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Thread: 356 AD Overhaul

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    Default Re: 356 AD Overhaul

    Hows progress going?

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    This project has been put on hold for the time being, this is the project I'm currently working on:

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    Once I re release my Age of Martel mod, which should be in the next week or so, I am planning on doing a big update to this mod. Hoping to include the new models they released with the Empire Divided DLC for Rome 2 and with the ancient roman building models from the ancient empire custom battle release.

    No idea on release date but I will post screen shots on here when I start making progress.

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    Heres a small preview of the new update, going for a much more historically accurate look here while still trying to maintain the same flair from before:

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    Default Re: 356 AD Overhaul

    Those units look awesome! Where did you get those helmets? I love them.

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    Took a bunch of models from the new Empire Divided dlc and am using them for attila based projects. Even got a bunch of nice models I'm planning on using for 1066.

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    Been working on a brand new unit system to more accurately portray the late roman army system and had some help from Castellan in coming up with new roman skins that are much closer to the historical reality, plan on releasing a big preview showcasing this stuff this weekend

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    Late Roman Army preview WIP:

    Main idea is to represent how each real life unit of the roman army had light and heavy contigents. The light troopers will be much faster than their armored comrades but wont have as good defense, you will also be able to upgrade them with helmets:

    These are the heavy contigents for the comitatenses and palatina units shown above:

    And finally, some units in the palatina will have senior upgrades available that give them the best armor and stats available:

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    Decided to include this as the first in an late Roman expansion to my Dark Ages series. You can find the new thread here:

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