they see the need, and will take action to maintain the spirit of the server should it be needed.


    The following are the creators of several of the resources that our server is making use of
    , with links to their works.

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    Default Re: Server Relaunch and Information Thread


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    Default Re: Server Relaunch and Information Thread

    I'm Back

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    Default Re: Server Relaunch and Information Thread

    I'd just like to let everyone know that the server is up and running. Anyone who might be wondering if it is active or not feel free to log on and check the new stuff!

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    Default Re: Server Relaunch and Information Thread

    Hey guys, is the server still around?

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    Default Re: Server Relaunch and Information Thread

    i really miss it.
    are you guys still playing somewhere?

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    Default Re: Server Relaunch and Information Thread

    This iteration of the server was up for the first few months of 2017. It was later relaunched on another site over the summer, but the population on that server dwindled out as well.

    As far as I know, the team behind that Summer 2017 server have no intention of relaunching.

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    Default Re: Server Relaunch and Information Thread

    Hello there

    Do you like Minecraft? Do you like diplomacy games? Join TWC's Community Minecraft server:

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