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    The Arevaci

    The Arevaci were highland cattle herders who settled by the headwaters of the Duero river wich centers at Numantia, Segovia and Clunia. The fierce warriors of the Arevaci tribe were a fusion of early Hallstatt celts (BC6th century), Iberians (BC 4th - 3rd century) and La Tene II Belgae (BC 3rd century).

    To their west, the Arevaci had a clan called the Vaccaei. The Arevaci, the Vaccaei and/or the the Vettones were responsible for the numerous large stone sculptures of bulls, boars and bears that have been found in the territory such as those in Burgos, Segovia and Soria. The tribal name probably refers to their association with cattle.

    The Arevaci tribe under Avaros was a major player in the resistance to the Roman invasion of the iberian peninsula. Not only were they fierce warriors but they also used the Falcata style of sword with wich they wreaked such destruction that the Romans had to beg for permission to reinforce their shields and modify their uniforms.

    After a 20-year resistance, including the defeat of an entire Roman army in BC 137, warriors of the Arevaci made the mistake of holding up in their castro at Numantia. After a 15-month siege (BC 134-133) 20.000 men, women and children finally comitted mass suicide rather then submit to Roman imperialism.
    The fall of Numantia was the devastating blow to the Celtic resistance and enabled Rome to increase its domination of the iberian peninsula. In BC 90 the Arevaci once again rebelled, but without sufficient force to throw off the Roman yoke.

    This faction overhaul will be released with 1.2

    This faction overhaul adds 20 new units to the Arevaci. Here are some pictures of the unique units:

    Spear Infantry
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    (Celtberian Light Spearmen)These men are warriors that are levied when there is dire need for it. Recruited from all professions of Iberian society, they form a surprisingly reliable and versatile militia. As with many warriors in Iberia, they use the usual combination of javelin and spear to fight.

    (Celtiberian Spearmen) They may be potters, cobblers, and farmers when not called to arms, but this should not give one reason to dismiss their potential as warriors. The Retukenoi may not have the blue blood of their comrades, nor the swords and high-crested helmets, but they will still hold the line when asked, they will still pepper the enemy with javelins, and they will still run down and trample all those who seek to put a yoke on their people.

    (Celtiberian Scutarii) These Iberian spearmen are referred to as Scutarii by the Romans because of their large oval shields. They are armed with the dreaded all-metal soliferrum javelin, a spear as their main weapon, and a short straight sword. They protect themselves with a combination of esparto, leather and bronze scale armour.

    (Celtiberian Armoured Scutarii) The Loricatii Scutarii were some of the most vicious of the Celtiberian soldiery. They were used by Celtiberian chieftains and were the best of the regular line infantry. They fought mainly in battles where lines were used, rather than the usual guerilla battles across Iberia, and were last used by the Pompey brothers in the battles against Caesar.

    (Celtiberian Heavy Infantry) These soldiers are men of station who have a stake in the fate of their oppida, and will fight to the death to protect their social status, and the honour and independence of their people – the Celtiberian fanatical defence of their lands is legendary. As warriors, they are used to the relatively low-intensity warfare of raiding enemy tribes, but also quite familiar with marching abroad in large numbers to serve as mercenaries in the wars that regularly consume the Mediterranean.

    (Vasci Armoured Shock Infantry) The Dosidataskeli are a unit of exceedingly heavily armed and armoured shock infantry that form the foot bodyguards of the Vasci kings. They are recruited exclusively in Cantabria-Vasconia, from where they originate. They first throw their soliferra in order to disrupt and kill enemy soldiers, and then they charge with their heavy spears and fight in melee until their enemy runs.

    Melee Infantry
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    (Celtiberian Champions) These champions stand as giants in their community, the envy of lesser men, the dreams of maidens and the idols of children. Their wealth allows them to equip themselves with well-made bronze helmets. Wielding a terrifying "Spanish sword," grasping a beautifully decorated iron-bossed shield, and clad in bronze armour, these men present an awesome sight on the battlefield.

    (Celtiberian Shortswordsmen) Bagaudas means "Guerilla Fighters." The shortsword is a common weapon, essentially a very long knife or dagger used by hunters and carried by many as a form of self defense. Warriors using shortswords are not generally very well trained, if at all. However, they are readily available, cheap, and have a good charge. They lack javelins or other ranged weapons and are extremely vulnerable at range.

    (Celtiberian Swordsmen) These men, supported by the revenues from trade and the lands they have won for themselves, have the leisure time required to enable them to train to a standard which the Romans and Carthaginians would describe as "professional." Armed with the feared "Spanish sword," a fistful of javelins and a circular shield, these determined warriors pepper the enemy with projectiles before launching a spirited charge intended to immediately break the enemy's lines.

    (Celtiberian Painted Warriors) The Uirodusios (Oo-row-doo-see-os; 'Man-Demons') fight in the ancient Celtic style, stripped nude but for his torc, anklets, and bangles, and sometimes a cloak. This has a few effects; it is unnerving to enemies, inspiring to friends, and also helps increase one's fame, an important matter in Celtic warrior society.

