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Thread: Creating a World - Starting RTW Mods the Batch Way

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    Default Creating a World - Starting RTW Mods the Batch Way

    IntroductionOne bright and sunny afternoon I proceeded to install an interesting RTW mod when I was mildly frustrated once more by the archaic way of creating a desktop shortcut. Since I have been blessed with some M2TW and installer (more about it later) experience I dabbled with the M2TW BAT set up based on the following bright thought: creating a desktop shortcut is done by the installer by linking\using the BAT file in M2TW whereas in RTW the shortcut is linked to the RTW executable - something that an installer has difficulties with. Hence why not a BAT file for RTW?

    In the end it was surprisingly easy and it beats the old way hands down. The mod creators have to do some minor additional work and the player doesn't have to create a short cut himself (provided an installer is used and not a simple extracting method).

    Hands on Stuff
    The BAT file
    Here is how the cookie crumbles - it assumes your mod is in it's own folder (mod foldered), eg RTW\MyMod

    1. Open the default Notepad application (other editors are a bit convoluted here in my experience)
    2. Copy the BAT code from further down into it
    3. Edit the code as per requirement
    4. Use the Save as function of Notepad and browse to your mod's folder
    5. Give a short, descriptive name to your file and add the .bat extension to it. It's recommended to use the mod's short form\name as this will be used when creating the desktop shortcut
    6. Change the Save as type setting to All files, click Save

    The desktop shortcut - manually
    This assumes the BAT file already exists

    1. Right click the BAT file and choose Send To\Desktop from the drop down menu
    2. Optional - Edit the name of the short cut if you wish by selecting the short cut and pressing F2
    3. Optional - Change the default icon by right clicking the short cut and choose Properties, in the new window click Change Icon and browse to the mod folder (if it has an icon) or select one of the RTW executables in the base folder.

    The desktop shortcut - installer
    For details on how to use the BAT file in an installer please refer to my tutorial: Creating a World - Using the Install Creator

    The BAT code
    It's pretty much straight forward:
    @echo off
    cd ..\.
    start [RTW executable] -show_err -mod:[Mod folder's name]
    Replace the brackets as follows:
    • RTW executable - this is one of three possible executables, enter the one your mod uses. Example: RomeTW-ALX.exe
    • Mod folder's name - enter the name of you mod's folder. Example MyMod as in the picture above.

    To add more commands, example -nm, simply add it to the end of the last line. Requires a space between commands.
    To modify an existing BAT file simply right click it and choose Edit from the drop down menu.

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    Default Re: Creating a World - Starting RTW mods the batch way

    thanks for tutorial.. blessed

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