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Thread: New Attila Content in 2017

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    A Total War:Victoria can work with starting date in the 1880s with the with the already failing League of the Three Emperors and then the formation of the 2 blocks - the cental powers and the Triple Entente and the end game to be a WW1 units and technology with Europe and all the colonies in Africa,Asia as Campaign maps. And then a Follow up game WW1 and WW2 and beyond to the modern era just like Napoleon to empire and Attila to Rome 2.

    In a nutshell it will be another Empire TW on the campaign map. And its the most logical thing because of the delay and the overhaul of the next Historical game - the best fit is Total War:Victoria.

    If Ca do Medieval 3 we will get basicaly a reskined Attila/Rome 2 with medieval units - something already being done by Medieval Kingdoms 1212ad mod team for Attila with the same gameplay more or less. The Mongols will be the ''huns'' with its gameplay and so on. And overall easy to make and I dont see big delays if its medieval 3 the next Historical game.Highly unlikely
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    I agree with Victoria part, however 1900 is for the end for me. Itīs in fact quite similar to American Civil War. The actual battles would be quite fun but if I imagine the campaign/strategic part.....two blocks. No other valid factions. No diplomacy.....WW1 and WW2 are just bigger scale with more boring battles. Of course there were great examples of commanding and warcraft but imagine the majority of battles where majority of people died. Infantry storming MG nests, under heavy artillery fire....WW1 could easily bear name "war of attrition" or "war of replenishment". My overall feeling is many generals were hoping in shocking breakthrough which will end the stalemate and yet usual plan failed to simple charge them and hope for the best...There is reason why old battle tactics were so bad as the technology tree simply outpace the commanders. Good luck with forming squares, leading flanking cavalry charges or forming firing line... :o) And thatīs the problem. At one side the things are shifting in favour of small unit tactics while the battles are growing larger and larger.

    What delay are we talking about? Next historical title will be released after Warhammer 3 as common logic dictates. Simply flooding market with multiple titles even if they are all superior quality will result in lower sales for CA one way or another....After all they are all TW games....So we can just hope the technic guys have enough time to upgrade the engine for that next title. Actually it make sense as we all know there are many problems with current engine from Empire to Warhammer...

    Well CA stated they wonīt be doing third installment of the same game (question is,if the statement is still valid but we donīt have any newer info on the matter) but with improved engine I would gladly revisit any period of time :-)

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