    (Celtiberian Light Infantry) Caetrati are a deceptive type of infantry. Able light troops, they can skirmish while softening their enemy before closing in for hand-to-hand combat. Four things contribute to this capability: their agility on the battlefield, their all-metal heavy javelins ("soliferrum"), the traditional Iberian ferocity, and their superb swordsmanship.

    Missile Infantry
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    (Celtiberian Skirmishers) The Neitotoi are composed of the poorest and youngest members of Celtiberian society. Unlike their comrades, they do not enter battle clad in armour and grasping well-made swords, but rather, clad in the same clothes they wear throughout the year, their simple shields composed of reeds harvested from the banks of streams. They take their name from the god to whom they dedicate their service: Neitos, the greatest warrior god of Iberia.

    (Celtiberian Slingers) Armed only with their sling and a knife, these slingers are largely unprotected aside from their small wicker buckler. That makes them extremely vulnerable to any troops that can catch them in melee, and even light cavalry is likely to just run through them without breaking a sweat.

    (Celtiberian Skirmishers) The Celtiberians produce exceedingly good light skirmishing infantry, which these men embody. They carry several javelins, each with a hard iron head that plays havoc with lightly armoured or unarmoured men. These men cannot afford the standard sword that most Iberian soldiers would be armed with, so they must make due with a short spear.

    (Celtiberian Ambushers) The Imannae (Im-an-ay; "Ambushers") are youths used throughout many less-developed Celtic territories to ambush and disorient enemies. They are actually more akin to a militia arm, and are employed by tribes in dire need of defence; they are best employed as hit-and-run soldiers. If left in a melee, they will break and flee.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    (Celtiberian Skirmisher Cavalry) These men rarely find themselves in real danger, their ponies being fast enough to escape all but slingstones and the most determined enemy horsemen. Hardened by a life of scratching a living from the ebony soil of Iberia, and seated upon a sinuous and dogged steed, these men and their mounts are no strangers to the hardships of life.

    (Celtiberian Heavy Cavalry) The generals of foreign lands might wear more armour, or surround themselves with a larger retinue, or even ride to the battlefield in hulking chariots, but few can claim to have a bodyguard as fanatically devoted and loyal as the Katuekuauiroi. The Katuekuauiroi are forbidden by law to survive their leaders in battle, something which is by no means unique to the Celtiberians.

    (Celtiberian Light Cavalry) The Equites Caetrati are very useful light skirmishing cavalry. They are armed with several javelins and the standard Iberian falcata and caetra combination.

    (Celtiberian Riders) Anyone who has fought against the Arevaci and lived to tell the tale will describe, with wide-eyed terror, the sight which emerges once the ground begins to rumble. As swift as arrows, and just as deadly, Celtiberian cavalry are renowned for their speed, discipline and deadly skill. Possessing excellent stamina, they can harry enemy columns, weakening them before launching a deadly charge to break the enemy lines.

    (Celtiberian General Bodyguard) Selected from among the ranks of the regular Katuekuauiroi, these men are an elite corps. Their bravery, loyalty and ferocity cannot be equalled. These Katuekuauiroi live, breathe and drink the heroic mantra; that it is better to enjoy a heroic and glorious death at a young age, than to suffer to live to be an old and forgotten man.

    Sources and credits:
    Men at Arms Series, 180
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    From the archaic states to romanization: a historical and evolutionary perspective on the Iberians - ​Joan Sanmartí
    The Celtic Encyclopedia, Band 1
    some unit names and parts of their descriptions from Europa Barbarorum
    Miri82 for some great models and textures - check his amazing iberian units mod

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    Default Re: [Preview] The Arevaci

    Beautiful units, Ritter! Iberia is looking wonderful.

    Question: are these cool looking faction emblems withe the wooden, shield like appearance going to be implemented? They are sweet

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    Default Re: [Preview] The Arevaci

    The unit descriptions are like lore, making me want to roleplay; and all of them look fantastic graphically. And HatG becomes a yet more excessively nagging need, just like the Black Sea factions after the Greek preview. My wallet will need military allies soon.
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    Default Re: [Preview] The Arevaci

    aaaaaaah, wonderfully done matey (bischt a guada Bub ) i can feel the soul of every faction being caught rightful with these nice patterns and textures...
    ...the duty of a soldier ends only with his death...

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    Default Re: [Preview] The Arevaci

    Pretty nice units !!!

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    Default Re: [Preview] The Arevaci

    Great! Thank you!

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    Default Re: [Preview] The Arevaci

    Ritter is perfect, except of his choice of GEM settings

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    Default Re: [Preview] The Arevaci

    haha agree Vardano,
    What I dislike a bit is some of the yellow patterns, I would only tone down a bit in certain shields and so...and also I see some vanila-ish colour clothes.

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    Default Re: [Preview] The Arevaci

    Is that a shock cavalry bodyguard with javelin precursors? If so, awesome. That alone would make me want to play this faction.

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